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When I Died Inside

A classic Edward leaves Bella story with a twist... Edward leaves Bella pregnat and alone. Whe they meet again will she be able to move past her pain? And will her children be able to accept him?

I know that some stories when Bella is pregnat the babies take nine months to grow. But this is a classic fast growing baby story.

4. Unexpected

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Chapter 4-Unexpected

When I walked in the room and saw Jasper I was stunned. By the look on his face he must not have been expecting me either.

“ Hello, you must be Isabella Swan. Am I correct?” the teacher talking to me brot my back down to earth and I responded “Bella,” quickly.

I turned to look at him and said, “Yes, I am Bella. Should I sit down?” and, without an answer, went to sit in the only available seat – the one next to Jasper.

He seemed to have regained his ability to talk and asked with an incredulous, low voice, “Bella? How is that possible? We thought you died a hundred years ago!”

I responded in an equally low, but now sarcastic, voice, “Well, apparently, I lived!”

“Bella, Edward has been almost dead for the last hundred years! He loved you more than his own life and has tried to sneak off to make the Volturi kill him at least once a decade!”

“I may still love him Jasper but he left me!”

“He left you to protect you,” he stated in a low voice. “Alice saw that the Volturi were coming and he thought that because Demetri couldn’t track you, he would track us and you wouldn’t be there. He was right. We came back after a month and found out that you had disappeared with you truck nearly three weeks before! Edward was heartbroken. We thought the Volturi had taken you so we went to Italy. When we asked about you Edward saw that you were not with then and could not be seen in their minds. We got Edward out right before he asked them to kill him.

“I have to go!” I said in a now louder voice and ran human speed out the door. Once out I ran to the outside of Leo’s new homeroom and unblocked my mind and shouting with my thoughts, “They’re hear! Grab Luna and meet me at the car!” I knew we had to hurry because Jasper would be going strait to Edward. I needed time to just think and I wanted my children safe with me.

Jaspers Point of View

I could only think of one thing as I watched Bella run out of the room. What was I going to tell Edward…..

As soon as I saw the car I knew it was too late to leave. I suddenly wasn’t sure whether I really wanted to leave. I mean, from what Jasper said and what I currently saw, Edward did still love me. And from what I felt I knew that I still loved him. I was having an epiphany!

I slowly walked up to my bronze haired angel and when I was about two feet away from him I quietly said, “Hello Edward.” I was too chicken to look at his eyes to see what he was feeling So I was startled when I felt his hands lift my face up so I could look in his eyes. He was staring strait back at me with what I knew was love but with a hint of confusion which I couldn’t blame him for.

“Bella,” he said. Just my name, then. “Bella, how…” like he couldn’t figure out how to phrase the question.

I knew what he wanted to ask but I wasn’t sure how to tell him that he was a father when a voice came from behind me.

“Mom?” Luna’s voice shattered the silence and Edward froze. I quickly turned around and tried to understand what was going through Edwards head…

“So I’m a father?” Edward said in a slightly dazed voice.

We had gone back to their house with the rest of the family. Of course there were lots of hellos first – especially from Alice who had practically tackled me, begging me to forgive her as she hugged me. Of course I forgave her, I loved her. The only hug I was surprised to receive was the one from Rosalie. She had never been my best friend so I was surprised when she walked up to me, hugged me, and said that she was glad that I was back. Maybe we would become friends after all.

Once we were back at the house and had hugged Esme and Carlisle we presided to the living room where I told them my story. Luna and Leo were welcomed into the family even before they all new they were related. Rosalie and Luna started talking about going shopping together soon (groan) and Alice joined in too. Leo and Jasper were talking too. I was too happy to care. I was in the one place I really wanted to be – in my Greek God’s arms. I was contented with just sitting and staring into his eyes and kissing him from time to time.

“Yep,” I responded to his earlier question, “those are our babies.” I loved saying that word, our, and I hoped I could say it for forever.