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Loving a Wolf

Seth is wanting to imprint on someone so badly. Finally, his day has come. Jessica has wanted true love for a long time, and Mike never filled that part. Her day has finally come. What happens when Jessica is entered into the world of mythical creatures? Will she keep the secret about it? Or will everyone find out what the Cullens and the La Push boys really are...

All charachters belong to the wonderful Stephanie Meyer, unless I made them up.

1. She's the One!

Rating 5/5   Word Count 860   Review this Chapter

Seth POV

My life was okay. It could be a whole lot better. I have waited a long time to imprint on someone. I’m the only one in the pack who hasn’t imprinted except Leah, because she can’t. I really wan to have that awesome feeling that everyone else has had when they saw the one.

I was driving to Forks, because I had to get some food for my mom. When I walked in I saw this really pretty girl in the checkout line. She had long brown hair and beautiful eyes. I think they were either a dark blue or a grayish color. I wasn’t sure because I wasn’t up close. But the moment I saw her, something clicked inside of me. I felt like she was holding me down to the ground. I just imprinted! yes! my dream has finally come true. I can’t wait to tell the pack!and her name is...Crap! I have no idea who this girl is! I have to go find out. She was paying for her things when I walked over.

"Hey, let me help you with these bags."I said as I picked up her bags. She looked up and smiled. Her teeth were white and absolutely perfect!

"My name is Seth Clearwater. I’m one of the boys from La push, and I hang out with Jacob Black a lot. You probably have heard of him from talking to Bella." I introduced myself.

"Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about him before. I’m Jessica Stanley. It’s nice to meet you Seth." Jessica, what a beautiful name.

"Back at you." I said and winked. Jess smiled and blushed.

"Anywho, my car is this way." She said and pointed to her car. As soon as I was done here I had to go tell the pack and probable Bella and the rest of the Cullens. Jessica handed me a slip of white paper with numbers on it.

"Here’s my number if you ever need to call me. I’m usually home, so call em anytime you want." Jessica said then got in her car and drove away. Score! I ran inot the nearby woods and phased into my wolf form.

Hey Seth! said Quil.

Hello. Said Jared.

Was Sup? Asked Paul.

How’s it goin? Asked Leah.

What’s cracken? Asked Embry.

Shut up! yelled Jacob. He obviously knew I had to say something.

Brothers and sister, please listen to Jake and Seth. commanded Sam. Him and Jacob were sharing the Alpha lead. They worked it out. Jacob wasn’t a permanent member of this pack, but he still stuck around because of Nessie.

I imprinted. I proudly said.

Awesome! who is it? Asked Jake.

Jessica Stanley.

What? You’ve got to be kidding me! She is a snob and doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings! She’ll never be able to keep the secret about us. She’ll probably just run off and tell the local news station or something!

It’s not like I can control who I imprint on! And she seemed really nice when I met her today.

Whatever. Have fun telling bella. Jake laughed.

I’ll go tell her now. See ya later.
I said then ran into the Cullen’s house. When I got really close, it sounded like Edward mumbled inside, "you’ve got to be kidding me! he imprinted on her! The poor guy! I feel so sorry for him..." was everyone unhappy with the girl I imprinted on?

Yes! All of the wolves said at once. And I thought I heard Edward say ‘yes’ too.

Get out of my head! I yelled. I quickly phased so I wouldn’t have to listen to this nonsense anymore. I walked inside without knocking. Jake and I never did anymore, because we’ve been here a lot lately. I saw Nessie on the couch watching TV. I think it was something like Dora or something like that. Bella and Edward wanted Nessie to have a somewhat normal life, so they had her watch stupid kid shows, like Dora.

"Hey, Bella. I gotta tell you something. Edward already knows, so no need to tell him. Ok, um, I imprinted today at the grocery store." I started.

"Oh, that’s awesome! who is it? I bet it’s someone I know." Bella said happily.

"It’s Jessica Stanley."

"What? Hell no! She cannot keep a secret if her damn life depended on it!"bella yelled at me.

"Well, I can’t control who I imprint on, so don’t get all prissy with me! I’m gonna bring her over here tonight, so we can explain everything to her. When I say everything, I mean everything! You are gonna tell her about you, Edward, and Nessie. Edwards gonna explain to her about what he is. And, we are gonna explain to Jessica about what I am. Got it?" I instructed. They all nodded their heads ‘yes.’

"Ok, great. We’ll be here at seven P.M. See ya later." I said then walked out the door and phased into my wolf form. I told Jake to come to the Cullen’s house at seven tonight, and he said he’d already be there for Nessie. I called Jessica, and she said she’d be there to.. This would be hard to explain to her, and I had no idea what her reaction would be. I guess I’ll find out at seven.