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It Was Red: The Story of When Carlisle Got Drunk

It's a boys night in and Emmett makes Carlisle some of his "special drink". Everything seems fine untill the secret ingredent kicks in.

Read "When Emmett Eats Cheese" before you read one word of this. Thanks! My fisrt story! REVEIW!!!! Nikki you rock! OUT LOUD!!

1. IT WAS RED!!!!

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Carlisle's P.O.V

It was finally just boys in this huge house. The girls were out doing what they called " shopping for summer clothes" and what I called "spending my money on unnessary clothing items".Last I'd remembered Edward was at Bella's house, as usual, and Emmett and Jasper were upstairs playing some video game. Wait video games they should be playing something sophisticated like chess. Quickley I glided upstairs to Rosalie and Emmett's room where an ear-splitting shooting sound came from.

"Hey do you boys want to play chess?" I asked.

"Hold on a sec Carlisle I'm about to beat my high score!" Emmett nearly screamed. Neither of them were paying any attention to me. Softly I pressed the "off" button on the X-Box or Playstation or whatever it was.

"What was that for!?" They both yelled angrily.

"Let's play chess." I said, this time impatienly teeth clamped together tightly. In no time all 12 chess boards were out and we were playing.

"Carlisle can we please stop I'm going to starve to death?!" Emmett whinned childishly.

" Well you don't have to worry about that you're already dead." I retorted smartly not wanting to give up my winning streak.

"Can we please go hunt?" Jasper asked more maturely than Emmett.

"Sure." I answered not beleiving what I just said."but bring me back something!"They ran out the door.

Emmett's P.O.V.

Jasper and I headed out from the house farther than usual. One mountain lion, two elk, and something which I had no idea what it was but it was good. Jazz was in his own little world on the other side of the lake killing everything in sight.Slowly two humans peeked out behind the trees and saw Jasper in his rampage. Slower and quieter the walked backward into the woods.

"Quit that you idiot people are staring!" I screamed. Jasper who was currently chasing a bunny rabbit looked up.

" Can't I rip his tail off first?"


" It's just so fluffy and cute, IT HURTS MY EYES!"

"What?!"I turned around and shook my head, that idiot. I heard a ripping noise. Jasper was holding the bunny and it's tail up in the air.

"Come on before some one calls 911 or worse puts us in aslym!" I screamed louder than before. I saw the peolpe look one more time. I gave them the evil eye. They ran into the woods screamming, smart people. We started running back twards the house.

"WAIT!"Jasper stopped in his tracks"We forgot to get Carlisle something."

"Here," I pulled out a 2 liter bottle of blood"you got the stuff?"

"What stuff?"

"The stuff."

"Oh that stuff."

"Yeah that stuff."

"Are you sure we should do this?"

"Just give me the stuff."

"Here's the stuff."

"The world's finest Texas alcohol. Thank you for giving me the stuff."

"You're welcome!"

I poured the alcohol into the bottle. "It's go time Jazz!"


"Hey Carly we're back!" I screamed.

"Didn't I tell you not to call me that." Carlisle's eyes trail of to the huge bottle,"Ohh, thanks."

Before I knew it Carlisle had drank half the bottle and was out cold, but he was already cold so he was just out. Carlisle was out.

Berry the Nurse's P.O.V

"Have you seen Dr. Cullen's wife Esme lately?" Some new nurse blabbed.

"Oh yes she's beautiful I'm going to have to ask her what her secret is."Imagining myself as young and youthful as Esme Cullen.

" You can't do that you idiot, go up to some one and ask them how and why they look so young and beautiful." The other nurse said.

"And why not?"

"Oh my gosh, you idiot I just explained!!"

"Hey don't call me that!"

"Shush Dr.Carlisle just walked in."

"It's Dr.Cullen you idiot ha I called you the idiot that time!"

Then I sushed. I never knew Dr.Cullen or anybody could look so bad. He was wearring a shirt 10 times to big with bare feet and, OMG wait since when did I say OMG? But any ways he wasn't wearring his wedding ring.I ran up to him and said"Good morning Dr.Cullen."

"It was red."Dr.Cullen mumbled like he just recovered from drinking way to much alcohol. Did he drink? I had to find out.

"Dr. Cullen where were you last night?"

"It was red."

"What did you do last night?"

"It was red."

"So it was red, did you drink something red?"

"Yeah it was red!"Dr.Cullen said louder and more excitingly this time.I knew then that he was truely drunk.

"Dr.Emer, Dr.Gency I think Dr. Cullen is drunk! CODE RED!!!! CODE RED!!!"I screamed into the intercom making the situation seem more dramatic than it really was. Then Dr.Emer and Dr. Gency, the E.R. specailists ran in.

"We've got to get him an I.V.!"Dr.Gency yelled (like he knew what to do he was a new graduate like that annoying nurse.)

"Now Dr. Gency lets think rational we can just take him home" Dr. Emer said calmer.

"How?"Dr.Gency asked surprised.

"You there nurse,"Dr.Emer said pointing to me,"pull up an ambulance."So quickly I ran outside to the garage where all the ambulences were. I grabbed the keys out of my pocket, jumped in the driver's seet, put the key in the ignition, and drove to the patient pick up section.

"Load him up." one of the doctors said as the normal ambulince driver put Dr.Cullen on a gerty and into the back. I flipped on the emergency lights and sierin to make it more dramatic. I love dramatic things!

About 10 minutes later.........

Finaly we arrived at the Cullen house. Boy did they keep that place clean! I could never do that with my 6 boys not including my husband. I just put him outside and don't have to worry about the mess.Esme ran out the glass door horafied.

"Carlisle! Whats wrong with him is he okay!?Oh my Carlisle!!"she screammed like some one had killed him or something(boy did she over react).

"He''s fine just a little drunk." Dr. Emer soothed her.

"It was red." Dr. Cullen cried.

"Emmett", I heard Esme mumble angrily under her breath,"Come on Carlisle lets get you inside."

As Esme dragged Dr.Cullen inside I decided it was my chance to ask her what I've been wanting to ask her four over 5 years now.

As she dropped him on the pale white couch I blurtted out"Esme Cullen I've always wanted to ask you how you do it?"

"Do what?" she asked.

" Look like that, so young and beautiful."

"Well first of all thank you and you know a lady never reveals her secrets."She answerd cherrfuly.

"It was red!"

"Shhh Carlisle calm down." she said giggling as we rushed out the door and into the ambulince.Then we sped away.

Emmett's P.O.V.

Two days later.......

"Who you gonna call when your arm needs breakin'? Not Dr.Fang!! Who you gonna call when you need a blood transfusion? Not Dr.Fang!!"Carlisle sang over and over and over again.

"Well it seems to be wearring off huh huh."I said shyly knowing I was in deep trouble.

"Emmett!" Esme growled.

"Yes", I answered,"AHHH Esme stop!" She repeatingly hit me with some gardining tool.

The End