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Welcome to Camp Cullen

Bella takes a vacation with the Cullen's during the perfect summer after her junior year. new chapters are up, and more on the way. Thanks for reading. ")

This story takes place during the summer between Twilight and New Moon. It is light and hopefully amusing, I was aiming to ease off the angst and portray the characters "happy". There will be some conflict, and it wouldn't be Edward without a little angst remission,so look for that in future chapters

5. Chapter 5

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Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett had already begun to unload the trucks, when Esme chided Edward for loitering and he reluctantly loosed me to go and help them. The next hour was spent carting things to and from the lodge and the individual cabins. Jasper and Alice shared one, Emmett and Rosalie another and to my eternal discomfort, Carlisle and Esme had assigned one to Edward and I, saying he spent every night watching me sleep at home anyway, they didn’t see any reason why the same wouldn’t be true here. The cringe factor accompanying that statement was pretty severe.

Not that I was averse to having Edward all to myself for a significant portion of every day, but this was rich fodder for Emmett’s teasing. He ate it up with relish, and spewed out a steady stream of innuendo and lewd remarks that had me glowing with embarrassment. Finally, Carlisle took pity on me and told Emmett to can it. Which fortunately, he did.

Carlisle, Esme and Livvy were going to be staying in the main lodge and most of the supplies that were intended to feed Livvy and I, went there.

The lodge was beautiful.

The cavernous flagstone entryway opened up onto a room that ran the length of the house. Just like their home in Forks, the entire back wall was glass and the view across the lake to the mountain, was breathtaking.

A massive river rock fireplace stood in the center of the room, surrounded by over stuffed leather couches and chairs. Exquisite Navajo rugs hung on the walls, and countless paintings adorned the free spaces between. Everything was warm and brown and accented by vibrant reds and greens. It was welcoming and cozy, despite its size.

The kitchen was an epicurean’s delight, though Livvy chuckled that this would be the first time it was ever used when the Cullen’s visited.

Finally, everything was stored away and I excused myself for a few human moments. Rather than use the lodge facilities, I opted to go back to the cabin and headed out across the lawn on my own, having eschewed Edward’s offer to accompany me. He’d frowned in disappointment, but acquiesced quickly and without much fuss.

I hadn’t wanted to leave him really, but I had a lot to digest and it was difficult to do so with Edward constantly asking me what I was thinking. His attentiveness had begun to chafe a little, as it recently seemed as controlling as it was affectionate. I loved him to distraction, but attempting to make up for James had caused him to be almost overbearing in his protectiveness. And it was damn difficult to think about anything besides him when in his presence.

I wanted a hot shower and a change of clothes and a few minutes to myself. My stomach growled ominously…then I wanted food.

The rustic looking cabin I let myself into was more opulent than Charlie’s house. There was a large living area with a huge plate glass window that had the same view as the lodge. There was a big fireplace and two bedrooms upstairs. The kitchen on the main floor was completely equipped and stocked. But I was headed for the luxurious bathroom at the back of the house that sported a jetted garden tub that looked out over the lake through a huge window of one-way glass so privacy was assured. I began shedding my dirty clothes before I even reached the door.

I decided on a soak first, then a shower and began the water running in the tub.

My mind began chewing over the events of the last few hours. I was surprised that Livvy was also aware of the Cullen’s and their lifestyle. I would not have thought there were many humans that could be trusted to keep their secret. I suppose I was also a bit jealous of the easy relationship she seemed to have with all of them, and Edward in particular. But for all of that I instinctively trusted and liked her. Perhaps because all of the Cullen’s seemed to, but I didn’t think so.

There was something….inviting about Livvy that drew you to her. Not in the same way the Cullen’s did, their attraction had more to do with enticing prey. Livvy just seemed to inspire confidence. She also radiated an aura of strength and competence, she would be someone who would take charge in an emergency, and others would look to her naturally.

I could understand why Carlisle had felt he could trust her with his family’s lives. After all, she had been on the inside of their secret for many years without a word. She had proven herself.

Taking short rapid breaths, I lowered my tightly wound body into the steaming water. The heat and the luxurious bubbles instantly soothed my frazzled nerves, and the steam helped cleanse my skin and opened my airways. I breathed deeply, relaxing into the sensation with a sigh of relief. I piled my hair up on top of my head, pinning it in place and slid deeper into the bath until the water rose to my chin. I released another deep sigh, but not in relief this time.

