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memories don't last forever; i'll always remember the touch of your skin

Genfic: The Volturi come unexpectedly.


5. Chapter 5: Tricks

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Jane sighed. Watching over this girl was getting to be infernally boring. Weren't those stupid vampires going to show up? Didn't they care at all about their sweet, precious little human? Jane gave a little giggle – she wasn't human anymore. But that wasn't the main problem here. Vincent would take care of her when the time came. Actually, she realized, Vincent would be coming into the room in a few minutes. Jane retreated to a shadowy corner and waited.

As if on cue, the door opened, and in walked a very tall vampire with brooding, dark eyes and a sly sneer that never seemed to come off of his face.

He glanced over to the corner of the room and murmured, “Hello, Jane.” His voice was smooth and musical, more so than that of an ordinary vampire, and without realizing it Jane had a small smile on her face.

“Hi, Vincent,” she replied dreamily.

He chuckled a little, the voice so sinister-sounding that Jane snapped out of her trance. She glared at him, and he laughed again, a little louder this time. “Don't try any of your tricks on me,” Jane whispered fiercely. “I have a few of my own.”

Without any further warning, he was shaking and shivering on the ground, screaming so loudly that Jane grinned. She let it go on for a little while longer, just because it was too much fun to see this sneering slimy vampire be disciplined. Eventually, she let her concentration slip, and Vincent went limp on the ground before her. After a moment, he looked up, still shaking slightly. Jane's grin stretched a little wider.

“Forgive me,” he whispered.

“Forgiven,” Jane said airily, waving her small hand in the air.

Vincent winced. Everyone who knew Jane knew that tone – when she acted as though nothing serious had happened, she was full of anger on the inside. He slowly got up to his feet, not meeting her eyes again, and walked toward the figure of Bella on the bed. She was moving, now, they could see. As they watched, her eyes flew open and she screamed, a long and terrible sound full of heartache.

"Edward!" she cried. "Where are you!"

She sat up with unnatural speed and rushed for the door, trying with all her might to escape from the strange environment.

Jane and Vincent rushed forward and each grabbed one of her arms. She struggled mightily, trying to wrench herself away from the one face she knew and the other that she was afraid of -- and with her new vampire strength, it was almost too much for the both of them.

It was time.

“Hello,” soothed Vincent at her left shoulder. Her body calmed completely and she looked up, trying to find the source of the beautiful voice.

“Your name is Marietta,” he continued in that same tone. Bella's scarlet eyes grew distant, as though looking at something far away. “You are a part of the Volturi, and you will remain a faithful, loyal member for the rest of your life.”

“Yes,” Bella murmured sleepily, falling limp in their arms.

Both Vincent and Jane knew she would never sleep again.