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Love of a Child

AGE: TEEN/ EVERYONE (contains some swear words which is why it's labeled adult) Bella is now a a vampire. Who has a power that every single female vampire would want. With bellas life spinning out of control how will she cope with two new children Renesmee and EJ, and a relationship that was meant to last start to crumble? Bellas life takes a turn and shes headed toward a life changing experiance. What will happen bewtween Edward and Bella? What troubles will her new found powers bring? Oh and wait is that bella leaving on a airplan to ITALY??? So many questions to be answered. Now all you have to do, is sit back, relax. grab a bag of chips, and prepare yourself for a ride full of drama. Please review!! tell me what your thinking!! How can this story get any better if you dont give me some ideas??? Thanks to all those who have reviewed!!!


17. Stopped

Rating 3/5   Word Count 566   Review this Chapter

As Jane and I were headed out to leave three figures stopped in front of us. It was Demetri, Felix, and Alec.

“What do you want?” Jane said a little annoyed from their interruption of a girl night only outage.

“We would like to join you.” Alec said. Demetri and Felix nodded in agreement.

“Not a chance!” Jane yelled at them.

“Why not?!?” Felix asked angrily.

“Because!” Jane replied.

“Because what?” Demetri included.

“Because it’s a girls night ONLY!” Jane yelled at them.

“Come on we want to have some fun to.” Alec pleaded with his sister. I just watched as the four argued. To honestly tell the truth I don’t really care that they come. It would give me a chance to get to know everyone.

“You don’t even know where we’re going.” Jane said to her brother irritatingly.

“Ah yeah we do.” Felix said.

“Where?!” Jane said.

“To a club.” A voice replied from behind us. We all turned around to see Aro.

“Master.” Jane said bowing. Demetri, Felix, and Alec doing the same.

“why Jane dear, you should take your brother and your friends. A night to just have fun. You all need a night out. I’ve been working you guys to hard. Its time you relax.” Aro said smilingly. Now that I think of it that was why I was wearing skinny jeans and a halter top. I thought it was a weird outfit to just go walking in. Jane, Jane, Jane.

“yes, master.” Jane replied looking at the ground.

“You may go.” Aro said while turning around and heading for his room. He turned back around. “Don’t stay out to late.”

As Aro disappeared Jane gave the three boys death glares. They were twitching.

“Jane!” alec yelled at her. Jane grabbed my hand and we headed towards the door as if she hadn’t heard her brothers out burst.

“Well you three better hurry if you want to come with us.” Jane said calling over her shoulder. I heard thier steps behind us as they grumbled from being attacked by Jane a few seconds ago. I wanted to let out a chuckle but decided against it.

“Jane you never told me we were going to a club.” I said to Jane as we made it out side. A breeze came and I looked towards the star covered sky. The moon was full. It was beautiful. As I gazed at the moon I heard Jane and the other three gasps. I felt nourished.

“wow Bella you weren’t kidding about your eyes.” Jane told me.

“Well now I can fit into being a human.” I said jokingly.

“Lucky you. You don’t even have the urge to attack when you smell or see human blood do you?” Jane asked me. I shook my head.

“You look like a human but with stunning beauty.” Alec stared at me, but turned his face away as he realized what he just said to me. I looked at Demetri and Felix but they just stared at me with admiration. I looked away embarrassed by their gawking. I just wonder how it will be with the humans. I haven’t reacted with humans yet besides on the airplane and at the airport. That was a awkward time.

“thank you.” I told Alec. “Well how are we getting there? And where is it?”

Jane just had on a wicked smile.