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"Old Love Or New"

Alice Doesnt See Bella Jump Off The Cliff In New Moon. Jacob Never Saved Her. Victoria Finds Her and decides to change her. 97 years later Bella now has her own coven of Vampire's. What happens when they meet the Cullens again. Who will she choose. Her new Fiancee, Logan or Edward? The old Love of her Life or the New one.? MADE BY toosmall808 t might not turn out like you would expect it? Or will it! 50 REVIEWS AND THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL!! 50 REMEMBER!

This 1st chapter is Bella explaining what has happened during her new life until now. If you intend to read the story i would read this first chapter! I will update ofen and your reviews help! Thank yall so much! This is my first Fan Fiction! Please keep in mind that this is just the chapter that explains everyhting. The action begins next chapter.

8. Chapter 8/ You deserve this!

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Once I said my name Esme had gasped and Carlisle looked like he didn't believe it. "Bella is that you?" Esme had asked. "Its me", I told her reluctantly. Esme was like a mom to me. I knew she loved me like one of her own. Carlisle was a different story. Carlisle was always a little reserved. I didn't know him well. I never got the chance to know him well.

Before I knew it Esme ran over to me, and threw her arms around me. I could feel the tension radiating from the rest of my coven. They were nervous of how close the she was to me. They were very protective of me. They would give their own lives to protect me. But they knew I was capable of take care of myself. Esme was hugging me tightly, and I was almost content.

"I have missed you so much Bella, I'm sorry we left you", Esme had whispered this into my ear. She had meant it too. I was glad she said that. I was glad because she only left because of her son's wishes. Not because she didn't love me.

"I have missed you also", I whispered back. Esme let go, stood back and smiled. Esme turned around after the warm smile and walked back to Carlisle.

I didn't think Carlisle was going to move when he started walking forward. Carlisle was in front of me when he said, "Bella we all apologies for leaving, were sorry we gave you so much pain". Carlisle held out his hand. I took it but I turned it into a hug. He was stiff at first and not hugging me back but then loosened up. I pulled away and smiled. Carlisle returned the smile and walked back to his wife.

*SHREIK* "Maybe all of you are sorry but I'm not. She was a worthless burden of a human", Rosalie said in a hateful voice. Rosalie had started a fast pace walk towards me. It looked like she was getting ready to slap me. Before I knew it my family were standing right next to me. I looked to my right and left and told them "Let me handle this". They looked unsure but stepped back. I was stronger than Rosalie anyway. I knew it wouldn't be a problem with all of my powers.

I decided to make this fun. Rosalie was about 10 feet away from me when I switched spirits with her. That was one of my powers I can switch bodies, Spirit. As soon as I was in Rosalie's body I felt hatred radiating threw her veins. I could feel the urge to take put a mirror and look at myself. I only felt this way because this was what Rosalie wanted to do right before we switched bodies.

"How is it being in my body", I asked Rosalie with her voice strong and a menacing sneer. "What the hell is this", Rosalie asked with my voice. She sounded absolutely disgusted. She also sounded frightened. "Well don't you know what my powers are? O that's right, you don't." I told her, who was actually I. I decided I was done with feeling the urge to take out a mirror. I had shaken her enough and that was after all the purpose. I switched our bodies back and Rosalie fell right on her butt from the impact of switching back. That was normal.

I felt the need to go all the way and basically warn her never to mess with me again. I decided to freak her out some more. I used another one of my powers. Fire. I snapped my fingers and both of my arms went up in flame. I could do this and not be burnt. I looked around and everyone had a confused and worried expression on. Except Rosalie she was wearing fear on her face. I laughed at this. She deserved this. I was normally not this mean, but she will think twice before pissing me off next time. Esme had gasped when my arms went up in flames and felt bad worrying her like this, but I was fine.

I started walking towards Rosalie arms in flame. I was shooting fire around her feet. She was backing up but I kept following her. Rosalie's face was terrible looking. I thought she would drop to her knee's any second. She didn't but she was scared to death and I could tell. I shot one more flame and let my fire out. Everyone had relief on their face that I was not really burnt. Jasper had a defensive face on and he was standing in front of Alice. I looked him in the eye and shook my head. I was signaling to him not to worry I would never hurt Alice. His face lightened up a little and he put a little smile on his face when he saw Rosalie. I looked back at Rosalie. She was standing up trying to look UN fearful. She wasn't pulling that off.

I then raised my hands over my head and looked to the sky. This was my favorite part. I saw it coming and laughed out loud. The river was floating overhead. I formed it so it would only drop on Rosalie.

I looked at Edward and lifted my sheild. ‘She deserves this you know', I told him. He looked absolutely shocked. I bet he was thinking he lost his mind. Before I knew it though Rosalie was in front of me. She slapped me a few times. It hadn't hurt but made m loose concentration. This outraged me. I don't completely blame her though I was being terribly mean.

I dropped the water right on her. No one knew it was there until Rosalie was soaked. She looked like a drowned cat. I was the first one laughing.

I thought the Cullen's would be mad at me for being so mean. They weren't. They started laughing so hard I thought they would fall down. That's when Emmet fell down and started rolling. I looked at Carlisle and Esme and they were trying their hardest not to laugh but they were.

I bent down to Rosalie and said, "Think twice before you mess with me bitch", I said this low enough that only she heard. I took my middle finger and flicked her off.

I walked back to my family who was giggling to them selves. Once everyone had stopped laughing I said, "Ill be right back". I ran inside and found the linen closet. I took a beach towel out, and I ran back outside and threw it at Rosalie. She caught it and rapped it around herself.

I began speaking in my "Alpha" voice as you could call it. "Before we start talking does anyone want to go on a tour of the house?" I asked manly the women. "I would enjoy that", Esme had answered to my offer. "Me too", Alice said.

I could see the longing in Rosalie's eyes. She wanted to go. Then I spoke, "Rosalie if you would like to go you may, I no longer have any hard feelings towards you, as long as you're okay with me." I told her. Rosalie had Emmet next to her trying to comfort her. Rosalie smiled and said "Thanks Bella, I do want to go. But I deserved what you just did to me, I was mean." That was abnormally out of character for her but decided I would think about that later. I smiled at her and looked behind.

"Daisey do you mind bringing them on the tour?" I asked her. "No of course not", Daisey replied with a smile on her face. She was being her naturally happy-go-lucky self.

"Okay, This is Esme, Alice, and Rosalie", I told Daisey pointing to each one. "Okey Dokey", Daisey replied.

Daisey went inside and Alice, Esme, and Rosalie, followed. I laughed; they looked like a bunch of baby ducks following each other. This tour would only take about 10 minutes so I decided now would be a good time to introduce ourselves. I knew the Cullen's would be amazed.