Once my body slowed down and came to rest, my mind began working harder to compensate. I was still curious about Livvy…but suddenly far more concerned about myself and Edward. Since we had come back from Phoenix, a routine had developed. One I wasn’t sure I could continue following. Generally, because it had to do with Edward trying to control my every move and we hadn’t discussed our “future” since Prom.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t be satisfied with what he offered me. Every moment I spent with Edward and his family was like a gift. The problem was I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Kept waiting for that fateful moment when they would all wake up< figuratively speaking> to the fact that I was an uninteresting and totally insignificant human, who had no more business mixing with the Cullen’s, than a pig at a cotillion.

The selfish part of me chose to ignore that eventuality in favor of wallowing in my good fortune for as long as I could. I loved him…desperately, and I was so attached to the family now, that the thought of being separated from them for any length of time, was physically painful. I suppose a psych eval would indicate I was totally dependent on them to fill my emotional needs.

I was well aware that anyone on the outside would label my relationship with this remarkable vampire coven, as “unhealthy”. But I really couldn’t see past the love to acknowledge it. Too many trees between me and that forest I guess. I was a Cullen junkie, and I was going to milk my proximity for all it was worth. Tomorrow it could all be over.

Still, in the back of my mind niggled that small portion that resented having my life mapped out and planned by someone else, having my choices taken away from me. I didn’t much like it, but was too pathetically grateful to make an issue of it.

I closed my eyes and let my mind go blank. I concentrated on relaxing…mind and body. I screwed my eyebrows together and willed my extremities to go limp. I thought relaxing thoughts, and chuckled to myself wondering just what the hell those might be.

Then, like satin sliding over a baby’s skin, his voice flowed over me. “What are you thinking, my beautiful Bella?”

“Two things really…in no particular order.” I replied with no hesitation,” I was thinking how it had been more than five minutes since someone asked me what I was thinking. And I was wondering if vampires ever even thought about knocking on bathroom doors, since they rarely use the rooms themselves.”

I let my eyelids flutter open slowly, to find him sitting on a stool several feet away. He was bent over, his elbows propped on his knees, his chin cupped in his hands. His eyes were the color of honey, dark and rich and his expression was sweet. Another flutter began in my chest, and I felt a blush rise up my throat and stain my cheeks.



“Unless you’d like to respond to my response to you…?” I looked at him pointedly and he merely shrugged, his eyes glowing with something indefinable. I inclined my head to indicate he’d had his chance,”then would you mind giving me a little space?”

“To do what?” he asked, “Are you going to attempt water ballet?” he was trying desperately to keep a straight face. I finally identified the gleam in his eyes, as humor.

Suddenly all the morose musings and all my righteous indignation began to melt like butter over an open flame. I simply couldn’t resist him, even when he wasn’t trying.

When he did, as he was doing now, when he was like this…there was no hope. I merely

accepted what light he chose to shine on me, and was grateful for the chance to bask in it for as long as possible. I could expect no more.

Or could I?

That familiar current of electricity was buzzing around the warm cozy bathroom, like a swarm of angry hornets. It stung and tantalized, conducted by the steaming water and connection of our locked gazes. We both jolted in awareness. The atmosphere charged like a Tesla coil, snapped and rippled with longing and a latent desire. I swallowed hard against the painful lump that formed in my throat. All effort to remain light and casual was lost when his eyes darkened another shade, with a different kind of hunger.

I struggled to be mocking,” Well, since the water has cooled to an uncomfortable temperature, I was going to get out and finish with a shower.”

He dropped one hand from his slack face and gestured dismissively towards the shower,”Don’t let me stop you,” he challenged softly.

“Have it your way,” I replied casually and stood up in one remarkably fluid motion. Especially for me.

Edward leapt to his feet in shock, knocking the stool over, his eyes wide, his mouth forming a perfect “o” of surprise. I nearly laughed out loud. I was much better at this game than he was, and my superiority had just been illustrated in no uncertain terms. He backed away slowly, his eyes glued to mine. He was breathing rather shallowly for someone who didn’t need to breathe at all. His hands were clenched into fists at his side and his chest was rising and falling in an irregular rhythm.

“Ha,” I thought smugly, “that’ll teach him.”

“Maybe I should give you some privacy,” he said, his voice cracking like an adolescent.

“As you wish,” I replied smoothly…to his retreating back.