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"Old Love Or New"

Alice Doesnt See Bella Jump Off The Cliff In New Moon. Jacob Never Saved Her. Victoria Finds Her and decides to change her. 97 years later Bella now has her own coven of Vampire's. What happens when they meet the Cullens again. Who will she choose. Her new Fiancee, Logan or Edward? The old Love of her Life or the New one.? MADE BY toosmall808 t might not turn out like you would expect it? Or will it! 50 REVIEWS AND THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL!! 50 REMEMBER!

This 1st chapter is Bella explaining what has happened during her new life until now. If you intend to read the story i would read this first chapter! I will update ofen and your reviews help! Thank yall so much! This is my first Fan Fiction! Please keep in mind that this is just the chapter that explains everyhting. The action begins next chapter.

2. Chapter 2/Cheer Me Up

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Chapter 2

Tomorrow was my first day of school at Forks high school as far as anyone knew there. My family had known all about the Cullen's and what they had done to me. They also knew this was were I had lived.

They knew this place hurt me but it was best for the family here, and that exactly what I told them. I had also told them not to argue with me about it and so they didn't. It was like being Alpha in a werewolf pack. Hell Forks was best for any Vampire coven here. That's why the Cullen's chose it. I was getting over Edward with the help of Logan and those very hot and sexy nights in our Bedroom. Our house was very large and in the middle of a forest. It was probably 10 times the size of the Cullen's house here in forks. It had 5 floors and looked like a palace. I enjoyed this house very much. It was designed a lot like the Cullen's!

Our last name was Black. I would have chosen Cullen if I didn't think at some point we would run into them or there would be trouble. I thought we might get mistaken for them. So I chose my best friends last name. It was the least I could do for all the things Jake had done for me.

Logan snapped me out of my Riviera when I felt normal temperature lips on my neck. I enjoyed Logan's kisses. They were pasionate but tender at the same time. "What are you thinking about babe", Logan asked in his very sexy husky voice he used. I turned around and smiled. "Today was the day he left", I said grimly but still smiling the slightest bit. I, bringing this up never upset Logan. I think he understood more than he would ever tell me. He gave me a sympathetic smile than it turned into one of those sexy grins he used when he wanted to have sex.

"I bet I can cheer you up right away", he exclaimed! "Oh can you now"; I replied back playing with him a bit. "Yes I can", Logan said with a glint in his eyes. Then Logan jumped right on me and kissed me roughly put passionately. He sucked on my lip and begged for me to open my mouth. I moaned out load and so did Logan. I smiled to my self and opened. While our toungs were wrestling, he was lifting my shirt over my head and I was undoing his belt buckle.

Once our clothes were completely off and on the floor we wasted no time! He found my center right away. I was a little disappointed in myself to say it put Logan new my vagina like the back of his hand. Logan and I had sex a lot! So did the rest of the family, with there on mates of course! I guess were just a bunch of horny vampires. I laughed at that! He pushed himself right into me and I moaned, as did he. He started slow thrusting in and out. I couldn't stand to go this slow and he knew that. He was just teasing me. "FASTER, FASTER, FASTER, I screamed at Logan! He would have been laughing at my eagerness if he were just as eager.

I started meeting his thrusts with my hips. I couldn't wait any longer and neither could he. We started in synchronization going at vampire speed. I was screaming "LOGAN, O MA GOD, FASTER, LOGAN, LOGAN, UGH! He was also screaming my name I don't think he stopped the entire time. "BELLA, BELLA, BELLA, AH! We were moaning and screaming it was crazy! Im sure we scared any wildlife away that is within a 30-mile radius. I felt bad for my family that were down stairs and for my other family members who now had to go farther than 30 miles to hunt before school tomorrow. I was reaching me climax and so was Logan. We reached it at the same time and I fell right on top of Logan, still breathing hard. I enjoyed this part the most of being a vampire.

We did that until dawn and then we decided to get ready for our first day of school!