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What if Chapter 18 of New Moon changed?

Please take a look back on my bio. Basically, what if Bella picked up the phone instead of Jacob? Thanks Chareter again for the AWEOSOME banner! xxx Bella and Alice's Hug

Written with Chareter, pretty pretty pretty please reveiw and tell me if to write the next chapter.

9. La Push

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Edward’s POV

Alice suddenly froze next to me. She was searching for Bella’s future…




Bella. Bella. Bella.

Bella what are you doing?

Where has your future gone?

Oh please Bella, be okay.

Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my thoughts and into hers.

We need to go, she thought fiercely.

We raced off, into the direction of Bella’s scent and the mighty roar of her truck.

Bella, no.

Please Bella stop.

No, Bella, no!

Not there!

“We’re too late,” whispered Alice. “She’s crossed the boarder.”

And, sure enough, I see, hear and smell, Bella and her ancient truck disappear along the La Push boarder.

Alice let my hand go and slumped against me. I caught her, but with her weight and my crushing soul, I couldn’t hold us both, even with my super natural strength. And with that, we both collapsed onto the floor, just outside the boarder that we were never allowed to cross, even for Bella.

Bella’s POV

I don’t know how I managed to get to Jake’s house without breaking down. But as soon as I felt I should park and stop, every defence I had built came crashing down on me, with more force than I ever thought possible.

It was like all the memories of… him and his family were like bombs. And I had to defend myself, instead of just standing there, letting them blow up my whole peaceful little world. So here I go, building a fort, protecting myself enough not to forget the memories but get harmed by them either. But the thought of talking to him was like a canon, instead of a bomb. My fort and defences weren’t ready for that; therefore it all came crashing down, my defences hitting my hard, hurting me more and more.

It seemed if I distracted my mind; hurt was enough to bear.

Before I realized it, Jake had coming running out of the house and pulled me out of my truck. He knew I didn’t, couldn’t, say anything, so he just held me, cradling me.

I don’t know when exactly, but I had fallen asleep. For once, I didn’t remember my dream, meaning it must have been peaceful and not hurtful.

Whilst I was asleep, Jake must have brought us inside, because I was lying against him on his sofa.

I turned over, letting Jake know I was awake.

“Hey there Bells,” he said softly, looking at me. “How you sleep?” He stroked my head, like an adult would do to a child, or a parent to their child.

“Okay,” I whispered.

“I should take you back, it’s getting late and I’m sure Charlie will want you home,” Jake said, just as softly and still stroking my hair.

I smiled half-heartedly.

“I doubt it. I’m hardly good company.”

“Come on,” he whispered, picking me up and taking me to my truck, carrying me like I was a newborn… I mean a little child or a baby…

They just can’t stay out of my head for long enough.