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Loving a Wolf

Seth is wanting to imprint on someone so badly. Finally, his day has come. Jessica has wanted true love for a long time, and Mike never filled that part. Her day has finally come. What happens when Jessica is entered into the world of mythical creatures? Will she keep the secret about it? Or will everyone find out what the Cullens and the La Push boys really are...

All charachters belong to the wonderful Stephanie Meyer, unless I made them up.

3. Phone Call

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I waited a few rings and then Lauren finally picked up the phone.


"Hey Lauren, it’s Jess."

"Oh, hey! What’s up?"

"I met the awesome guy today!" I squealed.

"Oh my god! Who is it?" Lauren squealed with me.

"Seth Clearwater. He’s friends with Bella’s friend, Jacob Black. You know that one guy who pulled up to school one time with his black motorcycle and was there to pick up Bella. Yeah, so Seth’s like best friend’s with him!" I bragged.

"Yeah, I remember Jacob! He looked so hot! But looked even hotter on that bike! Whoo!"

"Yeah, totally! Seth is one of those hot guys from La Push! He’s so sweet and caring, and he’‘l do anything for me! You have to meet him, and soon!" I gushed.

"I can’t wait! How about tomorrow?" Lauren asked.

" That works with me! I don’t know about Seth though, but he’ll probably agree." I agreed and hopefully Seth would too.

"So, are you two an item, or what?" My best friend asked me curiously, trying to get the gossip on me and Seth.

"I’m not really sure, because we didn’t actually say anything about that out loud, but if we’re not now, we’ll soon be!" I paused. "I also saw Bella and Edward and the rest of the Cullens today. Bella looks really beautiful! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her!" I gossiped.

"Really? I would’ve never guessed someone saying Bella looks pretty! She must’ve gotten plastic surgery or something like that. Edward has the money so he could’ve easily payed for it." Lauren guessed.

"Actually you’re way off!"

"But I’m never wrong! if she didn’t get surgery, then how’d she get so ‘pretty?’"

"I can’t tell you." I honestly answered.

"Well, why not? I’m your best friend! you can trust me with anything!" Lauren persuaded me.

"No! I can’t tell you! no matter what u say, I’m not telling you."


"NO! and that’s final!" I shouted.

"Ok, fine, don’t tell me. By the way, does Bella have a kid with Edward, because I heard a rumor..."

"No, she doesn’t! That is so irresponsible! Why would someone think that?" I lied.

"Well I just heard that he got pregnant so that’s the whole reason why Edward married her." she explained.

"That is such a lie! They have to take care of Edward’s aunt’s kid, because the kid’s mom died in a car accident."

Oh, how sad. I obviously don’t care!"

"Wow! I never realized you were so mean! But I forgive you!’ I happily said.

"I knew you would forgive me! You always do!"

"I know. I just can’t help being a lovable person to everyone! it’s a habit I can’t control!" I bragged about myself.

"so, plans still on for tomorrow? " Lauren asked me.

"Yeah, I’ll go call Seth now, and then I’ll call ya back." I said and then we both said ‘bye’ then hung up. I called Seth and he was very excited to meet Lauren. I called back Lauren, and we are all going to Port Angeles, and we’re going out to eat. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow!