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Love of a Child

AGE: TEEN/ EVERYONE (contains some swear words which is why it's labeled adult) Bella is now a a vampire. Who has a power that every single female vampire would want. With bellas life spinning out of control how will she cope with two new children Renesmee and EJ, and a relationship that was meant to last start to crumble? Bellas life takes a turn and shes headed toward a life changing experiance. What will happen bewtween Edward and Bella? What troubles will her new found powers bring? Oh and wait is that bella leaving on a airplan to ITALY??? So many questions to be answered. Now all you have to do, is sit back, relax. grab a bag of chips, and prepare yourself for a ride full of drama. Please review!! tell me what your thinking!! How can this story get any better if you dont give me some ideas??? Thanks to all those who have reviewed!!!


10. Emslet

Rating 3/5   Word Count 755   Review this Chapter

The sun was just beginning to rise and EJ and Renesmee were still sound asleep. Everyone was in their own little worlds, when we all heard Rosalie scream.

“Agh!!!!!!” Rosalie screamed. Today was the last and final day. The end of the one week pregnancy and beginning of forever with a new baby. “UGH!!”

Carlisle took Rosalie upstairs and we all followed.

“Emmet!” Rosalie screamed

“Yes, love?” Emmet said panicking. Rosalie grabbed Emmet’s hand and squeezed hard. Emmet’s face filled with pain, but he didn’t let go.

“Rosalie I’m going to need you to push.” Carlisle said to Rosalie as we all stood in the back of the room watching in awe.

“Ugh!” Rosalie said while pushing and squeezing Emmet’s hand. Emmet looked like he was about to break down and cry. A calm wave filled the room.

“Push!” Carlisle yelled to Rosalie urging her to keep on going.

“AGH!” Rosalie said one more time as she pushed and the next thing we heard was a miracle. It was a baby’s first cry.

“it’s a boy!” Carlisle said showing us the perfect baby boy I had pictured in my mind and created. It looked at us with beautiful gray eyes. Rosalie gasped.

“He’s perfect.” Rosalie said, staring at her baby. A breeze came and the scent of the baby came into our noses. It smelt delicious but at the same time it didn’t appeal to me. Just like I predicted. A baby perfect for a family of vampires. I looked at Jasper. He tensed at the smell but then relaxed once he realized he didn’t want to eat the baby.

“Emmet would you like to cut the umbilical cord?” Carlisle asked him.

“Sure.” Emmet said letting go and grabbing the scissors. After he cut the cord Carlisle cleaned the baby boy and wrapped him in a blanket. As Carlisle handed Rosalie her baby, venom tears poured out of her eyes. I could tell that this was the best day of her eternity. After Rosalie got her baby everyone headed down stairs except for Emmet. We decided to give them some family time. As I got to the living room I looked out the window and saw that the sun was already shining brightly. EJ and Renesmee would be getting up pretty soon. Edward encircled his arm around me and laid his chin on my shoulder.

“Rosalie is very happy.” Edward told me.

“I’m happy she’s finally happy.” I replied.

“She wants to tell you something right now. She wants you to go up there.” Edward told me. As soon as he said that I was already out of his arms and in the room with Rosalie, Emmet and the baby.

“Bella thank you so much.” Rosalie said to me, more venom tears pouring down her face. She kissed her baby’s forehead. Emmet just stared in wonder at his child.

“I’m just happy your happy Rose. I’m glad I finally gave you what you always wanted.” I told her. I waled next to her and peered at the baby. His big gray eyes were still on Rosalie and what little bit of hair he had was curly and black. Just as I imagined.

“I’m sorry I never believed you at first Bella. Its just that-” I cut her off

“Don’t explain Rose. I already know. don’t worry.” I told her, smiling. She smiled back. “So what are you guys naming him?”

“Well I want it to be unique. Just like how you mixed Renesmee’s name I want to do the same.”

“I agree with whatever rose agrees with as long as its not a girly name.” Emmet said.

“His name is Emslet. What do you think?”

“I think its wonderful. Its perfect. Emmet, Rosalie, and Emslet. Its very unique for a very unique baby.”



“Emmet and I have decided. Would you like to be Emslet’s godmother?”

“Rose, Em. Are you serious? I would love to!” I said. I hugged Emmet and Rosalie and kissed Emslet. “Well I’m going to tell everyone. Even though they probably all ready heard everything.” I headed towards the door.

“Thank you again Bella. This is the world to me.” Rosalie said smiling. Emmet playing with the baby’s fingers. I then heard Renesmee and EJ call my name. “I see your also needed for motherly duties.”

“Yeah.” I said smiling at Rose. “Now EJ and Renesmee have a cousin. Maybe more in the future.” I said with a mischievous grin and left the room to tend to my children.