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"Old Love Or New"

Alice Doesnt See Bella Jump Off The Cliff In New Moon. Jacob Never Saved Her. Victoria Finds Her and decides to change her. 97 years later Bella now has her own coven of Vampire's. What happens when they meet the Cullens again. Who will she choose. Her new Fiancee, Logan or Edward? The old Love of her Life or the New one.? MADE BY toosmall808 t might not turn out like you would expect it? Or will it! 50 REVIEWS AND THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL!! 50 REMEMBER!

This 1st chapter is Bella explaining what has happened during her new life until now. If you intend to read the story i would read this first chapter! I will update ofen and your reviews help! Thank yall so much! This is my first Fan Fiction! Please keep in mind that this is just the chapter that explains everyhting. The action begins next chapter.

10. Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

"Carlisle, the Volturi don't know about us", I told him regrettably. "They cant know about us either, you cant tell them about us", I told all of them hopping, and believe it or not, praying they wouldn't tell the Volturi. "If the Volturi knew about us we would be captured. I know we would. We are too strong. As soon as they find out about us we will be hunted, killed, or forced to join them. Unless we fight back. No other vampire group knows about us except you. We don't exist as far as the Volturi know", I told the Cullen's. Carlisle gave me a heartfelt expression and said, "Bella, we would never turn you in, nor would we tell anyone. We would even fight with all of you if it were to come to that. You are still our family Bella", Carlisle said. If I could cry I would have. I wished more than I ever had that they wouldn't have left me and that I would be a part of their family. I wasn't though and I might never be if I don't choose Edward. I was shocked at how I started to feel like my old self. I hadn't felt this way since I changed Daisey. But I couldn't let my coven see how weak I was so I put the block that I always had up.

That reminded me I had to tell them about the Edward and Logan situation. "Thank you Carlisle I really appreciate that, but I am afraid one day it will come to a fight", I told him and I truly meant it. "When that day comes we will be there to help", he smiled at me. I felt safe because I knew it would happen, and I knew the Cullen's would be there. I really don't think they will leave twice. Edward wouldn't let them. I decided now was the best time to tell them about Edward and Logan.

"I have something I need to tell all of you", I said this slowly. I was trying to put off the inevitable. "I still love Edward", I blurted out. I looked behind me and saw my family's expression. They did not look shocked to say the least. I looked back to the Cullen's and they didn't look all too surprise either. "No shit, Bella", I heard Emmet say in his loud voice. I looked over to him and he was smiling a huge sarcastic smile at me. I smiled back at Emmet in the old Bella smile, and I saw Emmett's grin soften and turn into the big brother, that Emmet always was to me.

I looked at Edward and he was gazing at me. It was full of love and longing. I didn't relies it was so obvious I still loved Edward. I felt so bad for Logan who had to deal with that. I looked at Edward and relised I couldn't live without him, but I still had to give Logan a chance. It's the least he deserves. I was selfish to do this to Logan. He did nothing but love me. He was always there for me, even when I would mope around complaining about ‘This was the day he left'. Logan was more than I deserved.

"But I also love Logan", I told everyone. It was true. I still loved Logan but I thought about it and I probably could live without him. I hated to admit it. I looked back at Logan and he nodded. He didnt seem as happy as Edward to get me back. Which I understand, Logan had me then Edward took me away and now he has to fight for something he already had. Both the Cullen's and my family still had the same expression on.

"So I haven't made a decision on whom i'm going to chose. They will both have to work to get me back." I was talking only to Logan and Edward now. "After 1 week I will choose who I want to be with", I said this with a strong voice and I held my head high. I felt absolutely terrible for doing this. It was like they were on a game show and I was the prize. I would have normally been cocky and said something like ‘I am a prize', but now I don't feel like the prize. I feel like scum. I shouldn't do this but I don't know any other way to choose.

I was glad I didn't have to say anymore.

Then I heard Daisey begin to talk. I heard something about ‘territory'. I didn't care if we had to share our hunting space with the Cullen's, but Daisey did. I'm sure Emmet would too. I laughed to myself at that.

I started moving towards Alice so we could catch up. I noticed everyone else was moving to go talk to others. Daisey was still talking to Carlisle about territory and Emmet had joined the conversation and so had Jasper.

I was almost to Alice when Edward stepped in front of me with one of my favorite smiles. Edward had his crooked smile on. "Bella, I was wondering if you would like to come to dinner and a movie with me tomorrow night in port angles", Edward asked in a very hopeful voice.

