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What if Chapter 18 of New Moon changed?

Please take a look back on my bio. Basically, what if Bella picked up the phone instead of Jacob? Thanks Chareter again for the AWEOSOME banner! xxx Bella and Alice's Hug

Written with Chareter, pretty pretty pretty please reveiw and tell me if to write the next chapter.

3. Listen to my Lullaby

Rating 4/5   Word Count 417   Review this Chapter

Bella's POV

I kept tossing and turning. The night seemed endless and I couldn’t get the thought of my actually talking to Edward on the phone.

Of course I fainted.

I mean why wouldn’t I?

I was… only… talking to… Edward…

The thought made me what to collapse but I was already lying down so that was impossible.

Alice had sat down with me, through my hyperventilating, my nervous fits, and my half-spaz attacks.

But I couldn’t get the thought out.




Alice was out hunting and it was definitely gone midnight. But there was no chance of sleep for me.

So I got up, went over to the window that he used to climb through. I stuck my head out the window and not focusing on anything, drew in a deep breath.

I was nowhere near as good as he was at singing, but I hummed what I could of my lullaby he wrote for me. My stupid voice cracked all over the place.

I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and I let them silently fall as my lullaby drifted off. By now, I was staring at the grass.

I heard a branch snap from the tree, and I sighed. Someone lightly cursed.

“Just come in, Alice,” I whispered. A cold figure slid in the window next to me and wrapped her cool arms around me.

“Shh, Hun. Everything’s going to be okay,” she whispered into my hair. Alice slowly pulled me to my bed and tucked me in. I unwillingly closed my eyes. Alice held me hand until I drifted into unconsciousness.

I mustn’t have slept long, it was still dark. I awoke feeling groggy and achy. My eyes must have been bright red for I felt some of the dry tears, stick to my cheek.

“Alice?” I mumbled when I couldn’t feel her hand anymore.

“It’s okay. I’m right here,” she murmured back. My hand encountered something cold.

A hand.

Alice’s hand.

I held it tightly, not wanting her to let go. I was too tired to open my eyes, but I still rubbed them with my free hand. I captured Alice’s hand with both mine. She quickly pulled away.

“Alice?” I asked, daring myself to open my eyes. Her hand was suddenly back in mine, feeling slightly smaller than before.

“It’s okay,” she repeated again.

“What happened?” I asked, half-mumbling myself into unconsciousness.

“Er… I… knocked something off your… desk,” she said, sounding slightly unsure. Her voice was getting further and further away, as everything else made no sense and I almost didn’t realize I was now dreaming, staring the usual handsome him