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"It was only a matter of time - and not much of it - before I showed up at your window and begged you to take me back. I'd be happy to beg now, if you'd like that" -Edward Cullen
Copyright Stephenie Meyer. New Moon, Chapter 23 What if Edward hadn't been able to resist? If he did indeed show up and beg Bella for forgiveness? This is how I think it might have played out. Visitor Banner

This is my first fanfic, I hope people enjoy it I know this idea has been done many times, but I wanted to start with something easier and I've had this idea since I read that line in the end of New Moon (admittedly a long time ago). I've just been too lazy to write it out. Wouldn't it be great to be able to say that I am the wonder that is Stephenie Meyer? Alas, I am not her, so none of this belongs to me.

1. Part 1

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The light flicked on, though my frozen hand had still not found the switch. I blinked into the sudden light, and saw that someone was there, waiting for me. A perfect, glorious, marble someone that I thought I would never see again.

"E-Edward?" I stuttered. Suddenly, I realized the chilling truth. There was only one way Edward Cullen would be in my house, staring at me with that loving look in his butterscotch eyes. Jacob was too late, I drowned. Crap, I died! Oh my gosh, poor Jake! He loved me, I loved him, we could have had a future, broken as I may be, together. And how was Charlie gonna cope? He just lost Harry, and now me in the same day. As all of this was occurring to me, I noticed Edward was taking slow baby steps toward me. Forgetting he didn't love me, I flung myself at him.

"Edward!" I sobbed."I don't know what to do! I'm dead, I drowned! Ch-Ch-Charlie's gonna freak, and R-R-R-Renee-" Unable to continue, I just let Edward hold me, stroking my hair.

"Shh, Bella, it's okay, you're not dead," he crooned. I don't know how long we just sat there, it could have been hours, days, or weeks; time had no meaning when I was in Edward's cool embrace. The rational part of me wondered why Edward was bothering to waste his time with me when he had all his "distractions", but the rest of me wasn't about to complain.

After I had calmed down considerably, Edward started to talk. "Out of curiosity, what exactly did you do that you think got you killed?"

I sniffed. "I jumped off a cliff, and-"

"YOU WHAT?!?!" he thundered. Sighing, I explained about cliff diving, motorcycles, and werewolves, skimming a little over the fantasies. I didn't want him to think I was too crazy. Although really, who cares what Edward thinks of me? I know I'm not good enough to hold the attentions of a god, I've known that all along. Speaking of gods, I was suddenly reminded of a conversation with Carlisle about souls, way back when I could still entertain Edward.


Carlisle guessed the direction of my thoughts again. "Edward's with me up to a point. God and heaven exist... and so does hell. But he doesn't believe there is an afterlife for our kind." Carlisle's voice was very soft; he stared out the big window over the sink, into the darkness.

"You see, he thinks we've lost our souls."

(end flashback)

"See Edward, Carlisle was right. You must have a soul, if you are here in heaven with me."

Edward eyed me. "Don't change the subject, Bella," he growled. "You promised me you would try to stay safe!"

I had my retort ready. "Well you promised it would be like you never existed, so I guess we both lied, didn't we."

"It's not the same-" Edward pursed his lips and turned away. Even frustrated, he still looked like the epitome of perfection. "What if you had died?" he asked, turning back to me after a few seconds. "Didn't you think of what that would do to Charlie? To Renee? To me?"

This confused me. "What do you mean, what if I died? I'm already dead!" Edward gave me a funny look.

Slowly, he said, "I already told you, love, you're not dead. What is making you so sure that you are?"

Did Edward lose some of his super brains when I brought him into my heaven? Yeah, I wanted us to be more equal, but I didn't want him to have to sacrifice for me, I wanted to get up to his level. "Easy," I began. "You're with me."

Edward rolled his eyes. "Bella, trust me. You're not dead"

Why is he being so stubborn? I challenged him, "If I'm not really dead, then why are you here?"

He looked in my eyes as he stated, "Because I love you." I could see he wasn't lying, but it can't really be true, so...

"Oh no! I really am dead! And don't try to tell me I'm not, because I know if this was real, you wouldn't be telling me you love me. That is definitely a sign of the afterlife."

For some reason, this incredibly hurt look flashed across Edward's face, but before I could figure out why, he unwound his arms from around me, and sank to his knees.

"Isabella Marie Swan, I love you with every fibre of my being. I have loved you since I laid eyes on your beautiful sleeping form over a year ago, and no amount of time or space will ever change that. My leaving was intended to be for your own good, but I see now how wrong- When I left, I made by far the biggest mistake of my entire century. I felt I had to - to lie to be able to - make myself go. Even if you didn't believe me, which I assumed you wouldn't, if there was the slightest chance that you might be able to move on and lead a happy life, without me, I would do what I had - You are the kindest, most beautiful, charming, loveable, caring, intriguing person I have ever - So even - even though I - I know I don't deserve it, will you forgive me and take me back?"

He sounded like if he could, he would be crying right now. I stood motionless, unable to speak. I almost didn't want to believe him, because it would be that much harder when he left me again. Even in heaven, it was hard to grasp that such an angel would want plain old me.

I was saved from having to answer Edward when all of a sudden an odd shriek reached my ears