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Au Pair

Every decision has a consiquence. A very big event happens to Bella and there is a life changing outcome. Then she does the most heartbreaking thing a woman could do, and the outcome involves Edward Cullen, a billionaire. He needs an Au Pair for his children, and what happens when a certain resume shows on his desk? will be E/B eventually. AU/AH!! Disclaimer- i dont own anything but the plot. Rated ADULT just incase i write a lemon (i have never writen 1 before) and possible language

This story is NOT on fanfiction AS OF YET. i want to put it on here as a test run. i want to see the feedback and if i feel that the feedback is good then i will post it even sooner than i planed.

2. Chapter 2

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Before I set up an interview with anyone, I do a back round check on the person. Who knows?-She could be a Black Widow for all I know, or maybe even a pedophile. I wouldn’t want that around my kids.

She was clean-too clean. Never a ticket or anything remotely like that in her life. She graduated top of her class with a degree in criminal justice, and then she entered the SVU agency part time.

No person is ever this clean.

I called up my brother, Emmett, because he also is an SVU agent. I need to find out more about this Bella Swan.

“Yeah, I know her. She is average height, brown hair and brown eyes. She is also quiet and keeps to herself mostly. And I don’t know why she came into this line of work. Usually everyone has a story behind it, but I don’t know. Maybe you should try and check for a police file on her.”

“Thanks Emmett.” Remind me to invite him and his wife, Rosalie, and their daughter, Maggie, to dinner, as a thank-you.

Being a billionaire has its perks. I was able to see her file. She filed a rape case four years ago, and Jasper, another friend that works there with Emmett, was in charge of the case.

They couldn’t find the rapist.

She has less than a year to find out who did this horrible thing to her.

And what is worse is that she got pregnant from him.

When she reported it, didn’t they scrape her out? That is what they are supposed to do…

I called Emmett again and asked if Jasper was in the office. Emmett said no, and asked why and I told him about the case.

“Oh, man! No wonder he gives her these strange looks of pity. Did she get pregnant?”


“That makes it a whole lot worse! Does she have the baby?”

“She didn’t have an abortion, but she gave it up for adoption for an unknown reason, and…there is no name. No name of the child. Or a picture. Hey, Em?”


“Could you talk to Jasper about this? You know, in private? Oh, and you are invited for dinner next week, all of you.”

“Sure and thanks. And by the way, Rose is pregnant again. And Alice found out she is having twin girls.”

“Congrats, to you and to her.”

“Thanks man.”

I think that Bella Swan is worthy for her interview.


After I dropped off my resume at VCI to be Mr. Cullen’s au pair for his children, I went into the SVU office. I said hi to everyone, and a smile crossed my face when I saw Emmett. He and Jasper, another colleague, and their families are my only friends.

“Hey Emmett.” I called.

“Thanks man.” He said as he finished his phone conversation and he looked up at me. He looked at me strangely- the same way that Jasper does.

Did they know something about my…

I couldn’t even think about it. The thought of never seeing her again put this strange pang in my lower abdomen. It was a strange feeling of loneliness and I raised my hand to where the pang was unconsciously.

I went to my desk and turned on my computer. I get to look at police files- lucky me. A while ago I heard that a church couldn’t take care of a child that was left in their care, so they put the child up for adoption- bingo. Fynn.

I needed to check up on my baby girl. Honestly-if they couldn’t take care of my adorable girl (yes I do know that I sound VERY conceited.) and she was in an adoption agency, then wouldn’t she have been adopted already? I mean four years is a long time and I think that she would have been adopted by now, right?

My thoughts turned for the worst.

What if she was adopted by a pedophilic rapist and was raping her like that bastard did to me?

What if he found her?

What if he took her?

What if he is hurting my baby?

I felt a tear roll down my eye and a gasp of horror escaped my lips at the thought of that.

I got a call from Mr. Cullen’s sectretary and she asked when a time was good for my interview, and I asked when he was free on Saturday morning. She said that 11 was free and I said that was fine. Yes, I actually wake up before noon. So strange, I know.

As I finished my shift, I was walking to my appartment and wondering what Mr. Cullen and his children were like.