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When I Died Inside

A classic Edward leaves Bella story with a twist... Edward leaves Bella pregnat and alone. Whe they meet again will she be able to move past her pain? And will her children be able to accept him?

I know that some stories when Bella is pregnat the babies take nine months to grow. But this is a classic fast growing baby story.

3. One Hundred Years Later

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Chapter 3 – One Hundred Years Later

“Luna! Leo!” I shouted as I came up to the house.

“What Mom?” I started as Luna put her hand on my arm to respond to my question.

I asked her where Leo (short for Helios) was wile I looked for him with my own eyes.

“Right here,” he said in response to my question. I looked at my children lovingly. They had fully matured from their growing states seven years after my birth. During those years we had to hide in the woods from mortal or immortal eyes- they were just growing way too fast.

“We’re moving,” responded and quickly finished my sentence do to their outraged countenances, “We have been here too long already!”

“Ok,” said Leo trying to keep the piece. “Were we going?” he asked, effectively ending the argument.

“I thought it might be nice to go to Forks. I bought my father’s house when he died,” after saying this I had to take an unnecessary deep breath to keep myself from dry sobbing. Charlie had died from old age fifty years ago and, because he didn’t have a will, I bought everything that was his so I would have something to remember him by. I tried to do that with my mom too but Phil had made a will so it was slightly harder.

“Do you really think that is safe? I mean it has only been one hundred years years.” Luna cut in always concerned about keeping our secret.

“Its fine, the humans are all dead. I’ve also changed so we don’t have to worry about that."

“Now, remember the plan. You are both sophomores and twin sixteen year olds and I am a junior at seventeen. Our parents died in a car accident a few months ago and I got custody of you two. And because I'm your sister, you have to call me Bella.” we had gone over it many times but I wanted to make sure.

“Yes, mom, we got it! You’ve gone over it sooo many times!” Luna could always be counted on to be the drama queen teenager while Leo was more conservative and quiet.

“Fine they we’ll go,” I snapped as we walked into the main office, me, at least, with a sense of déjà vu. I noticed that the lady at the front desk was named Ms. Cope, probably a descendent of the original Mrs. Cope from fifty years ago.

“Hello, we’re the Swan’s,” I said and, giving her time to collect herself from the sight of us, continued, “I’m Isabella, this is Luna, and this is Leo.” We had decided to just call him Leo because that was a more normal name than Helios.

“Of-Of course, here are your schedules,” she stuttered as she looked down at the collection of papers on her desk, “and you will have to have these signed by each of your teachers.” Handing us a purple piece of paper she mentioned that we better hurry if we wanted to get to class on time. “Oh, and have a nice day,” she said with a smile as we left.

“She has a very grandmother-like mind,” Leo said as we walked to our first classes. He had the power to read people’s mind like he did. Luna could do the exact opposite. She could put her thoughts in your head - but only by physical contact.

“Really? She seemed too young to by thinking like that,” I absentmindedly responded as we separated to our three separate classrooms.

Then suddenly I smelled the smell-vampire. I warily walked into the classroom, searching for the source of the smell. And saw a face I never expected to see for a wile yet……