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Love of a Child

AGE: TEEN/ EVERYONE (contains some swear words which is why it's labeled adult) Bella is now a a vampire. Who has a power that every single female vampire would want. With bellas life spinning out of control how will she cope with two new children Renesmee and EJ, and a relationship that was meant to last start to crumble? Bellas life takes a turn and shes headed toward a life changing experiance. What will happen bewtween Edward and Bella? What troubles will her new found powers bring? Oh and wait is that bella leaving on a airplan to ITALY??? So many questions to be answered. Now all you have to do, is sit back, relax. grab a bag of chips, and prepare yourself for a ride full of drama. Please review!! tell me what your thinking!! How can this story get any better if you dont give me some ideas??? Thanks to all those who have reviewed!!!


7. surprised

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As I sat down in the meadow I heard someone’s footsteps and they weren’t Edwards nor were they Jacobs or any of my families footsteps. Someone or something appeared.

Chapter 7- Bella’s POV

As I looked towards the sound of footsteps I was scared and surprised to see who it was. It was Jane. She approached with caution. I listened and looked for the others.

“Its only me.” She said quietly. I just looked at her with a blank expression. “Can I ask you something?”

“Um… s-s-sure” I stuttered. Now I was going into shock, out of all the times now is the time.

“I heard about your power.” she said looking at the ground. “About you being able to produce children. I want one.” did I just hear what I think I just heard.

“What?” I said

“Can you give me a child?” she said looking up at me with glassy eyes which would never be able to shed tears. I patted the ground next to me so she could sit next to me. She walked over and sat down.

“ tell me, how old are you?” I asked truly wondering.

“Well I guess in human sense 15, but in vampire sense about a couple hundred years.”

“Why do you want a baby?”

“you don’t know how it feels to be around so long. Walking on the streets, everywhere I go you see a child and a mother. You see the bond they share with each other that is unbreakable. I want that.” She said putting her face in her hands sobbing. I didn’t know what to do. As an act of motherly instinct a pulled her into a hug. Where she sobbed into my shoulder. “I want *sob* to be a *sob* mom and *sob* love someone*sob* with all my*sob* heart. I want *sob* to share *sob* a bond with *sob* a child * sob* that no one *sob* can break. *sob* I want to be a mom.” I pulled her closer to me

“Jane dear, how did you become a vampire?” She stopped sobbing and looked at me.

“My brother and I *Sniffle* we were hiking somewhere in Canada when a stupid moose with its calf’s attacked us. And you know those moose’s are pretty big. They weigh over a thousand pounds.” She said giggling and sniffling. “I guess motherly instinct took over and it went head first with those antlers and practically killed us. Then the next thing I remembered was my body on fire. Well it wasn’t really on fire I guess a vampire bit me but I don’t know who. Maybe Demetri or Felix. They are like fathers to me and Alex.”

“I don’t think my powers work that way. I think you must have a mate before I can give you a child. But look, if you ever need a friend outside of the volturi or just need to do something that doesn’t involve them you can always came and look for me. I’ll be here, always. Okay.” I hugged her tighter.

“Okay.” She replied. “Thank you.” She said looking up at me.

“For what?”

“For caring and listening. Thank you for that. I’ve never really had a mother figure. When I was a human my mother died giving birth to us. My father I think was an alcoholic and used to abuse us.”

“I’m so sorry.” I said

“That’s the past and plus I barely remember. I have to get going before they realized that I have gone.” Jane said as she stood up I stood up with her. She gave me a hug. I was surprised but hugged her back even tighter then before. She turned to leave

“Promise me you’ll come back.”

“Yes.” She turned to me and smiled.

“Next time we’ll do something fun.” I said smiling back at her and with that she took off.