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memories don't last forever; i'll always remember the touch of your skin

Genfic: The Volturi come unexpectedly.


2. Chapter 2: Daydreams

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Bella stared out of the window at the dark, drizzling sky as she daydreamed about being with Edward. The teacher was lecturing a group of senior that already considered themselves graduates – they would be officially out of high school in only two weeks. In addition, it was the last class on a Friday – this was definitely a losing battle. Bella, however, might have enjoyed herself if Edward had been in the classroom with her. He and Alice had needed to hunt, though. So Bella was left alone for the day, with the promise that she'd see them both later on in the evening.

Fifteen minutes before school was out. How disappointing. A girl named Melissa raised her hand and answered a question that Bella hadn't even heard. She had no idea how she'd be able to live through finals.

There were seven minutes left until the final bell rang. She sighed. School had become a nightmare after they had all returned from Volterra, because she was so far behind in everything. If it wasn't for Alice and Edward's help, she would have had an emotional breakdown long ago. As it was, she was barely surviving. But she just couldn't bring herself to pay attention.

Class finally ended, and mundane chatter filled the air as she made her way to her truck. The truck was the one thing that stayed constant throughout everything, she mused, smiling. Clambering up into the seat, she heaved another sigh, imagining what Edward would have to say about the truck. He'd been trying for weeks to convince her that she needed a new car, and to let him buy one for her, without success.

On the way home from school, she stopped at the grocery store. She had had to buy a cookbook in order to keep up with all the fish Charlie brought in on the weekends, and its recipes were full of ingredients that she hadn't found in the kitchen. So she browsed the aisles, thinking about how much fun it would be to have Edward in a grocery store. She wished she had more than just the quiet oldies music for company while she shopped.

After checking out at the cash register, Bella wheeled her groceries out of the automatic doors and into what now was pouring rain. She muttered angrily under her breath; her truck was parked pretty far away. She would be absolutely soaked.

It was hard to see much – the heavy rain obscured everything until the parked cars looked like nothing more than dark shapes that blended into the gray at the edges. She set out vaguely in the direction of her truck, wishing Edward was with her. At least it wouldn't be long before she'd see him – he'd probably be waiting for her when she got home...

Perhaps it was the rain, or maybe Bella was too occupied with thoughts of Edward – but she didn't notice the two dark forms at all until they were right in front of her. All she saw was the flash of brilliantly white teeth beneath hooded robes before she lost her vision entirely.