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Love of a Child

AGE: TEEN/ EVERYONE (contains some swear words which is why it's labeled adult) Bella is now a a vampire. Who has a power that every single female vampire would want. With bellas life spinning out of control how will she cope with two new children Renesmee and EJ, and a relationship that was meant to last start to crumble? Bellas life takes a turn and shes headed toward a life changing experiance. What will happen bewtween Edward and Bella? What troubles will her new found powers bring? Oh and wait is that bella leaving on a airplan to ITALY??? So many questions to be answered. Now all you have to do, is sit back, relax. grab a bag of chips, and prepare yourself for a ride full of drama. Please review!! tell me what your thinking!! How can this story get any better if you dont give me some ideas??? Thanks to all those who have reviewed!!!


9. Mood swings and Cravings

Rating 3/5   Word Count 568   Review this Chapter

Days went on and on until there was only one day left until Rosalie was due. She got so, um… big, yeah that’s it. Big. She look like a big berry. every time we would joke about how she looked she would be angry for one second and then cry. Those mood swings sure did make her act like she was bipolar. I let out a giggle. Everyone went out hunting except for pregnant hungry Rose, me, Jake, Renesmee, and EJ who were at a restaurant in Las Angelas. Since the baby was human Rose craved human food. Rosalie ordered Two steaks, 3 potato’s, a bowl of vegetables, and a big glass of orange juice. Jake ordered the same, while I ordered one potato. EJ and Renesmee got bottles. Of course Renesmee got the blood formula and EJ got the powder formula but they were chugging those things down like there was no tomorrow.

EJ and Renesmee have grown so fast. They looked like they were 2 months old already. They were growing to fast for my liking. They were really only two weeks old. As Rosalie ate everyone stole glances at her. She looked like a wolf eating its prey. Even Jake didn’t eat that much or that messy. Warning: do not touch Rosalie’s food while she is eating. She will bite.


Jake was eating 8 pancakes, 10 pieces of bacon, four eggs, and four pieces of toast when Rosalie came down and stole his plate. It was only the second day since she was pregnant. She didn’t drink blood and we all knew that she should have been craving some by now like I did. When a thought accrued to me. The baby is human, of course. Rosalie is craving human food. She then started to gulf the food down.

“Um hello!” Jacob yelled at her. “Those are mine, blonde!” Jacob reached out to grab his plate back. Next thing we know we hear rose growl and pin Jacob to the floor. Seth and the rest of us were stunned. Seth looked scared and shocked. The rest of the Cullen’s including me looked disgusted that she was eating human food and surprised that she attacked Jacob over food.

“Do not touch MY FOOD!” She yelled at him and went back to eating. Rosalie finished in no time. “I WANT MORE!” Rosalie screamed to know one in particular.

“Emmet you feed her. she’s your wife.” Edward said pushing Emmet towards the very angry, hungry, Rosalie.

“Emmet!” Rosalie screamed.

“Yes, love?” Emmet asked her

“Make me food?” She asked him politely.

“Sure.” after a few seconds Rosalie exploded again.

“WHERE IS MY FOOD!” she screamed. “I WANT IT NOW! Emmet!”

“Here it is.” Emmet said placing the over flowing plate of food in front of her.

“Thank you.” Rosalie said sobbing.

“Rose are you okay? You don’t have to eat.” Emmet said starting to take her food. She exploded again

“GIVE ME MY FOOD!” Emmet was quiet frightened that he gave rose her food quick and ran towards us.

“What is wrong with her?” Emmet asked me.

“ Mood swings and cravings.” I told him.

End of flashback

Ever since then no one ever dare touch Rosalie or her food. Even Jake. After Rosalie finished eating we paid the bill ($450) and headed home. Today was a good day but I wanted to see Edward, soon.