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What if Chapter 18 of New Moon changed?

Please take a look back on my bio. Basically, what if Bella picked up the phone instead of Jacob? Thanks Chareter again for the AWEOSOME banner! xxx Bella and Alice's Hug

Written with Chareter, pretty pretty pretty please reveiw and tell me if to write the next chapter.

6. Alice's Turn

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Bella’s POV

I wasn’t sure why, but when I woke, quite early for, Alice was the closest thing I saw to a vampire crying.

Sobs were ripping their way through Alice, making her shake violently. I could see she was trying to compose herself for me, but I knew what was really going on.

She would have to leave.

Leave me again.

And it was hurting her.

I wrapped my arms around her, rubbing her back slowly with my hand. She let her head fall on my shoulder. It was strange, comforting a vampire. They usually comfort me.

“It’s okay, Alice,” I murmured to her, trying to comfort myself and stop myself from too, sobbing. “Everything will work its way out. For the better.”

Alice POV

This isn’t right.

I couldn’t just let Bella comfort me like that.

It would just make it worse.

Her seeing me, like this.

“It’s okay, Alice,” she kept murmuring to me. “Everything will work its way out. For the better.”

Did she even know what she was on about?

But even though I had a lot of room to think, most of my mind was somewhere along the lines of ‘I have to leave her again. What will happen to her this time? Will she be okay? Oh my God, I have to leave her again. NOOOO…I can’t… I… can’t’

Then I saw her innocent face again.

She was still cradling me, looking like she going to break down like me. Then I remembered Edward. I knew he was going to be listening.

With all my effort, I tried to calm myself down.

It worked, eventually.

Bella kept staring at me, her eyes telling me that she was wondering whether I was going to break down again.

I pulled Bella into my arms and she rested willingly.

I couldn’t meet her eyes as I spoke.

“I’m sorry Bella,” I whispered. She squirmed in my arms, trying to see my face. I kept myself hidden. “I’m so sorry. But it’s now or never. ‘Cause you know…” I broke off, not knowing how to rephrase it. Bella seemed to understand when I was going with this.

“Can’t…you stay…any longer?” she whispered, she voice cracking as she struggled with the words. I shook my head.

“Other wise I’ll get the worse of him.” I leaned forward and kissed her head. “I’m so sorry Bella. I have to. It’s what he wants.” I started to peel Bella away from me, edging out of her room. “I’m sorry. You’re–” I didn’t want to hurt her anymore but he was more dangerous than us.

“Stay away from, Jacob,” I said, finally looking up into those moist, brown eyes of hers. “The pack’s more dangerous than us. I’m sorry Bella.” I was choking now. I couldn’t speak the last word but I needed to. “Goodbye.” And the last thing I saw before I fled from the room was Bella’s tears and her arm reaching out for me.

“No,” she croaked as her window closed.