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why am i still here for you?

One-sided Mike/Bella. Edward/Bella.


1. why am i still here for you?

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Mike stared at the back of Bella's head in Biology class, daydreaming. When he'd first seen her, he'd immediately fallen head over heels in love with her. Everything about her was perfect, he thought with a smile. Her beautiful face, her hypnotizing voice, her personality...he could think about her all day. Actually, he had been thinking about her all day. It wasn't that difficult when he was so in love with her. Bella filled his every thought.

He wondered what it would be like to kiss her, to hold her in his arms and never let go, for her to be his and his alone. To run his hands through that luscious hair and protect her from all the evil in the world. Like Cullen. Seeing the back of his head next to hers brought a sneer to his mouth -- the interfering bastard just couldn't leave well enough alone, could he? He had to have everything, didn't he...money, clothes, looks...it just wasn't fair that he had to have Bella too, when all the other girls in this high school were falling over him. Cullen probably only wanted Bella because Mike did. It would be just like him to do something that spiteful.

Bella wasn't the average girl, and she'd fallen for that stupid kid -- how Cullen had managed to pull it off, he didn't know. Probably some conniving trick that he pulled on all the others, too. He couldn't blame Bella for being taken in by the leech, not at all. He couldn't blame Bella for anything.

When the bell rang for gym, Mike waited until Cullen had walked his Bella out the door. That should have been his place, he decided as he followed them at a safe distance. He should be the one to stand with her, arm around her waist, leading her to all of her classes throughout the day. Luckily, though, gym was one class that Mike shared with Bella without stupid Cullen to interfere. With this happy thought, he walked through the doors into the boys' locker room.

Mike smiled at Bella when he saw her in the gym, and stood next to her while Coach Clapp informed them of the chosen activity. Soccer. As soon as Bella heard this, she gave a groan -- everyone within a five-person radius laughed. Bella was notoriously horrible at any and all sports, but Mike didn't see this as a character flaw. Actually, he thought it was rather cute. And, of course, it gave him a chance to not only help her out in her time of need, but also to show off a little. So, as they were arranged into teams, Mike loyally positioned himself right next to Bella.

During the game, she hardly touched the ball once, quickly moving out of the way whenever it flew in her direction. This only made it easier for Mike, who stepped into her spot to whack the ball with a hard kcik each and every time. She threw a grateful smile his way whenever he did this, and for that alone, he was more than happy to help. Her smile was like the light of dawn coming through an open window -- it illuminated her face and sent Mike reeling with the wonder of it. She was so beautiful when she smiled. For that, he kept on hitting the ball, and his motivation was such that their team was soon ahead by several points.

Mike glowed.

He couldn't protect her from everything, though. She often tripped and fell on the grass as she ran around, following Mike. She probably only followed him so that he could cover her position, but Mike couldn't help hoping it was more than soccer that kept her near him. Once, the ball rolled right at her, and Mike was too far away to kick it in time. She had a clear shot for the goal -- no one had bothered to guard her, because everyone knew she was terrible at sports. Her team yelled, "Kick it, Bella! Kick it!"

Taking a deep breath, Bella watched the ball roll toward her. She closed her eyes and --


Her foot had connected with the ball, and everyone was still surprised by that. But the more immediate concern was the fact that the ball had not actually reached the net -- it had gone in the opposite direction and instead, Bella had hit the back of Pamela's head. The girl fell forward and everyone gathered around her in concern.

Mike glanced sideways at Bella. Her face was frozen in shock and she had her hands up to her face. When she tried to see if Pamela was all right, the other team members pushed her away, probably fearing she would do more damage. Bella slumped, and Mike, sensing distress, walked over to her.

"Don't worry about it," he said. "It was totally an accident."

Bella looked up at him with an incredibly sad expression. It almost tore Mike's heart in two.

"Thanks, Mike," she said in a flat voice, but he could tell she wasn't very reassured.

He cursed himself internally. Why did he always say the absolute wrong thing? His "comfort" hadn't comforted her at all. Maybe that was Cullen's trick, he thought hopelessly. He knew how to comfort girls.

Probably with lots of money.

Take two. "It was actually a pretty nice kick," he complimented her. Her cheeks flushed and she looked at her feet.

"Until I whacked Pamela on the head," she finished, laughing a little.

Mike laughed with her. This was much better. He thought he was finally getting the hang of it. Bella looked like she felt a bit better now. Maybe it was time for a bit of flattery?

"You look pretty today, Bella."

Her eyes narrowed shrewdly, but all she said was, "Thank you."

"I bet you don't say that when Cullen tells you you're pretty," was what Mike desperately wanted to say. But he didn't say anything. He just watched as Bella turned away to watch Pamela again.

Damn you, Cullen.