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memories don't last forever; i'll always remember the touch of your skin

Genfic: The Volturi come unexpectedly.


1. Chapter 1: Naive

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Rosalie lay across the full length of the couch in the living room, watching runway models on television out of sheer boredom. Humans had to be completely stupid to consider that pretty, she thought nastily. The poor girl's nose was off-center and she had sunken cheeks, as though she didn't get enough to eat or something.

As Rosalie internally criticized the women, she overheard Jasper and Alice talking quietly in the kitchen. It wasn't that hard, really -- her hearing was far better than the average human, and they should have known better than to discuss things if they didn't want everyone to hear them.

"I'm telling you, that's what happened," Alice told Jasper.

"I believe you," he was saying. "Are you sure she was a human, though?"

Alice gave a sigh of exasperation that made Rosalie believe she'd said the same thing a couple of times already. "I know what I saw. Bella and Edward were getting married, and she hadn't been changed yet. And then sometime later, I don't know how much later so don't ask, but she becomes a vampire after that. I guess it was one of his terms before he'd change her, or something."

Rosalie sat stiff with shock. Then her eyes narrowed and she swiftly stood, running up the stairs with little heed to anything but her own angry thoughts.

“He can't marry her,” Rosalie muttered through clenched teeth. “He just can't.”

Fuming, she stormed down the hall and into the write room she and Emmett shared, slamming the door behind her. She flopped backwards onto the downy bed and stared at the ceiling dejectedly. The phrase kept running through her head – Edward's getting married, Edward's getting married.

That was how Emmett found her, half an hour later. As soon as he opened the door he could tell something was wrong. With surprising grace for one of his build, Emmett crept silently across the room and sunk onto the bed. He lay on his side, facing the still body of an angel, and waited.

It wasn't long before Rosalie closed her eyes and let out a shuddering sob. Emmett gently wrapped his arms around her as she rolled over to face him, leaning into his strong embrace. Her body convulsed as she cried -- tearlessly, but no less violent for it. Emmett simply held her as she clutched at him – being the safe place, the rock, for her.

“Oh, Emmett,” she managed to say.

“Shh. It's okay.”

Her sobs calmed a little as Emmett murmured soothingly in her ear. Finally, her cries came to a stop. She took an unnecessary deep breath before speaking.

“He can't marry her,” Rosalie whispered, her voice shaky but determined.

“Why not?” Emmett asked.

Suddenly, Rosalie was angry. “Because,” she hissed, “she can't be one of us. She can't ever become one of us. I will do everything in my power to stop that from happening.”

“But -- ”

“Don't you see, Emmett?” she pressed. “He's ruining her. She's still got her mortality, but Edward's killing her. He can't do that...” She trailed off, speaking her last words in a painful whisper. “It's just not fair.”

Bella had to stay human, and Rosalie the only one that realized it. Bella had something of invaluable worth, something priceless, and Edward was willing to take it away? It was in Bella's best interest to not change into a vampire. She was just too young and naïve to realize it. Was it Rosalie's job, then, to protect her?

“Oh, Rosalie,” Emmett said. He could understand how Rosalie felt, of course. But he really didn't care what happened – he just wanted her to be happy again. This sadness over Bella's situation was breaking his heart. It hurt him to see Rosalie this way. All he could do was shelter her in his arms and tell her that everything would be alright.