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"Old Love Or New"

Alice Doesnt See Bella Jump Off The Cliff In New Moon. Jacob Never Saved Her. Victoria Finds Her and decides to change her. 97 years later Bella now has her own coven of Vampire's. What happens when they meet the Cullens again. Who will she choose. Her new Fiancee, Logan or Edward? The old Love of her Life or the New one.? MADE BY toosmall808 t might not turn out like you would expect it? Or will it! 50 REVIEWS AND THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL!! 50 REMEMBER!

This 1st chapter is Bella explaining what has happened during her new life until now. If you intend to read the story i would read this first chapter! I will update ofen and your reviews help! Thank yall so much! This is my first Fan Fiction! Please keep in mind that this is just the chapter that explains everyhting. The action begins next chapter.

1. Chapter 1/How it happened

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It had been 97 years today since Edward left me in the woods, telling me he didn't love me. This was my second darkest day except for my birthday, which is my first darkest day.

I loved Edward with all my heart but all I was was a distraction, nothing more than a fragile, plain human. I will never forget the words he stated as he left me to be changed into a vampire any way, ‘It will be as if I never existed', he said. He then kissed me on my forehead and left. I found myself very often touching my forehead rubbing it where he last kissed me.

I try not to think of it often, it hurts too much. I have healed the slightest bit. It helped when I found my fiancée, Logan. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. I had always thought Edward was the best thing that ever happened to me, but he wasn't.

I was hurt very badly when I had jumped of the cliff. Victoria had found me while I was being tossed around by the waves. She had planned a most horrific death for me but I asked her to listen to my story about when Edward left. When I finished my story Victoria was very sympathetic and made a deal with me. She would change me into a vampire, and someone else, I would get to choose. Then as soon as our bloodlust was gone she would disappear and continue her life, seeing as how she was not up for the vegetarian life style.

I had chosen a girl named Daisey. She had bleach blonde hair very pale skin and golden eyes as soon as she had enough animals. I liked her very much. She was a very happy go lucky person. She had a very useful power if we were ever challenged by another coven. She could kill anything she touched. You name it she could kill it. Flowers, plants, human's, and what shocked me most of all was she could kill vampire's! She did not need to cut them up or burn the pieces. They would die and there was nothing you could do to bring them back to life. There was a catch though, Daisey could turn her power off, so she could still touch people things and vampire's without killing them too.

I enjoyed Daisey's company but we wanted a larger coven so I created Gabe. He was a lot like Dasiey in many ways. He was also happy go lucky, and an all around good guy. He had brown hair that was spiked up. He also had a power. He did the exact opposite of Daisey. He could make everything live. If something was dead he could touch it and bring it back to life. Even a vampire Daisey might accidentally have touched with her power on. Gabe could turn his power of too.

Soon after Daisey and Gabe met they got married but are known to only be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Then I created Aphrodite and Eric. Eric is a nice guy a lot like Emmet in ways. He had black hair and it was not long but not short either. Eric's power is a flamethrower. He can soot flame out of his hands. Aphrodite was not so nice but to us she is family and just as loveable as Daisey. She had dirty blonde hair and was extremely gorgeous prettier than Rosalie. Aphrodite's power is she can freeze things. She can freeze anything and everything in sight. It comes out of her hands like Eric's. Aphrodite and Eric got married shortly after also.

Then last but not least I created Logan! I love Logan with all my heart. He is my other half and I couldn't have gone much longer with all the sex in my house. I mean I was like a 5th wheel. Logan was sexy! The best looking guy Vampire ive ever seen. Better looking than Edward! I was also the best-looking girl vampire ive ever seen. I was way prettier than Rosalie, and Aphrodite looked like shit next to me. I was hot, Pretty, sexy all put into one. I had also lost all my self-consciousness after being changed. But anyway Logan had Blonde skater boy hair that curled at the end. I also love when he would flip it! It made him look so sexy! Logan and I had multiple powers. He had Earth, wind, and air. Wind and air are basically the same except that wind can only bring in gusts of wind but air he can keep the wind going strong for however long he wants it. Earth he can move bolders and pick up big chunks of grass ect.. All of this was done in his mind.

My powers are Fire, water, and spirit. Fire is basically the same thing that Eric can do. Water I can pick up streams and drop it on people.I could also flood an area if i wnated to. It's absolutely hysterical. Spirit is when I can switch bodies with anyone. So in other words I switch spirits with that person. That is why I am the leader, and I created everyone. I looked quite different than when I was human. I am like 300 times prettier I have charcoal died black hair, with my golden eyes, paler skin then when I was a human, a very curvy figure, im skinny but i dont look anerexic, and i very good fashion scence. Alice would be proud. Everyone in my family dressed well and I was sure of that. We had loads and loads of cash. In my time as a vampire I had been a multi million-dollar lawyer and a very well earning doctor. My family would be set for the next 100 years! Also Logan and I were engaged.

I was proud of my coven. Each one had there own power and as soon as the volturi find out we will be hunted. Wewill beat them though. We ahve many friends that will help us gladly and we are the most powerdul coven in the world. I was very pleased by that.