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Transformation & Infatuation

When Edward meets a mysterious young girl and is faced with the decision of saving her or letting her die, he unknowingly turns her. As a newly turned vampire, Bella is confused and alone, and is searching for the mysterious angel that saved her.

This story was originally published on fanfiction.net, and is by the same author.

2. Accident

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Edward's POV

I was suddenly pulled out of my depressed trance by the abrupt vibrations of my cell phone. It was Alice. There was no way that I could talk to Alice and keep from breaking down at the same time. My recent case of depression would not lift. Even the efforts of my family didn’t help. Lately I’d been feeling more and more lonely, and I just couldn’t stand seeing Esme and Carlisle so worried about me. I didn’t deserve their love and affection. I just needed some alone time to figure things out.

Currently I was on a flight to Italy. I thought perhaps that by surrounding myself with other vampires, I may find a new perspective on my life. A flight attendant, smelling of coffee and peanuts, started walking down the aisle. She stopped to talk to a passenger near the front of the cabin, and then continued on past me. As she came past me, scents from the front of the cabin drifted back to me. A sharply intoxicating scent reached my nose. The only thing that could smell that good to me was human blood. But the scent of this blood was unlike any other humans’ I had ever smelled before. As the smell hit me, all of my muscles contracted, preparing me for the attack. I gazed about, wildly searching for the source of the electrifying scent.

My eyes fell on a pale—almost as pale as me—girl with mahogany hair and chocolate brown eyes. She looked at me as though she was ill; her distress made her scent all the more potent. I tried to read her thoughts, but all I ‘heard’ was silence. Suddenly her eyes locked on mine, and I reflexively stood up. I knew that I shouldn’t approach her, but I couldn’t help myself. I took three long strides toward her, but I was abruptly thrown off balance. The plane started to tremble violently, shaking the cabin.

A rumble of confused and scared voices started up. I started ‘listening’ to the flight attendants and the pilots to see if I could ‘hear’ anything about what was going on. What the hell? Everything was just fine! We haven’t done anything wrong, and the plane was inspected before take-off! The pilot had no idea what was going on. This doesn’t feel good. I need to keep all the passengers calm. I should set up the automated emergency directions system…The flight attendant had no idea about the situation, either. But then I picked up on a voice from the back of the plane.

Oh shit. I really hope I didn’t…Oh jeez. I knew I shouldn’t have drunk the whole bottle of whiskey. But I did need it! And I could have sworn that nothing would happen! His internal combat continued. After the fight last night I had to drink myself into oblivion. And to cure the hangover this morning, I needed a bottle of whiskey…So I guess I was a little buzzed this morning during the last check of the engine…Well, whatever he forgot to do was definitely going to cause the deaths of most of the passengers.

The plane started to nosedive, and then straightened out. People all around me were screaming and crying. The sound of the plane ripping itself apart would have been very loud to a human; to me it was deafening. I gritted my teeth and tried to concentrate on my surroundings.

The automated emergency directions system came on overhead and directed everyone to put on their oxygen masks and their life vests, and to prepare for impact.

A woman seated on the other side of the aisle called out to me, “Help! Please! I have two children and I don’t have time—.” I nodded and swiftly attached the life vest to the young boy closest to me. I reached up and put the oxygen mask over his face. He appeared to be the older of the two.

“I’m going to die, aren’t I?” he asked me seriously, with tears silently streaming down his cheeks.

The obvious answer was yes; no human was going to survive this. “Just close your eyes and hold on to your brother. This will all be over soon.” The brave child nodded and clutched his hysterical younger brother’s hand tightly.

I turned back around to the aisle and saw a body crumpled there. I had noticed her returning from the restrooms before the plane started to fall. The delicious-smelling girl was bent over her, trying to flip her over. Her efforts were wasted; the girl was already dead.

I could smell the blood on her friend before the girl screamed, then was unexpectedly thrown on top of her friend’s body as the plane made its final plunge. She managed to reach up and grab a hold of an armrest. I tensed, ready to jump to the girl when the plane hit.

A swift glance out the window showed the sea fifty yards away…forty…twenty…ten…. There was a resounding crash as the plane hit the water. Almost all the windows shattered and the metal frame of the plane crumpled upon impact. Most of the passengers were now on the floor, either dead or gravely injured. I jumped and landed neatly on her back as water poured in through cracks created by the crash.

I wrapped my arms around her and propelled myself to the wall. With one hand I ripped a hole in the wall large enough for me to get out. As water came rushing in, I forced myself and the near-unconscious girl out of the sinking plane.

I looked over to see her lips turning blue from the lack of air. As she was about to inhale seawater, I did the only thing that I could at that point. I sealed my lips over hers’, forcing the unused air from my lungs out through my mouth and into hers’.

Grabbing her securely, I rapidly kicked us away from the plane that was now nearly fifty feet below the surface. Though I tried to get to the surface as fast as possible, she still had run out of oxygen and inhaled water. It had filled her lungs, and her body was trembling.

By the time I reached the surface, she had stopped moving. I could just faintly hear her heartbeat. Desperate to save her, I tried to force the water out of her lungs. But my modified CPR was not doing her any good.

It had been nearly three weeks since I had last fed. Her electrifyingly sweet blood made the back of my throat burn with excess venom. I told myself that she could still survive, that my biting her would help no one. This thought kept me going for three more long, painful minutes.

The venom in my throat continued to build up, and I swallowed it back painfully. But I could feel the monster in me taking over. The water sloshed around me as I continued to try to get her to cough up all the seawater that she had inhaled. My grip tightened over her, and suddenly I was no longer in control.

My lips pulled back over my teeth in a snarl. My hands reached up and I savagely grabbed her neck and pulled her head to the side. My jaws opened, and I bit down on the jugular, letting the sweet, sweet blood cascade down my throat. I gulped down the hot blood, reveling in the forbidden taste that I had denied myself for over eighty years.

I felt her heartbeat become stronger, and I heard a faint moan. But I was in attack mode, and I was starving. My jaws retightened over her vein, causing a new wave of blood to spurt into my mouth.

As I swallowed yet again, an imaged flashed behind my eyes. Esme. She would never approve of this. I was taking a mortal’s life. I released her and pulled away, reaching a hand back to wipe my mouth. My hand came back covered in blood. Human blood. Another imaged flashed behind my eyes: Carlisle: my supporting, caring, pure father. And then I saw an image of my siblings. Emmett: my burly, protecting brother. Rosalie: my vain, stubborn sister. Alice: my small, bubbly sister. And Jasper: my tall, newest brother, always struggling to conform to the vegetarian way of life. How could I betray my family?

I pushed the girl’s limp body away in disgust. What was I thinking? How could I ever ask my family for forgiveness? I listened briefly for a pulse and heard nothing. I sighed. What was done was done.

As I was turning away to swim to shore, I saw a square-ish object. I picked it up out of the water. It was a passport, the girl’s passport. “Isabella Marie Swan,” it read. Now I had a name to match the face of the girl that I had needlessly murdered. I was the cause of the pain that her parents, Reneé and Charlie, whose names were on the passport, would feel. I shook my head, disgusted in myself.

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you. You really deserved much better,” I murmured over the body. “Bella,” I said her name softly, full of grief. “Make a safe journey.” I laid a kiss on her forehead, dove beneath the surface, and swam towards the shore.