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What if Chapter 18 of New Moon changed?

Please take a look back on my bio. Basically, what if Bella picked up the phone instead of Jacob? Thanks Chareter again for the AWEOSOME banner! xxx Bella and Alice's Hug

Written with Chareter, pretty pretty pretty please reveiw and tell me if to write the next chapter.

4. Listening to her Lullaby

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Edward’s POV

I wasn’t shocked by how quickly I’d gotten to Forks. I wasn’t shocked when Alice met me in the tree I was sat in. But I was shocked by the state I found Bella in.

It must have been hours after I’d rang.

Of course Alice told Bella it was me on the phone.

Of course Jacob made a runner as soon as Alice was there.

But why was Bella somewhere between a nervous fit, spasm attack and hyperventilating?

I watched and listened them, through Alice’s mind.

Look at the state she’s in. I can’t leave her now after this. You’re going to kill me now aren’t you Edward? She thought directly at me. But look at her. And that’s just after knowing you were on the phone to her. Imagine the state she’s going to be in when I leave. Don’t make me do this to her. Her thoughts were coming more as begs now.

I stared at Bella, her delicate structure shaking against Alice.

I couldn’t understand why she was acting like this, shaking so violently she might collapse right there, her breathing becoming more and more jagged and uneven by the second and even being able to focus on anything.

She was acting like this because I had phoned.

Was it because she didn’t want to speak to me?

Was it because she didn’t understand why I had phoned?

What was causing her all this distress?

Bella finally calmed herself enough to move.

Alice laid Bella gently down on her bed and whispered, “I’m just going hunting. Call me if you really need me.” Bella curled herself up tighter in a ball and mumbled, “Mhm…”

Alice athletically climbed out Bella’s window and landed next to me in the tree I was sat in. I couldn’t believe how much I missed the smell of Bella. Although it wasn’t as fresh as it used to be.

Still freesias.

Summer freesias.

Is this how you plan to spend the rest of… Bella’s days? Alice sarcastically asked. I shrugged and Alice silently sighed.

You can’t spend the rest of your forever, acting like a peeping tom on Bella. It’s not fair. Your going to be in pain and so is Bella! She thought, rather harshly. You’ve seen how she’s acted to just a phone call over; imagine how it was like for her when you left. Charlie said she wouldn’t eat or drink, she just sat there. And at night she still wakes up screaming. You can’t do this to her!

“What else am I supposed to do?” I whispered through my teeth. “I can’t stay, I’ll only end up being the cause of her death!”

That vision is still there, Alice retorted. Suddenly, her mind and my own was plunged into the future. The Cullen family was there, all together. Including, golden eyed Bella. I sighed as Alice released me from her vision.

We sat in silence as I watched Bella toss and turn, obviously not getting any sleep.

All of a sudden, Bella got up and out of bed. She opened the window and drew in a deep breath. She didn’t seem to actually look at anything. Unexpectedly, Bella started to hum a familiar song.

A lullaby.

Her lullaby.

The lullaby that was inspired by her.

The lullaby that I wrote for her.

Her voice was getting quieter and quieter. I leaned forward, anxious to hear more of her voice. A small branch under me snapped a little. Bella sighed. I cursed quietly to myself as Bella had obviously heard it.

“Just come in, Alice,” Bella whispered.

Just think about how it’s hurting her and me, Alice brutality threw at me in her thoughts.

Bella didn’t raise her gaze as Alice slid in through the window and wrapped her arms around Bella. I couldn’t believe how much it angered me that I couldn’t do that to Bella anymore.

“Shh, Hun. Everything’s going to be okay,” Alice whispered into Bella’s hair. Alice slowly moved Bella back to her bed and tucked her in. I kept still as I watched from the window. Alice thought about humming Bella to sleep but thought not, as that was what I used to do to Bella.

Instead, Alice just held Bella’s hand as she drifted asleep.

I was perfectly happy watching Bella, the way I was.

But no!

Alice dragged me out of the tree and into Bella’s bedroom.

The smell was overwhelming. The smell of Bella.

My Bella.

My sweet, sweet Bella.

Alice hauled next to the sleeping Bella’s bed. Bella’s scent was overpowering as I sat on the floor by her bed.

Between the groaning, the mumbling and the half-crying, she spoke my name.

“Edward,” she whispered, her voice so gentle and calm.

“Edward,” she spoke, her voice louder and getting more strained.

“Edward!” she almost cried, her voice beyond pained.

If I could cry, I’d be way past it now.

Suddenly Bella started to stir. She rubbed her still shut eyes, tiredly. She felt the dry tears on her cheek before she started to speak.

“Alice?” Bella asked, her voice croaking with tiredness.

“It’s okay. I’m right here,” Alice murmured back.

I should have moved.

But I couldn’t.

I was frozen to the floor, watching my own personal sleeping beauty.

I’d forgotten my hand was on her bed and it was too late when I realized. My hand was warm.

Bella had found my hand.

She thought my hand was Alice’s.

Bella was holding my hand!

I instantly held my breath.

Aw. Look at that. She’s holding your hand, silently sighed Alice. I glared at her.

Bella held onto my hand with more force now, probably not wanting to let go. She rubbed her still not open eyes and clasped both her little hands around mine tightly.

I quickly pulled them back, stumbling back away from her bed. Alice glared at me.

Why did you do that? She was just holding you hand!

“Alice?” Bella asked about to open her eyes. Alice quickly placed her hand into Bella’s before she could open her eyes, torturing me more because I had promised to stay away from this angel of beauty.

“It’s okay,” Alice repeated again.

“What happened?” mumbled Bella, her voice drifting away. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before she was asleep.

“Er… I… knocked something off your… desk,” Alice said, sounding slightly unsure. I threw a frantic look in Alice’s direction. She shrugged her shoulders.

And then, Bella was under.