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memories don't last forever; i'll always remember the touch of your skin

Genfic: The Volturi come unexpectedly.


3. Chapter 3: Hunt

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The scent of the prey was a heady rush – thick blood pumping through living veins. It had been so long since he'd hunted, and it was a relief to finally let himself go. He was so committed to the hunt that he was no longer Edward, really – too close to that of an animal to be even remotely considered human. The large mother bear prowling her den nearby was on the lookout for predators, but she was completely unprepared for something like this, something so deadly that it transcended nature.

Edward let the smell of the bear's blood fill his lungs, his mouth overflowing with acidic venom in anticipation of the feast to come. A low growl escaped his throat without conscious direction – it was simply his instinct taking over. The lumbering animal's head snapped up, peering into the clump of trees where the sound had originated, suddenly wary.

Edward was two blinks away from launching himself at the best – but before he could, a thought intruded. It brought him back to the civilized world with a bone-jarring thud. He immediately recognized the texture of the thought – it was a vision, and it had come from Alice, who was about twelve miles away.

This vision was unlike any other that Alice had ever received. The picture was blurry and faded, as though seen through a dirty window or as an old movie projection. Although most anyone would have difficulty discerning the identity of the person in the vision, Edward recognized her at once. It was Bella, and she was sleeping. At least, that was what it looked like – her eyes were closed, and the image was only a still picture.

Then Bella was gone; they had only gotten the briefest glimpse of her face, and then it was over.

All Edward and Alice could see now was total blackness – but somehow, Edward could tell the vision wasn't over yet. Sure enough, something happened. They couldn't see anything, but they heard a quiet chuckle as though from a long distance away. The voice said, “Hello, Bella,” just as the blackness faded and Edward's vision was restored.

That was not the way most of Alice's visions occurred – they were normally much more detailed, and it was never difficult to determine who the vision was actually about. And the last part, where the voice was speaking, was so muffled and distorted that it was hard to tell if it belonged to a male or female.

But Edward thought that the voice sounded horribly familiar – yes, he could feel the name tugging at him from a dim corner of his brain, begging him to recognize the source. He was so close to remembering – no, that was Alice, and because he was concentrating so hard he had almost not noticed the fact that she was trying to tell him --

“It was Aro!” she practically screamed inside his head. “We have to go to Italy!”

She sent him a mental picture of their car, parked on the outskirts of a small town miles away, but Edward was hardly paying attention. He set off in the direction Alice had indicated in a sprint, faster than he had ever run before. As he reached the car – miles before Alice was even close – his only thought was that if he had to swim across the Atlantic himself, he was going to get his Bella back.