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memories don't last forever; i'll always remember the touch of your skin

Genfic: The Volturi come unexpectedly.


4. Chapter 4: Mission

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Aro walked smoothly into the plane, finding three seats in the very back. Felix followed closely behind, Bella's dead weight in his arms no match for his vampire strength. The flight attendant they passed cast a critical eye over her still form, a hint of confusion on her face, but Aro just chuckled. “She's been celebrating her eighteenth birthday for the past twenty-four hours,” he murmured, leaning closer to the woman. He smiled disarmingly – but his vampire charm was not enough to overcome the sudden fear he invoked. She hurried away quickly.

“Ah well,” he muttered so that only Felix could hear, “you can't win them all.”

“Cheer up, Aro. Jane loves you.”

They reached the back row and Aro motioned for Felix to put Bella in the seat nearest the window. Aro sat next to her. Luckily, there was no one sitting in their row. Felix stuck earphones in his ears and turned up his country music.

Kids these days.

Aro grinned at Bella cheerfully. “Hello, Bella,” he whispered, below the level of human hearing. “Don't worry about a thing. You'll be better soon. Much, much better.”

When the plane finally landed in Italy, Felix stood up, and Aro picked Bella up and carried her out to the airport. He brought his face close to hers – she was still unconscious from the poison they'd given her earlier – and murmured words that made no sense, yet conveyed all the loving care of a doting grandfather to the average passerby. But Felix could hear him whispering: “You'll be dead soon. It won't hurt a bit, because you'll be too knocked out to realize it. And then you'll be one of us! Won't that just be wonderful, Bella? And your old boyfriend, Edmund, well, he won't be able to get you back once we're through with you. Don't worry about that.”

Felix shook his head. Aro was mad – why else would he be talking to an unconscious human? But everything he'd said was true. The young vampire grinned wickedly, his white teeth flashing, and several nearby people stepped back in varying degrees of alarm and confusion. He'd get his revenge on that stupid Edward. And this was his chance.

Aro led the way out of the airport, out of the city, and into the countryside. Once they were away from prying eyes, it was safe to run as fast as they wanted. After all, it was already dark, and anyone looking out of a window wouldn't be able to make sense of a passing blur anyway. So they ran, Felix now carrying a limp Bella slung over his back, in the direction of Volterra. It wasn't long before they had found one of the many secret entrances into the Volturi's hideout. All in all, Aro thought as they greeted Heidi in the main lobby, it had been a very successful mission.

“Why, you've got quite a catch,” Heidi said appreciatively. “I don't even think I could have snatched up this one. She's rather well protected.”

Felix snorted. “We caught her alone, outside, in the rain, on her way to her truck. Her buddies weren't even in town. It was hardly difficult.”

Heidi's lilting laugh filled the room. “Little Edward's gonna have a bit of a surprise, then, hmm?” Felix laughed along with her, following her out of the lobby.

Aro smiled, and took Bella to a special room he'd prepared before they'd even left. It was bare, with only a bed in the very center. He lay Bella on the bed, standing over her for a moment – watching her shallow breaths. She stirred ever so slightly and whimpered. How adorable, Aro thought. He reached into his robe and pulled out a vial of the same mixture of chemicals he'd given her before. The vampire tipped the liquid into her mouth slowly, watching as she swallowed instinctively and then, when it was finished, sighed, falling deeper into unconsciousness. Carefully, Aro sunk his teeth into Bella's neck, tasting the poison in her veins. He didn't want to ruin such a fine specimen. He also bit up and down her arms and legs – he wanted this over with as soon as possible.

The poison would keep her unconscious – it was a special blend that one of the Volturi had developed hundreds of years ago. It targeted some place in the brain and then paralyzed it – Aro had no idea of the specifics, but he knew it worked. That way, she wouldn't feel any pain at all. However, when she awoke as a vampire, she'd be a feisty one, and he was looking forward to that.