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Sisters Amelia and Sophie have far from a perfect life. they are beaten, abused, and raped. All by one man, their own father. After the final escape from the clutches from their evil father all goes well, until the death of Sophie by a vampire that has come to be known as Jasper... Jasper Hale. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! this is a story by two sisters...

This story will be intense!Be on the look out my furry friends!

1. A Choice

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Beaten: Chapter 1- A Choice

We never really got to know our mom. One thing we did know about her though, was her death. How it happened, where it happened, why it happened, and who caused it. We blame our dad…being the man that he is were not surprised. I think any one who knew him would agree.

Our father… well lets just leave it at heroin, alcohol, rape, and hard core abuse. Those few things seemed to be usual to us, not because of television, not because of books, and not because of rumors, but because of personal experience. Not only from my life time but also because of my younger sister, Sophie. She was nine years old and had experienced what many grown women couldn’t possibly have dreamed of experiencing in their entire life times. She had been beaten almost every night and had been forced to watch her older sister, that’s me Amelia, get raped by her own father. She may have had to watch the countless rapes but I was the one who was really getting the punishment. Her life was no walk in the park, but neither was mine.

Our problems really started when my father killed our mother, not on purpose of course but that’s how we think of it. It was a very cold night in the middle of December, in a small town called Forks. As usual it was raining, and there was nothing better to do than stay in the house. Our father, and being contained in a small area for excessive amounts of time often brought him to drinking and heroin, and that is just what he did. After countless hours of yelling at all of us while wasting away he finally began to get drowsy, still with a cigarette in his hand and a bottle of whisky right below it, he accidentally dropped his cigarette right into the flammable substance, (alcohol) it caught fire and rapidly spread. Everyone in our family made it out unharmed except for our mother, and by the time the firemen came to try and get her out of the fire it was to late, she had died of smoke inhalation.

Once our mother died our father was no longer the same, with her death also came life, life of unimaginable pain and torture. No fifteen year old should have had to live through what I did. On top of the countless things my dad did to put me through further pain, I felt the need to watch over my sister as if she wasn’t just a sister but a daughter. I was determined to one day get her to a safer place, a place where she wouldn’t have to worry about if she was going to live through the next day, or if her sister was going to just be killed off just like her mother had been. She had the constant worry of survival, that is not some thing a nine year old should have had on her plate.

“I am sick and tired of having to hide how we live Amelia, we need to tell some one!” Sophie said in hushed tone so father wouldn’t hear.

“Think Sophie, if dad ever even found out we were talking about this he would probably give us the beating of a life time.”

“I know, but we can’t just go on like this because one day he is going to just get to drunk or something and-” she stopped mid sentence because she knew I understood what she was going to say next…just like mom.

“One day kid I promise you we will get out of here, there is no way we are going to live like this forever,” I said those words as strongly as I possibly could not knowing if I would keep that promise.

“Tomorrow?” she said in a pleading voice. Just after she said that in came our dad and we both knew what he wanted…it was me.

“Sophie” he said in the most proud voice I had ever heard him speak, “Yesterday was your ninth birthday and you are old enough now.”

“For what?” Sophie asked worriedly.

“Actions speak louder than words” and then he chuckled darkly.

I knew the night when he would take advantage of her was going to come, but I didn’t expect it to come till years later. That night I herd shrieks of terror, louder than I had ever herd before escape my little sister mouth all for about an agonizing three hours after that she simply couldn’t scream any longer. I knew that as soon as he was done with her that night he was no longer going to be coming for me, but for her so internally I had made up my mind. We would be leaving the very next day.