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Au Pair

Every decision has a consiquence. A very big event happens to Bella and there is a life changing outcome. Then she does the most heartbreaking thing a woman could do, and the outcome involves Edward Cullen, a billionaire. He needs an Au Pair for his children, and what happens when a certain resume shows on his desk? will be E/B eventually. AU/AH!! Disclaimer- i dont own anything but the plot. Rated ADULT just incase i write a lemon (i have never writen 1 before) and possible language

This story is NOT on fanfiction AS OF YET. i want to put it on here as a test run. i want to see the feedback and if i feel that the feedback is good then i will post it even sooner than i planed.

1. Chapter 1

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My name is Bella. I guess I should tell you my life story. Nothing much happened except for my mother dying when I was 5 from pneumonia. When I was 19, on my way home from my part-time job, I was raped. I got pregnant by the bastard. I would never get an abortion for anything, so I went through my pregnancy.

I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl ever. Her name is Fynn Samantha Swan. When she was about 6 months old, my father, Charlie, said that he couldn’t take it anymore, and that my baby was not his granddaughter. She was a ‘thing’ and he couldn’t take being near her anymore. You see, even though Fynn is a part of me, she is also part of the bastard that did this to me.

It was either give her up, or be cut off from all financial aid from my father, and I would have to move out. My job couldn’t get me a place and take care of the both of us, and I have no one else to turn to, so I did it.

I gave my baby up.

It was the single most hardest thing I have ever had to do.

But I didn’t put her up for adoption. I couldn’t do that, put her in foster care. I left her at the steps of St. Anthony’s church with a note telling the Priest or one of the nuns that find her, to love her and her birthday.

When I got home I found out that I got accepted to NYU with a full scholarship. That is the reason why Charlie made me give her up, I thought. So I won’t have to go to school with a baby to take care of.

Within a month, I moved to New York, and I haven’t spoken to my father since then.

She will be four years and six months in three days, so I have six months and three days to find my rapist. You see, rape cases stay valid for five years, and if they are not solved within that period of time, then it becomes a dead case.

Ever since I gave Fynn up, I felt like a part of me was missing.

I don’t know now how I have been able to live these past four years, but I have this feeling in my gut that she is near.

I have to find her.

I have no other choice.

I have to find her.

I have to find my baby.

My baby girl.


My name is Edward Cullen. I am a billionaire, but I don’t like to flaunt it like most rich people. I am a divorced father with four kids. I have identical twins that are 7, Kurt and Faye, a five year old boy named Seth, and my newest child, Faryn.

Faryn isn’t mine biologically. One day, we were all at the park, and she was behind some bushes crying by herself because she had a scraped knee. She started screaming ‘mommy’, but no one came for her.

I brought her to the police station, and the little girl’s record said that she was found in a church, but then they had to put her in an adoption agency, and it did not have a name, which was really weird, it had her birthday, but not her name. When I asked her what it was, she did the ‘f’ sound, so I named her Faryn. I felt a connection with her, and I adopted her that night.

My wife, Kaytlin, was upset that I adopted a child because it was ‘one more burden’ for her.

That night was when I signed the divorce papers.

That was 8 months ago and now I am with the love of my life, Tanya Denali. I have been thinking of asking her to marry me for a while now.

But at this moment, I have to find an au pair for my kids. I was looking at all the resumes that were submitted.

Carmella Montoya-No

Samantha Roatchen-Umm…No.

Anna Montego-No.

Chelsea Ortega-No.

Lauren Mallory-Hell no.

Jessica Stanley-Can’t I get a good au pair?

Bella Swan- She made my eyebrows rise.

She graduated from NYU-where I did-with a criminal justice degree. She loves kids. If she can’t get a job here, she said in her resume in the comments box, she will go and apply for a job at the NYC orphanage.

I guess she is a good option for the spot.

Bella Swan.