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Welcome to Camp Cullen

Bella takes a vacation with the Cullen's during the perfect summer after her junior year. new chapters are up, and more on the way. Thanks for reading. ")

This story takes place during the summer between Twilight and New Moon. It is light and hopefully amusing, I was aiming to ease off the angst and portray the characters "happy". There will be some conflict, and it wouldn't be Edward without a little angst remission,so look for that in future chapters

13. Chapter 13

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Conversation was minimal as we made our way back towards an increasingly agitated Edward. Alice kept trying to pick up the pace without being too obvious, but I was thinking furiously about how I was going to react when we got back to the clearing, and I wasn’t going to be hurried. I figured,finally, as we got close and I caught filtered glimpses of a pacing Edward, that I would just see how HE reacted, and go from there. I really wasn’t quite sure what to think about the situation anyway, so it seemed the only thing to do.

As the two groups came into view of each other, Jasper reached down and pulled Zephyr’s reins from my nerveless fingers. Giving me a slight push on the shoulder to keep me moving, he whispered,”Go hug him before he explodes.”

I glanced over my shoulder, my eyes wide with surprise at the urgency in Jasper’s voice. My gaze swiveled back to Edward, and I noticed then the tightness around his grimacing mouth, the pain and anxiety in his eyes, and the tension in his movement. I took a decided step towards him with my arms outstretched and he was within my embrace before my other foot lifted .He pulled me to him and bent to my lips without hesitation. His kiss was insistent, almost panicky and I tried to sooth him with a splayed hand on his chest, moving in delicate slow circles. My other hand came up to gently cup his cheek and to hold back the flood of angst I could feel pressing against the wall of his resolve.

I didn’t want capitulation from fear. The means would not justify that end. It would break him and while it was what I wanted, it had to be done just so, or it would all fold up like a house of cards. I smiled against his lips as I drew back slightly. My eyes met his and the expression in his made my heart thump once painfully, before resuming its normal rhythm. “Hi”, I said softly,” Did you miss me?”

Expecting rage, he was disarmed by my tender acceptance, and he smiled hesitantly in return, nodding his affirmative. “You have NO idea,” he whispered, his voice hoarse with emotion. I dropped my eyes shyly, smiling when Alice cleared her throat nearby. I glanced towards my friend to find her in a crouch, facing the beautiful vampire woman that I had nearly forgotten about. Alarmed I pulled out of Edward’s arms even as he sought to draw me nearer. I compromised by turning within his protective embrace and letting my eyes travel the intruder. She was stunningly beautiful. I guess she had been 19 or 20 when she was turned, because her figure was full and curvaceous. Her honey blond hair framed high cheekbones and almond shaped eyes which glowed blood red in the dappled forest light.

She too had dropped into a crouch as Jasper went to stand next to his wife. Feeling like things were about to get ugly I spoke into the tense silence, “Edward, aren’t you going to introduce your friend?”

Edward drew a shallow breath behind me, and his arms tightened fractionally before he replied, “Bella, Alice, Jasper….this is Élan,” he made an indolent gesture towards her before burying his face against my neck. It occurred to me that he was trying to distract me, and I chuckled a little under my breath. “Nice try Cullen,” I breathed just loud enough for him to hear. I felt him smile against the heated skin of my throat before he continued his introduction. “Élan…my brother Jasper, sister Alice, and this is…”

Before I could register the movement, she was standing upright her arms crossed casually over her chest and a shrewd and feral smile graced her perfect lips,” Lunch?” she finished for him, and despite myself I had to laugh. Jasper ,Alice and Edward, on the other hand were not amused and all issued guttural challenges. Élan raised her hands before her in surrender, “Just kidding everyone, lighten up. I have no designs on your pet human. I have fed recently.”

A slight shudder of revulsion slithered up my spine, but I managed to disguise my disgust and horror behind an automatic smile. I met Élan’s eye, then let my gaze shift deliberately from one Cullen to the other, all of whom had taken up defensive positions around me. I smiled,” I wasn’t particularly worried on that score,” I purred, and heard Alice’s appreciative giggle. Edward smiled into my hair, hiding his face from Élan, and breathed, “Touché Bella love.”

Jasper said nothing, but his posture hadn’t relaxed and it seemed obvious to everyone that he was still on guard. Élan cast a withering glare my direction before her assessing gaze focused on Jasper. She sized him up, discounting Alice and myself disdainfully. I had to smile at that. While she could overlook me without a doubt, Alice was a deceptively able combatant and she was badly underestimating her if she didn’t give her the respect she deserved. I had watched little fairy Alice rip James’ head from his shoulders without her breathing altering. I wouldn’t want to tangle with the warrior pixie.

At just that moment the sound of rapid footfalls approaching distracted the entire group as Emmett and Carlisle streaked into the clearing and skidded to a stop next to their family. Emmett, always a little slow on the uptake snapped his head from face to surrounding face in an effort to read the situation. Carlisle was the first to respond. He took a hesitant step forward and said quizzically,” Élan?”

Élan gave Carlisle a dazzling smile,” Carlisle…what a pleasure. I might have known, when I saw Edward, that you would be nearby. This is advantageous as you are the very man I have come seeking.”

Edward stiffened behind me, his arms tightening uncomfortably. I whimpered a bit, squirming a little within the pressure as though abnormally large Anacondas were squeezing me. He hissed in disbelief at what he was hearing in Élan’s thoughts, but my discomfort registered even so, and his grip on me slackened. “You can’t be serious?!!!” he growled and she turned towards us her smile vanishing. Her eyes blazed red in their sockets like live flame, flickering with malice and an unveiled brutal amusement.

“Still squeamish I see,” her smile was feral. “I assure you Edward, I am in deadly earnest.”

I glanced up at Edward and found his expression alarming. It was a blend of horror, fear and hatred. Even with James, I had seen nothing on his face to rival the menace I saw there now. It was frightening. Carlisle looked from Edward to Élan in confusion, trying hard to understand the exchange and the heat in his sons’ response.

“Edward?” he said questioningly, “What is going on here?”

Turning away from Élan as though the sight of her sickened him, his voice grating he replied,” You’ll have to ask her,” he threw a thumb over his shoulder in Élans’ direction,” It’s why she came here. But be prepared, you’re not going to like it.”

He tugged on my hand and drew me to his side. The expression on his face as he looked down into my eyes, tore my heart. It was haunted and agonized and though I wanted to ease whatever it was that was hurting him, I could see the urgency to be away from this situation was going to have to come before explanations.