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Because You Need Me.

hat on wall Locked in hurt and hatred, Bella married Mike after Edward left. She’s twenty and they now have two beautiful girls that are six and two. When the past begins to haunt her, Bella, Claudia, Arabella, and Mike move out into the country. The next thing she knows her marriage and the very thing that has kept her sane for the past two years starts to falter. Her whole world is shaking beneath her and she doesn’t know what to do. Divorce is sinful in God’s eyes, no questions asked. And now her daughter is being taken from her, who can she turn to for help? Her past love comes back for her, and he won’t fight fair, for her rose-covered glasses for him seem to have disappeared.


2. Chapter 2

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“I don’t want anything to do with you,” I said, voice shaking. My eyes darted to the upstairs room almost directly above my head where my baby was sleeping and to the living room where Claudia was watching cartoons.

“Bella, I – ”

“Go away, Edward.” I said monotone, detached, cold.

“Bella, love,”

“No, you have no right,” I whispered, “No right to even talk to me.”

“I do too, Bella Swan, I – ”

“Bella Newton.” I corrected automatically.

He made a small suffering sound.

“Momma, the remote won’t work,” Claudia said, running I the room and throwing her hand on her hip. I suddenly wanted her out. I didn’t want her anywhere near him. She was my baby, he was a demon.

But I knew if I made it a big deal, she’d ask questions and I didn’t want to share my past love life with her, “Yeah it will, here,” I flicked the switch to the right setting.

“Oh, right, thanks,” she skipped off back into the TV room.

I turned back to Edward and his eyes were wide, “How old is she?”

“Claudia? Oh, she’s six.” I said, crossing my arms.

He stiffened.

“Oh my God! Edward, she’s adopted!” I rolled my eyes. Idiot.

“Of course, of course.” He said, then he looked up, “And upstairs?”

“Arabella, two.” I answered shortly. He didn’t deserve to speak of such innocence.

He nodded, “And she’s yours?”

“They are both my children, Edward. Both of them are my babies.” I’m a mamma lion if you mess with my babies, “But if you mean biologically, then yes. Arabella is mine.”

He was quiet.

“Hurt them and I will find some way to kill you.”

“How,” he said arrogantly.

I grabbed his shoulders, pulling myself towards him so that my stretched neck was at his mouth, his teeth. I shivered, and tried to pass it off as repulsion.

He pulled away, “Okay,” He gasped for air.

I took that opportunity where he wasn’t as close to slam the door, he shoved his foot in between before I could get it closed, and other person it would have hurt.

I angrily opened the door.

He swallowed, probably venom, the bloodsucker. I almost smiled, I go that from Jake. “Did you have her… with Mike?” his voice broke.

I nodded.

I glanced at the clock, five fifty.

“Get out.” I said.

“What?” he asked, shocked.

“My husband will be coming home soon.” I clarified.

He flinched, “Bella, I have to – ”

“Edward, I have a family. And two kids,” I interrupted, “And I love them so much, and they love me back. Now, please, don’t uproot that. So leave, it wasn’t so hard the first time, was it?”

“Bell – ”


It hurt to say those words.

He nodded, and disappeared, as quickly as he had before, on that day in the forest.

Three minutes later and Mike came home. I made him dinner and set the girls to bed, same as every night. The only thing off from very night was that I was in emotional turmoil. I usually was fretting, but nothing like this. Before it was like a tiny match, flickering and growing alternately in my head. When Edward came gas was poured on it, and wood, and anything else flammable. I walked around the house with my eyes wide with fear as I thought.

I remember the day he left.

Switch out the laundry, Bella.

We were in the forest, I remember his dead expression, blocked off from me. He didn’t want me to see, to know. I was fidgeting nervously wringing my hands together as we walked. I didn’t want to go, didn’t want to know. I had no clue I was walking in to being “dumped”. I was scared mostly.He decided to leave me on my birthday, a day I had been dreading for a long time. Other than Jasper diving for my blood, Edward confessing a few suicide attempts, and the fact that I was eighteen the day was great. We were watching Romeo and Juliette, Edward had whispered the lines in my ear.I shivered at the memory.Change the subject, Bella. “You … don’t … want me?”“No.”He was so cold. So distant.Edward!Edward, no!

I ran into the dryer (swore) and grabbed my knee, which was the first to collide painfully with the metal. Why was I in the laundry room again? What happened? I shook my head, Get a grip, Bella.

The dryer sung I’s little tune to let me know it was done.

“Right,” I muttered, opening it and putting the warm clothes in a basket (I somehow managed to burn my finger on a hot jeans button.) I put the wet clothes in the dry ones, place.

I sighed, setting up a nook in the living room for me to fold clothes.

My life is great. I reassured myself, great.