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When I Died Inside

A classic Edward leaves Bella story with a twist... Edward leaves Bella pregnat and alone. Whe they meet again will she be able to move past her pain? And will her children be able to accept him?

I know that some stories when Bella is pregnat the babies take nine months to grow. But this is a classic fast growing baby story.

1. Pain and Lonlieness

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C Chapter 1 – Pain and Lonlieness

The pain of my little children ripping out of my stomach was almost too much to bear. I screamed, and as I screamed I thought of another pain ripped deep into my heart.


I just stared blankly at the wall in front of me as the fiery pain ripped through me. I clutched my chest and hugged myself as I kept myself from screaming in sheer desolation. Ed-no, that was too painful-he left me. He left me alone. I wanted to die.

But before I could puzzle that thought out I was hit by a wave of, not fire and pain, but nausea and I sprinted for the bathroom. I got to the toilet just in time to heave up all of the food in my stomach. I then sat there with my head on the bole wondering what was wrong. Was I sick?

Then, suddenly, I felt a nudge. But that was not what startled me, it was the face that the nudge came from inside my stomach-there it was again. That set my thoughts on another track, a totally impossible track. Maybe, just possibly, I was pregnant. My first instinct was to totally deny this idea. But then again, was there any other possibility? I would have to find out for sure….


I stared in absolute shock at the positive pregnancy test in my hand. That was not possible. The only person I had ever had sex with was a vampire! Then that vampire disappeared the next day with no explanation. Just a note:

Bella,I love you with all my heart and always will. But it is just safer for you to lead a regular human life-a life without me. I will be dieing every day that I am away from you. Always yours, EdwardPS. I didn’t say this to you in person because I would never have been able to leave.

I looked at this note again as I looked at the positive pregnancy test, two things that broke my heart and kept me from killing myself. I wouldn’t die if he still loved me or wile I carried his child. The only thing that bothered me was the enhanced rat of the child’s growth (I only say child because it was only a suspicion that it was twins) my stomach had a bump after five days, and was already a few inches after a week. I decided to leave…

It had been four weeks since he left and I had been in a wood for almost three. My stomach had grown bigger than any normal stomach and I was now sure that it was two babies.

I had taken some camping supplies from Mike’s family’s shop and though I felt bad I knew it was necessary. I piled it all into my truck and headed out around midnight one night wile Charlie was asleep on the couch. I didn’t leave a note.

When I got to a big woods a pulled over and got all my stuff out. I then set fire to my truck to make it look like an accident and I had died.

*End of Flashback*

I felt it when the two babies were out of my body, having ripped through the hard flesh surrounding them. I felt it as the darkness started to surround me and my only regret was that no one was there to care for my children.

That was when a bite of fire ripped away the numbing darkness. My last thought was simply: and so the pain begins. I was dimly aware of the fact that the only pain that could be so fiery was the pain of transformation…….