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What if Chapter 18 of New Moon changed?

Please take a look back on my bio. Basically, what if Bella picked up the phone instead of Jacob? Thanks Chareter again for the AWEOSOME banner! xxx Bella and Alice's Hug

Written with Chareter, pretty pretty pretty please reveiw and tell me if to write the next chapter.

1. The Phone Call

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Edward's Pov

If it were her, I would hang up. If it were Charlie, I'd get the information I needed through subterfuge. I'd prove Rosalie's sick little joke wrong, and then go back to my nothingness.

"Hi, this is Bella,” answered Bella. Her voice was just as I imagined, perfect, soft. She sounded a little worried, but I didn't let that bother me. I couldn't speak. Even though I said I would hang up - I don't think I'd be able to speak anyway.

"Hello? Anyone there?" she asked, growing slightly annoyed. I couldn't. I wouldn't. But even when I said I didn't, I did.

"Sorry wrong number" I made up a voice, a little deeper than my own. My voice sounded sad; even for me.

"Um… Okay." She sounded slightly confused, and relieved. Did she know who I was? Or was she relieved it wasn't me?

"No wait" I interrupted before she said anything else. It was a little higher than before, more urgent. I couldn't give myself away. A deep sigh in the background, not Bella's. Wait. It sounded like a boys… Could it be Bella had a boyfriend?

"Yes?" growing more impatient now.

"I… it's." My voice cracked; I couldn't - I wouldn't.

"Look, if you don't want anything, you might as well go" Her voice sounded a little annoyed, a little saddened.

"I...um. I was wondering… I mean we’re doing a survey.” I knew this was cruel but I needed to know who this boy was in Bella’s house. “It’s about how many people are in their house right now and their relations with each other. Will you please answer the following questions?” This wasn’t at all fair but this was my Bella and I knew I wanted her to be happy but I missed her terribly.

“Um… Okay?” she said, making it sound like a question. I heard the wind whooshing as the phone was snatched from her feeble little hands.

“Hey, listen buddy. We’re kinda in the middle of something. I hope you understand. Goodbye,” he an annoyed deep rough voice. This was mostly likely the boy who sighed in the background.

“Hey. Jacob! Give me the phone back. I was talking–” Bella was abruptly cut off as the phone line went dead. I could only imagine her little face as she tried to grab the phone back from this boy. Her sweet delicate heart-shaped face. The face that haunted my every step, just because it was somewhere else, in the hands of this Jacob person.

Something snapped in place in the back of my very slow-working mind.

Wasn’t Jacob the guy whom interrupted mine and Bella’s dance last year?

He was at her house???

Suddenly my phone was ringing again. I thought about leaving it but then I glanced upon the number.


“Hello?” I asked eagerly. There was silence on the other end of the phone. I was getting worried.

Why hadn’t she answered?

Did she know it was me?

What’s happening?

“Edward? Is that you?” asked Bella confused, after a three second silence. I sighed. I’d forgotten she thought I was the survey guy. I deepened my voice.

“Edward? Who’s Edward?” I asked.

“Oh. Sorry I must have mistaken you for someone else.” Her voice sounded sad and I was about to tell her it was me when she spoke again, more cheerful. “Anyway, um, hi. You rang just a second ago but were rudely interrupted.” Her voice got sourer at the end and I could see in my mind her looking over her shoulder to him.

“Hello? You still there?” asked Bella. I’d gotten lost in her voice.

“Oh.” My voice was higher again. I cleared my throat. “Yes, er, sorry. Where were we?” I asked.

“The survey,” she repeated, being awfully kind. Probably just to annoy Jacob.

“Oh, yes. Sorry. Erm, how many people are in the house right now?” I asked, stilling wanting to know more about him and whether I was right or not.

“Three,” she replied.

“Three,” I repeated, slowly, as if I was writing it down. This must be Bella, Jacob and Charlie.

“And what relationships do these people have with each other?” I asked, wondering if Bella and Jacob were that close.

“Well, I’m friends with them both, but those two are let’s enemies,” she said. I heard a low snicker in the background. “One is on a visit, and I wish would stay longer,” she said louder, probably wanting someone to heard. I heard a groan in the background.

“Excuse me a second,” said Bella.

“Certainly,” I allowed. Just one second.

You know you don’t have to commentate in the background you know,” I heard Bella say through the phone.

“I know. Its just there’s nothing else to do,” replied him. Bella groaned.

“Quit it,” she said sternly.

“Where were we?” she asked, her voice clearer than before.

“You said one is on a visit. Is she male or female?” I asked, trying to subtly find out if it was Alice or not.

“Female,” she replied. I made a reminder to myself to get Alice back for this.

“And this other friend?” I asked, mentally remembering to keep my voice low.

“Male. Pain in the arse. And unfortunately doesn’t live that far away,” she replied.

“I take it as you are the owner of the house?” I asked, just trying to keep her speaking. I heard some commotion in the background, something smash and a gasp.

“I’ve got to go,” Bella said in a rush.

“Wait,” I shouted the phone.

“What?” she asked; beyond annoyed.

“I…” I hesitated.What am I going to tell her?

I heard Bella groan before she put the phone down. She was too annoyed. I blew it; I could of told her then. I would. I would go and visit her. Would I?

That didn't seem fair.

But I had to see her.

My angel.

That lived in Forks.

And I was going to see her.