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Welcome to Camp Cullen

Bella takes a vacation with the Cullen's during the perfect summer after her junior year. new chapters are up, and more on the way. Thanks for reading. ")

This story takes place during the summer between Twilight and New Moon. It is light and hopefully amusing, I was aiming to ease off the angst and portray the characters "happy". There will be some conflict, and it wouldn't be Edward without a little angst remission,so look for that in future chapters

1. Chapter 1

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Welcome To Camp Cullen

( Or…How I spent my summer vacation)

The best.

It has been the best summer of my life, hands down.

Edward and his family have been my constant companions and I’ve never felt I belonged anywhere, more than I do hanging out in the “big” house.

Even Rosalie has been civil. Well…maybe not civil, but at least not hostile.

Alice and I have become fast friends just like she said we would. I adore Esme and have the most profound respect for Carlisle.

Emmett has taken to calling me “baby sister” with a perfect mimicry of John Wayne and while I pretend it annoys me , I’m actually quite moved every time he does it. Besides, I’ve decided it’s wise to have Emmett like you.

Jasper, much to my surprise, has become as dear to me as the rest. After his initial reserve,( once he realized that Edward loved me, that Alice and I were friends, and that he’d have to go through Emmett to get to me)his acceptance was total. As he relaxed in my presence, his wit and charm began to shine through. I found him intelligent, insightful, and at times, hilarious. He was a straight talking southern gentleman with more empathy than you could shake a stick at.

My time with the Cullen’s, despite the fact that they were all vampires, was incredibly soothing. The camaraderie between them is genuine and heartfelt without being maudlin. They spend their time together because they truly love one another. They are family in all the ways that are important, and they have adopted me.

The summer has been cloudy and cool, perfect vampire weather, and this bunch loves playing outside. There have been baseball games, and football games, and swimming races < they all swim like porpoises of course> canoeing and hiking < well, mostly being carried, in my case> but my favorite…..the absolute best thing of my best summer ever, has been Camp Cullen.

Five weeks into vacation, < one week after my cast had come off > Carlisle called Charlie to ask if I might be allowed to spend two weeks with the Cullen’s, camping. It was a family vacation, Carlisle explained, and as they, all thought of me as family they would love to have me join them this year. If it was alright with Charlie.

Charlie huffed and puffed a bit, but Carlisle put Esme on the phone with him, and it was all over but the packing. Esme had him eating out of her hand in seconds and broke to ride not long after. I was granted my two weeks. We were going camping in Idaho.

Initially, Charlie wasn’t all that keen on an interstate trip citing the fact that the last one didn’t turn out so good, but between Carlisle and Esme, they convinced him that I would be safe and well cared for.

He made them promise I would call whenever we were in cell phone range, and they readily agreed. Going him one better in fact, by promising I could call every evening as they would have a satellite phone with them, and the deal was sealed.

At first all the Cullen’s had told me, was that, they were going to a favorite camping spot in Idaho for two weeks. I tried to hide it, but I was crestfallen. I would miss them all so much. But of course the thought of not seeing Edward for two weeks, I dreaded most of all. I tried to show some enthusiasm, telling myself that they didn’t need to spend their entire vacation trying to keep me from falling off a mountain, or drowning in a river. Camping wasn’t really my thing after all and…..then Edward tweaked my ear in exasperation, “We want you to go too, you goose.”

The only word that even comes close to expressing the soaring emotion I felt at that invitation was…elation. I was breathless with excitement. Edward laughed at me, and Emmett guffawed at my open-mouthed expression until Esme clucked her tongue at them and scolded them both for teasing me.

I loved Esme.

I hardly slept for two days anticipating the trip, and because Edward was in my room as usual and the atmosphere between us was charged.

My excitement seemed to transfer to him, and he was like a kid, suppressing the details of where exactly we were going in order to prolong the enjoyment. He promised me I would love it,” Idaho, especially where we’re going, gets a LOT of sun.” His smile was shrewd as he sought to placate me with such meatless morsels. But it worked.

I was just so happy to have been invited into the circle that we could have been going to shovel fish heads off the boats in Seattle; I would have been just as pleased. And there was no way to hide it so I just went with it. Edward was delighted, to say the least.

I was up early the morning we were to leave. I had breakfast waiting for my dad when he stumbled morosely to the table. I had to smile at his woebegone face, and was trying to jolly him when I heard a car horn. “Coulda come to the door, “ he grumbled under his breath getting up to follow me out.

I said a cheerful good bye to Charlie and shouldering my backpack, bounded down the stairs and into the waiting Mercedes. Carlisle stood in the open door of the sleek black car and said, “Don’t worry Charlie. I emailed you the phone number where you can reach us, a map of the camp and the surrounding area and a rough itinerary so if you don’t catch us in you’ll have a fair idea when you can. We’ll take care of her.”

Charlie shoved his hands in his pockets and hunched his shoulders his eyes following Edward as he stowed my pack in the trunk. He opened his mouth slightly looking like he might change his mind, Edward rapped once on the roof of the car and then Esme leaned across the seat and waved to him, “ I promise you Charlie, I’ll look after her like she was my own. I think of her that way any way.” Then she smiled and Charlie, the tower of putty, responded with a goofy grin, “Yeah well…ok then Mrs.…er…Esme…see ya Bells, have a good time and call your old man eh?”

“I will Dad, love you”, I shouted out the open window and watched as Charlie dwindled when we pulled away. I had left him in the capable hands of the Clearwater’s who promised me they would see to it Charlie didn’t eat every meal and have every conversation, in the diner. I turned forward and grinned meeting Carlisle’s eyes in the rear view mirror, “Let the adventure begin”, I chuckled and was joined by Edward and his parents.