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Welcome to Camp Cullen

Bella takes a vacation with the Cullen's during the perfect summer after her junior year. new chapters are up, and more on the way. Thanks for reading. ")

This story takes place during the summer between Twilight and New Moon. It is light and hopefully amusing, I was aiming to ease off the angst and portray the characters "happy". There will be some conflict, and it wouldn't be Edward without a little angst remission,so look for that in future chapters

10. Chapter 10

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I didn’t get very far, before Edward was at my side. He was quiet, pensive and his face wore a perplexed expression that was as adorable as it was annoying.

Several times, he opened his mouth to speak, then shot me a glance from under beetled brows, and snapped his teeth together in frustration. I was careful not to make eye contact. He wasn’t going to get a chance to dazzle me.

Finally, his hand shot out and gently took my arm to stop my purposeful advance, “Bella?”

I didn’t look at him for a moment, I knew what I would see in his eyes, and if I wavered now, all was lost. So I just stood my high ground quietly, waiting for him to continue. I could feel the anxiety radiating off of him in icy waves, but I had no intention of making this easier for him. He always scolded me for letting him off too easily, well, for once Bella grows a back bone and Edward hears the truth.

“Bella,” his voice was pleading, and I couldn’t help myself, I lifted my gaze to his tortured face. I sighed deeply, when would he just get over it? Would he ever stop flagellating himself for being who he was. For being the man I loved? If not, what did that say about me, and how could we ever make this work?

“Bella, how can I make this better?” His eyes searched mine for an answer I could only now give him, “Edward,” I replied with a tender smile,( saying his name always brought that involuntary grin to my face),”Edward, you need to relax. I know you don’t think I worry enough. I know you don’t think I fully understand the danger present in the situation. But that isn’t true. I DO understand. And I DO worry….just not about the same things YOU do.” I paused for a second to gather my thoughts and put them into a context he could grasp. Edward always over thought everything, he was always so damned careful, then I got it. “ I’m not and egg Edward. I am fragile compared to you, but I am not so very lacking in survival skills. At least, not so lacking as you like to think I am.”

I gave him a wry smile which elicited his first of the conversation. I put my hand out and touched his cold skin. I let my fingers trail the length of his forearm down to his wrist and twined my fingers with his. I held our clasped hands up before him and said,”I refuse to believe that hands that have touched me with such incredible tenderness, hands that bring out such a response in me. These hands,” I grabbed his right hand and lifted it as well,” would never hurt me.” I spoke with all the sincerity and assurance I could muster. He simply had to believe this was true, or we could never be.

“You say you think I have more fun with Alice and your brothers. I have different fun with them. Lighter and yes, in some respects, more enjoyable. But Edward, I would take a moment of misery with you, over an eternity of bon homie with any one of your siblings. Or any other beingperiod. Surely you know that by now?”

He dropped his golden eyes from mine and shuffled his feet again in a pretty good imitation of a teenage boy getting dressed down by the girl he adores. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony, and my laughter brought his gaze snapping back towards mine. I grinned impishly at him, and a slow answering smile wormed its way on to his reluctant face, Sorry,” I chortled, ”For a minute there you looked deceptively young.”

“It was no deception,” he replied with a rueful grin,”For a minute there I felt very young.” He shoved his hands in his jean pockets and hunched his shoulders, “ I am pretty tightly wound, aren’t I?”

“Oh you think?” I asked dryly, drawing a sheepish chuckle from him as he began to relax. Teasing him was just the ticket. He needed not to take himself so seriously.

“You know,” I said airily, my eyes holding an unspoken challenge,” You really aren’t all that scary. You’re just…..irritatingly intense.”

Suddenly, a yowl of mirth came blasting across the lawn from the direction of the lodge. I swear the grass bent from the sonic force, and I glanced back with alarm, fearing shattering windows and structural damage. Through the giant windows at the back of the house, I could see two legs sticking up above the sill, waving back and forth in time to the howls of laughter. Emmett was lying on his back below the windows, holding his stomach, and bellowing. Jasper stood behind him, with Alice encircled by his arms and they were both laughing. Even Rosalie couldn’t totally suppress her laughter, and a series of snorts issued from her reluctantly.

I grinned evilly and felt Edward’s eyes on me. I turned slowly, the dare dancing in my eyes.

The look he gave me was equal parts admiration, the promise of retribution, and humor. ”You’re gonna pay for that Swan.” He growled menacingly.

I snorted and rolled my eyes,” Show me what you’ve got Vlad.”

A fresh wave of laughter hurtled towards us, “ Vl… Vl… .Vl…Vlaaaaaad, HA HA HA HA, did you HEAR that Jazz? Vlad…Oh that’s freaking HILARIOUS….”

I began laughing in earnest then, and was relieved to see Edward doing the same. Tears streamed down my cheeks,it felt heavenly to share this moment with him. To see him laughing with abandon, not holding back. It was beautiful and it caught the sound in my throat,forced the air from my lungs. My chest ached with the love that bloomed within me, a great mushroom cloud of adoration. It’s power was awesome, and just a little frightening. I could never be scared of him, but I was terrified by what being without him would mean. It didn’t even bear thinking about, and for now, it appeared I didn’t have to.

Something in my expression must have registered with Edward, because he slowly stopped laughing and became serious. His eyes smoldered and sparked in a way I had only seen them do once before. I immediately blushed. He smiled, then held out his hand to me, “What would you say to a ride?”

I grew still and asked warily,”What kind of ride?” My gaze roamed across the compound from one deadly conveyance to another. Jetski, to motorcycle to HumVee, and I shuddered at the idea of going “Edward speed” in any one of them. He followed my gaze and chuckled,”I was thinking something a little more…what was the phrase you used? Oh yeah, something more “sedate”.” He grinned cheekily,”I was thinking we might take the horses out for a bit.” He looked at me hopefully, and I couldn’t possibly refuse, not after letting him have it back there, so I nodded my head in acquiescence. I was going to regret this, I just knew it. But the die, hopefully no pun intended, was cast, again, no pun intended.