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Magic and Vampires

In Sophie Klacknava’s world, only one thing was ever truly important; her big brother, Nick. Her parents died when she was little and now he is her guardian. When she turns sixteen, her brother gets sick and only has a few weeks to live. Sophie visits the hospital every day. There she meets Dr. Carlisle Cullen. The day before her brother is supposed to die Nick tells her that she isn’t human and she must figure out her powers by herself. The next day, Nick’s body is missing so Sophie sets off on a quest to find her identity.

It takes a while for the Cullens to get more involved with the story.

1. Start of School, Beginning of Death

Rating 5/5   Word Count 626   Review this Chapter

“Sophie, come on!” Nick called from downstairs “We’re going to be late!”

Sophie slung her backpack from her shoulder. “Late for school, how awful,” she called back sarcastically. She hurried down the stairs and nearly ran into her older brother, Nick.

Nick had short brown hair and light green eyes that sparkled in the light. He was tall and strong. He was twenty- one, five years older that Sophie. He was easygoing, laid-back, smart, and logical. When he had enough money he wanted to open a restaurant, he was a chef. Sophie loved him more than anything in the world.

“It is awful unless you want to walk in late on your first day,” he replied

Sophie scowled and together they walked to the garage and got on their bikes. Sophie’s school was just a few blocks away and riding their bikes was more fun than sitting in Nick’s car for two seconds.

They raced to school. Sophie won, she always won. It wasn’t because Nick let her win though; Sophie was just a natural at riding bikes. She loved the wind in her long, red hair more than anything.

Sophie waved goodbye at her older brother and went into her school. It was two long red buildings with no hallways between classes so for most of the year she would probably have to walk in the rain to each class. She sighed and looked around for room 23, her science classroom. She walked along the side of the first building until she came to the end. Naturally, the last classroom was 23. She walked in a quickly found a seat in the almost empty classroom. As she waited for school to begin she looked around for something to draw. Since she decided that the room was too boring to draw she began to draw herself.

It looked almost exactly like her. It showed her thin figure, pale skin, and heart-shaped face. It had her ice-blue eyes, hair that went down to her waist (it was useless to try to cut it short, it grew incredibly fast), it even mirrored the deep blue shirt and comfy brown pants that she wore today.

When she looked up the class was full of people. Just then class started. As the teacher droned on about the things that they will do that Sophie had done already, Sophie began to daydream. She pictured herself flying, zipping from cloud to cloud. In her mind she twirled and spun in an unseen dance in the air with and invisible partner. When she was finished she dove down into the ocean laughing at the fish that tickled her feet. She splashed the dolphins that swam alongside her. She soon heard a shrill ringing and jumped at the bell. Sophie quickly got up and began to walk to her next class, math.

Sophie was lost in her daydreams the whole day. When lunch rolled around, she was hit by the sudden realization that she had no one to sit with. Luckily, class had gotten out early and there were a lot of empty tables. After she had gotten her lunch she sat down and began to eat. Soon a few girls sat with her and they began to talk. By the end of lunch they were pretty good friends. There was one girl, Anna, who Sophie shard the rest of her classes with.

At the end of the day, Sophie rode her bike home and found Nick lying down on the couch coughing.

“Are you okay?” Sophie asked.

“I’m-” he was interrupted by a fit of coughing “fine,” he finished weakly

“Very convincing” Sophie said sarcastically. “Sorry, I couldn’t help it.” She added apolegetically.

“It’s *cough-cough* alright.”

Sophie went upstairs to do homework but she couldn’t concentrate. Nick had never been sick before.