I didn't even have to think. "I would love to join you Edward", I replied with my old ‘Bella' smile on. Edward brought his hand out and caressed my cheek. I smiled once again at this and he walked off. I couldn't help but squeal mentally. I was totally excited.

Before I knew it Alice had run up gave me a huge smirk on her face and said, "Bella, you have to let me do your makeup, hair, and pick out your dress. I can bring a bunch of choices", Alice exclaimed. I smirked back at her and said, "Alice, you don't need to, I have something that will surprise you greatly." I grabbed Alice's hand and started pulling her across the lawn and up the stairs to our house. I was going to show her my hugely wonderful closet.

I saw that Aphrodite and Rosalie were getting along great. Shocker there right, I thought to myself. Carlisle, Edward, Jasper, Emmet, Eric, and Gabe were standing in a group talking and laughing. Esme was talking to Daisey, and Logan was standing there alone, with a stone cold expression on.

When I saw this I stopped. "Alice can you give me like 1 minute I need to go talk to someone", I told her. Alice paused and said; "Go", giving me a knowing look.

I started walking towards Logan when he looked up. He gave me a cold look and looked away. He had said he was fine with it all. The whole ‘you will have to win me back if you want me', but I could clearly see he wasn't ok with it. I stopped in front of him and he looked deeply into my eyes. He might as well have been staring a whole straight threw me.

"Logan, I", I tried but he wouldn't let me finish. "Save it, I can see the way you look at him and the way he looks at you", he said with anger clear in his voice. "I don't have a chance with you even if I did try to fight for you", he told me. When he said this I knew he was right. I loved Edward too much not to choose him. Even though I might not be able to forgive him right now, I would forgive him one day. "I know you love me and I love you but it's clearly not enough", he said breaking my heart. I had broken his so I couldn't say anything. I just stared at him.

"Bella, I'm going. I'm not coming back. Don't expect me back. ‘It will be as if I never excited' as HE would have put it." He looked at Edward for a moment with pure hatred and said, "I would say i'm sorry, but i'm not, this is what you wanted", Logan said. He then kissed me on the forehead and left. He had struck a nerve when he kissed me on the forehead. It's exactly what Edward had done when he left me.

I couldn't say anything. What could I say? ‘Stay don't go, you might still have a chance', no I couldn't do that. I watched Logan walk away. With nothing at all. He ran into the woods and I would never see him again. He would never come back. It finally hit me when I thought that. Worst of all it felt almost like Edward had left again. Only this time, it was Logan.

I sank to my knees and started a fit of dry sobs. I was numb; all I could remember was Edward running to me, and what I was thinking. Everything else was blurry and unnoticeable. Everyone had seen what happened. I felt terrible. If we didn't move to forks this wouldn't have happened. But if we didn't move to Forks again I would have never found Edward. This was my fault. No one could say anything to change that. I couldn't do anything to take any of this back. Did I want to take it back? I thought about this and decided against it. No I didn't want to take this back. But that didn't change the fact I was devastated.

I couldn't think straight.

I could feel Edward's arms around me. He had picked me up. I could feel he had run up a few flights of stairs and then we were in Logan and my's room. Edward brought me to the bed and layed me down gently. He kissed me on the cheek and had turned to leave. I tugged at his arm and said "Don't leave, stay with me." My voice was weak and frail sounding. He looked hesitant but I pulled him on the bed and he complied.

I was still dry sobbing but at least I was with Edward. I think the entire night went by. Edward hadn't left yet. The entire time he was stroking my hair telling me it would be all right. I could hear my family down stairs. The Cullen's were still here. Not that I minded. My vision and my brain started to clear. The better I felt the more vulnerable I became.

I felt like a fragile human again. I wondered if my family was angry with me for pushing Logan away until he decided to leave. I hoped they wouldn't be I loved them all, and hated when they were mad at me.

I decided I couldn't mope for forever. It had been almost a full day. I decided to skip school and apparently so had everyone else. It was starting to get dark again and the Cullen's and my family hadn't left the house today. I hope it wasn't because of me. They shouldn't stop their lives just because mine did.

I stopped dry sobbing then. It wasn't worth it. Logan was gone and sitting around feeling sorry for myself wasn't going to help. Edward was still holding onto me when I turned around to face him.

