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"Old Love Or New"

Alice Doesnt See Bella Jump Off The Cliff In New Moon. Jacob Never Saved Her. Victoria Finds Her and decides to change her. 97 years later Bella now has her own coven of Vampire's. What happens when they meet the Cullens again. Who will she choose. Her new Fiancee, Logan or Edward? The old Love of her Life or the New one.? MADE BY toosmall808 t might not turn out like you would expect it? Or will it! 50 REVIEWS AND THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL!! 50 REMEMBER!

This 1st chapter is Bella explaining what has happened during her new life until now. If you intend to read the story i would read this first chapter! I will update ofen and your reviews help! Thank yall so much! This is my first Fan Fiction! Please keep in mind that this is just the chapter that explains everyhting. The action begins next chapter.

3. Chapter 3/We meet again

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Chapter 3

I yelled down the stairs to get ready and I got a bunch of ‘Okays and alights'. I enjoyed my family's enthusiasm I thought to myself. I went into my very large walk-in closet. I decided on a HOT pink mini mini skirt for my bottoms. I liked that mini skirt. If I even bent down to get a pencil I might have dropped (Which wouldn't happen) everyone would see straight up my Skirt. I never wore any panties under that skirt. Logan was never Jealous though because he knew I was his. He actually loved when I wore that skirt. It was easier to undressed and redressed when were in a hurry to our next class. I was a little slutty and Horny in my new life and I was okay with that. I mean the Cullen's were too, or so I remember. I mean it wasn't like I was sleeping with half the football team. That's only in their dreams! I was giggling to myself. I decided I would go with some black stilettos and a long sleeved Abercrombie Fitch shirt with a Jacket over so I wouldn't look like I was a freak because I wasn't cold.

When I was downstairs everyone was dressed and ready with his or her car keys and there purses. Logan was looking just as sexy as always when he walked up to me and whispered in my ear, "I love that skirt, nice choice, on the first day too". He smirked. We all went into the garage and got in our cars. We didn't care what other people thought about how we got the money. We loved to be ostentatious! Logan and I got into my hot pink Lambo custom painted pink. Aphrodite and Eric got into their electric blue 350Z and Dasiey and Gabe got into their black Mercedes convertible.

I loved my pink lambo. Logan didn't mind riding in it either. He still thought pink was pimp. It was so cute so I let him think that. We were going 100 already when we hit the highway. We would be about ten minutes early so we could sit by our cars and look hot before class. We already have our schedules and Logan and I have every class together except biology. I was nervous about that because my luck hadn't changed any and Edward would probably be there. Although the idea was far fetched.

We pulled into the parking lot with every single pair of eyes on us as we rode in. I mean who couldn't have their eyes on our cars. When we get out they will have even more reason to stare. We are gorgeous. While we were looking for a spot I saw a teacher drop there coffee cup and her mouth flop open. Logan and I snickered at that.

I also saw a silver Volvo. I convinced myself it wasn't his. Logan saw it too and looked worried. "Logan", I said? "Yeah babe", he asked sweetly. Coming out of his worried look. "If that is his car we need to play with them a bit, as in PDA (public display of affection), also Im goanna want you to drop a pencil", I asked and commanded at the same time. " He looked over to me with a wicked grin on his face and said "Oh yeah babe, Oh yeah, this is goanna be fun, to see his mouth drop when he see's straight up your skirt!" Logan was goanna have more fun with this than I was. By this point I knew it was he because I could smell vampire.

I also figures he would have at least 1 class with me and Logan and we can do the pencil trick. I don't want to do that in front of his entire family.

That's when I saw them, sitting on one of the picnic tables. They were staring at the cars too. They had not recognized me yet so this would be fun. We parked our cars in a row and got out. Logan and I got out last. Everyone was still staring at us and it was hilarious when they saw me. Everyone's mouth dropped opens even the Cullen's. Rosalie was the worst though. It looked like she had just seen a ghost.