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The Thorns of Life

rosalie, emmett, and royceAs soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.
~William Shakespeare

Rosalie Lillian Hale, has made a decision she's desperately trying not to regret. The choice to leave her Mother and two brothers was easy, but its life in the small town of Forks is what's bothering her. Far away from "decent" shopping malls, and handsome, strong young men, Rosalie is finding it hard to adjust herself to the simple living as a resident of Forks,Washington with her Father. More complications arise when a strange, yet attractive boy in Drama automatically loathes her, and then there's the captain of the football team who is constantly trying to catch her attention. When secrets, very bad dates, and the cold hard truth hits Rosalie like a brick wall, will it knock out the snobbery in her, and give her a new chance at life? Or will her number be up all together?

When being a rose, is it worth all the thorns a long the way? Thanks JokesonJane for the AWESOME banner!! everyone give her a round of applause!

So, I decided to out up a Rosalie Twilight, since all I've seen is Alice and Bella's on here. The first chapter is the prolouge, and hte last chapter will be her continuing the conversation with Emmett. I've got it all kinda planned out. Hope you like it!

1. Proloque

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What's in a name? That which we call a rose

William Shakespeare once said, "I'll follow you and make a heaven out of hell, and I'll die by your hand which I love so well." My mistakes and choices in life have both unwillingly taken me here, to hear this quote and know that its the story of my life in one sentence. I was never appreciative of words, and I was never appreciative of his love for me. I never took it into consideration to think why and how this would be hard for him. When I look back on those early days I feel myself breaking, all over again.

Was I ever really that cruel?

I can never truly regret the actions I took, because if it weren't for them I would never have him in my life, not that way he's supposed to be. Emmett Cullen was really the thought behind my actions, even thought I hadn't known it at the time. All I ever really wanted was him, in my life, being my eternal love. Love was behind everything, carefully weaving itself through the reasons and thoughts in my head.

I would never have thought that I would be come what I am, the monster that I am. So many hours at night I had once pictured myself marrying the man who loved me, and we would grow old together, watching our grandchildren running around us.

Never did I think twice that I wouldn't achieve that dream.

Instead I was a vampire, cold hard, and strong. Molded into an Aphrodite, preserved to live like this forever. But I did get one thing I truly wanted. A man who loves me, and whom I love back, with every cell and muscle I have in this body.

It never occurred to me, that being in love with a vampire would mean I would become one. I didn't want that, I never could. But the choice was Emmett's. If he lost me forever, he could no longer live. He would slowly diminish, just as I would have without him in my human years. Being this for that exact reason seemed worth it. Even if I didn't get all the glorious packages of marital life with it.

If I had died that night, alone and broken, I would have lost Emmett and the family that's so eagerly excepted me. Would I really have betrayed them all because of my anger? Dying there in the abandoned street would mean leaving the world for eternity. Leaving the life I once had here.

Leaving Emmett.

And I couldn't do that.

I breathed in the air I didn't need, and I picked at the long green, dew-covered grass around me as I stared into the rare sunlight, knowing and feeling the effect of the light on me. My skin sparkled a rarity of what seemed like tiny diamonds embedded into my stone hard skin, and I smiled faintly thinking how beautiful it made me look.

Being beautiful didn't seem like a good enough reason to be glad for this.

But not being alone, being with him was.

I slowly took another breath, to breathe in courage I needed and softly called his name, knowing he would hear me.