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Love of a Child

AGE: TEEN/ EVERYONE (contains some swear words which is why it's labeled adult) Bella is now a a vampire. Who has a power that every single female vampire would want. With bellas life spinning out of control how will she cope with two new children Renesmee and EJ, and a relationship that was meant to last start to crumble? Bellas life takes a turn and shes headed toward a life changing experiance. What will happen bewtween Edward and Bella? What troubles will her new found powers bring? Oh and wait is that bella leaving on a airplan to ITALY??? So many questions to be answered. Now all you have to do, is sit back, relax. grab a bag of chips, and prepare yourself for a ride full of drama. Please review!! tell me what your thinking!! How can this story get any better if you dont give me some ideas??? Thanks to all those who have reviewed!!!


4. The Golden Glowing Ball/ Orb

Rating 3/5   Word Count 1029   Review this Chapter

I looked at Rosalie as she looked at Renesmee with such love and longing. I could just feel that she longed for a child of her own. Someone she could hold on tight to, someone to raise, and someone to just share an unbreakable bond. Yes Emmet and Rosalie were one with each other but there wasn’t any doubt that in a heartbeat, if she could go back to humanity and have a child of her own. I knew Rosalie wanted this, tell me its an instinct tell me it’s a guess, but I just know. Rosalie and I haven’t really gotten along but after that night she told me about her life I saw the pain went deeper than anyone could ever see. She hid that pain in her, keeping it locked up inside of her until it eventually will drive her mad. She was getting close to that stage. I wanted to give a child to Rosalie to give her that one thing that was taken from her when she changed. Then as though I had the power to create a baby from scratch I imagined Rosalie’s and Emmet’s baby, but first I had to know what gender she wanted it. Tell me I’m crazy but I had a feeling I could just give her a baby.

“Rosalie?” I called to her. She looked at me.

“Yes?” She asked unsure.

“I know this is quiet awkward and could bring pain, but if you could have a child what gender would you have it?” I asked softly knowing she could hear me perfectly well. Pain crossed her face and then understanding.

“I would favor a boy. I would love to have him just like Emmet., but all in all if it were a girl it would be the same.” She said with love and pain. “You know when I first found Emmet he had the most gorgeous gray eyes I had ever seen. Just imagine a baby with gray eyes. So very beautiful.” Rosalie then turned her attention back to Renesmee. I thought about this for a while.

“Thank you for telling me Rosalie.” I said

“If you don’t mind me asking why did you ask?” She said confused

“Lets just say I got a surprise for you” and with that I walked away giving EJ to Edward and telling him not to follow. I ran out of the front door and to mine and Edward’s meadow. I sat down in the middle of the meadow and closed my eyes. I felt a warm glow surround me. I pictured an infant boy with curly golden blond hair with black streaks, gray eyes, Rosalie’s beauty, and Emmet’s strength and humor. I imagined the infant so lovely a true combination of both its parents. I opened my eyes and there in front of me is a golden ball. As soon as I look at it I know what it is. Excitement radiates from my body and run as fast as I can back to the house. As I get in the house everybody is there and staring at me with crazed filled eyes as they see the golden glowing ball I’m holding. I go directly towards Rosalie who looks at me like I’m a mad woman.

“Rosalie don’t move.” I tell her and she doesn’t. I walk towards her and pput my hands in front of me. As I near Rosalie I put the glowing ball towards Rosalie stomach. She starts to back away.

“Rosalie don’t move!” I said kind of yelling at her this time. When the ball finally comes in contact with Rosalie’s stomach it disappears. I know what happened and I’m not about to tell anyone until its time for the surprise.

“Bella what did you just do to me?!” She said confused, scared, and very angry.

“I didn’t do anything Rosalie, what are you talking about?” I asked her playing the dumb card.

“Bella you just had a glowing ball in your hand!” Rosalie screeches as everyone just stares in silence to shock to what just happened.

“No I didn’t Rosalie.” I said lying. And this time I actually make it through the lying. This time its going to be a big surprise. Rosalie is totally going to love me for this.

“Yes you did Bella” Alice said calmly

“What’s wrong with you guys? I didn’t have anything in my hands.” I said stepping towards Edward who is still in shock. I grab EJ and head for the couch. As I sat on the couch I looked at everyone once more. “What?”

“But… you…ball…glowing…stomach” Emmet says. Boy would you see his face its dumbstruck. I cant help but let out a giggle. Since for obvious reasons everyone know I will not tell them what I just did they go back to what they were doing. Edward comes to sit with me and just stares blankly at the wall. I giggle once more and just play with my son, who by the way is getting taller and by the looks of it older. He looks like he’s a month old.

*Couple hours later*

The sun is almost gone and its been exactly a week since my babies were born and already were they looking like a month old. It just broke my heart to see them grow up so fast. Just as I was going deeper into my thoughts a knock on the door interrupted me. I told everyone I would get it. I ran to the door with EJ in my hands making sure to put up my shield around me. Oh that was my other power besides my secret one. This power I can block anyone mentally and physically. I can even put shields onto the ground where I can sense the movements in and on the earth itself . I place a shield over the whole house instead making any intruder have to back up at least five feet away and not against their own will but because of my invisible shield wall thing.. Pretty cool I think. As I open the door the smell of dog comes to my nose. Its Jacob.