He looked surprised that I moved. I needed Edward to be here for me. I leaned in slightly hoping he wouldn't reject what I was about to do. Edward was looking at me with caution. He was looking deep within me. Like he was exploring my soul. I leaned a little closer and touched my lips to his. I kissed him with everything I had left. I wanted Edward right then. I brushed my toung on his bottom lip, hoping he would open his mouth. He did and I was glad. He didn't seem to have any plan of pulling away.

Edward knotted his fingers in my hair as I did the same. I threw my leg over him. I was on top of him now still kissing him. He pulled away and started kissing my neck. He then whispered into my ear, "I love you Bella, more than anything in the world", he told me. I believed him and whispered the same back. I brought my face back to his and started kissing him once more. Even more passionately than before. I ran my hand to the bottom of his shirt, and started tugging at it pulling it up over his head. I was grinding into him, as Edward began to moan. He had pulled my shirt off too and I was pulling his belt buckle loose while we were still making out. Edward had his hands all over me. I took his hands and pulled them to my boobs. He started massaging them as I was pulling his pants off.

Then before I knew it Edward had pulled away and I was moved off of him. I looked at him questioningly. Why would Edward do that? I mean surly he had never had sex before and he loved me. So why would he pull away.

He looked at me with a guarded expression. I started to feel hurt. Why wouldn't he have sex with me? Was I not pretty enough. Did he not love me as much as he thought he did? I was starting to feel self-conscious and I pulled my shirt back on.

"Bella..." Edward said. I think he knew how I was feeling. "Bella, I love you more than anything, but is this really what you want? Our first time to be because you're on the rebound? I don't think you would really want that Bella, that's not you." He told me.

I was furious. Why would he think i'm on the rebound? Sure Logan just left and I was broken and dry sobbing on the bed but I was defiantly not on the rebound.

Then I relised how dumb I had been! I was on the rebound. But the new Bella didn't care. Well actually the new Bella wasn't so new. I had been like this for 97 years. I had always just gone after things I wanted.

"Edward I'm not the fragile human I usto be. I am like this. The new vampire Bella goes after things she wants. So yes, this is what I want." I told Edward this in a mater-of-factly tone.

"Bella, where is the old you? I miss her", he told me looking into my soul once again. I felt my facial features sophten. I told him "I thought she was in there, but the truth was you brought her with you when you left, I think together we can find her". I smiled my old Bella smile. Edward came closer to me and pulled me into an embrace. I could have gotten out but I didn't want to. He kissed my cheek and said, "I will help you find her"! Edward told me this and I finally felt complete.

(FYI- this is chapter 11 but because it was too short I had to add it on to chapter 10) I think you might like this chapter though) Maybe? Depends on if you like Edward!!!


"Bella you said you loved me, do you", Edward asked still holding me in a tight embrace. "Edward I love you more than life itself", I told him truthfully. "Bella you already know I love you, do you love me enough to marry me", Edward asked seeming nervous.

I took in a sharp breath pulled back and looked into his eyes. They said he loved me and wanted to marry me. Even though he didn't ask me directly, I knew he wanted to marry me. I thought about this for a second and I knew that I did want to marry him. As I was relising this I thought if he married me I knew he would never leave me. When this realization hit, I knew I would be able to forgive him for leaving.

Edward suddenly jumped off the bed and got down on one knee. "Bella Black, I love you more than you will ever know, I never stopped loving you even after all of these years. Will you marry me?" I looked at him squealed out loud and said, "of course I will marry you Edward". Then before Edward could even get off his knee, I heard Alice squeal and start running up the stairs, at full speed.

I giggled out loud and said, "If you want to kiss me you should do it fast before Alice barges in, which will me in 10 seconds", I smiled at him and Edward jumped off his knee and pulled me close to him and kissed me, I could feel the excitement in it. Then all to soon Alice opened the door and started jumping up and down. "Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, O ma God, your getting married. YOU SOOOO HAVE TO LET ME PLAN IT, like you have to!" Alice screamed this.

Before she could burst I said, "Okay, okay, of course you can plan my wedding", I told her this happily.

"Guess who gets to be the bride's made?" I told her and asked he at the same time. "Me ofcourse", she replied. I smiled at her happily and was bracing myself for Alice's rath. I smiled to myself when I thought this. I looked to Edward and mouthed, "I love you". He did the same but only pulled me into his side and kissed me. Soon we would be happy and together for the rest of eternity