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When He Left

What if Bella hadn’t found Jacob? After a year of Edward leaving, Bella goes crazy. Charlie ships her off to Renee, who was living in Texas where Bella is put in a mental hospital. But when Edward is tracking Victoria he catches Bella’s scent.


2. An Old Friend

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Edward’s POV

When I got inside the asylum I searched for her scent. I found it in the wing for solitary confinement. I shuddered, what could my Bella have done to deserve this? I checked the room number and found the key. I pushed the door open and saw Bella peacefully sleeping. The moonlight fell across her heart-shaped face and made her pale skin seem almost white. The single window in her room had bars across it and looked forbidding. Her lips were pulled up in a content smile as she whispered my name. I was instantly at her side, caressing her face as if she were made of glass. When the sky begun to lighten I reluctantly slipped out of the room and returned the key.

I ran into the forest, seeking the dark shade of the trees. I knew I had to continue tracking Victoria but I couldn’t force myself to leave this town. I couldn’t leave Bella, so I called Carlisle.

“Hello?” Carlisle’s voice, distorted by the phone, came through.

“Carlisle, it’s Edward. I was tracking Victoria when I caught Bella’s scent. She’s in a mental hospital, Carlisle. We need to get her out of there.” I explained, my words rushing out in my nervousness.

“Edward, they must have a perfectly sound reason for keeping her there. We can’t just barge in and steal one of their patients.”

“But Bella wouldn’t do anything that would make her seem mentally unstable,” I argued

“Edward, I suggest that the family and I come down to Texas and I work at the mental hospital and find out what Bella did and how to get her out of there.”

“Thank you Carlisle.”

“Of course.”

In two days they came. We bought a house on the edge of the forest and Carlisle got a job at the mental hospital. It was sunny often, but luckily there were barely any windows in the asylum. We didn’t go to school and instead hung out around the house all day. My anxiousness to see Bella was gnawing away at me. Jasper and Alice were out most of the day, Jasper was horrified at what his lapse in control on Bella’s birthday had done. As every night I scanned Carlisle’s thoughts, desperate for some new of Bella. One night at the end of three weeks there was.

Carlisle’s POV

I was overjoyed to hear my son’s voice over the phone. I was surprised to hear of Bella’s confinement in the asylum and couldn’t believe it when Edward planned to break her out. There had to be a reason for her to be in there. So I came and got a job at the mental hospital. For the next few weeks I listened for anything about Bella. One day about two weeks after moving I snooped around in the medical records for a reason Bella was in there. Her file said that after her boyfriend left she became lifeless, she was catatonic for a week until her father somehow got her to go to school and move around. After five months, whenever she saw a couple she would burst out sobbing. After six, she would fly at them and claw them, anything to keep them apart. Her father sent her to her mother and Bella was shut in here.

When I finished reading I could barely comprehend this. Bella would never do that. She was to sweet and peaceful but, unfortunately, the record was probably right. When I got home I carefully blocked my thoughts so that Edward wouldn’t be suspicious.

After another week I was assigned to check on Bella. When I stepped into the room I saw her. Her lovely brown hair was wild around her ivory, sallow, face. Her brown eyes were glazed over and listless. She was practically a corpse, a shell of what she once was.

“Bella?” I asked, amazed that she would let herself get this way, “is that you?”

“Carlisle,” she said, snapping out of her reverie. “What are you doing here?”

“I work here now, Bella.”

“A-are the rest here too?” she asked, her voice dropping to a whisper.

“Yes, everyone.”


“I think that I am not the best person to explain that, but you will know soon.” I promised, and walked out of the room.