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Transformation & Infatuation

When Edward meets a mysterious young girl and is faced with the decision of saving her or letting her die, he unknowingly turns her. As a newly turned vampire, Bella is confused and alone, and is searching for the mysterious angel that saved her.

This story was originally published on fanfiction.net, and is by the same author.

8. Danger Ahead

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Edward's POV

Everyone was still sitting in a shocked silence after learning that I hadn't, in fact, killed Isabella Swan. Everyone, except Alice, was relieved.

"Yes, Edward. It’s wonderful that you didn’t kill her and all, but she is still a newborn. Even worse, she is a newborn on her own. If we don't find her soon, her bloodlust will turn her into a complete savage, and then we'd have a new problem on our hands: the Volturi. I think we understand what would happen if they got involved," Alice warned us.

I winced when I saw the visions of Bella in my head. She could easily kill so many humans. I nearly shivered when I saw the visions of the Volturi. Everyone looked worried, too. Jasper was getting stressed with the mixture and fluctuations of emotions, so he sent out a wave of calmness and determination.

"Okay, so we have to find her. Then what?" asked Rosalie.

"She'll probably already be insane, so I say we just eliminate her," Emmett suggested. I jumped to my feet in protest.

"No! We have to help her, not hurt her! This wasn't her fault! It was mine! Don't punish her for my mistakes." I looked to Carlisle for support.

"There are seven of us, Emmett. We should be able to subdue her until we can get her away from humans. Alice?"

She closed her eyes and was silent for a moment. "We'll be fine, but I don't know about her. I haven't met her; I'm not attuned to her. We will have to rely on you, Edward." She looked at me. "Where do you think she is?" The rest of my family gazed at me expectantly. Esme smiled encouragingly.

"We crashed off the coast of Italy, very close to Naples, but by this time, she could be anywhere."

"What other places would she have reason to go to? Where did she fly from? Where did she live?" Carlisle asked.

"Our plane left from JFK airport in New York City, and her passport stated that she lived in Phoenix," I said, remembering my recent visit to her home.

"So it’s likely she’s in one of those three cities. Those would be her last human memories. Alice, who do you think should go to each city?" Carlisle asked with authority.

"I think Edward, Jasper, and I should go to New York. Esme, you're with Emmett in Phoenix. Carlisle, you and Rose are heading to Naples. I think we should send one male with each group, for our own safety. I see all of us returning, with or without Bella, in one week," she foretold.

Carlisle rose to his feet. "Keep your cell phones with you at all times. After we take a last-minute hunt, we’ll pack and go our separate ways. If you find Bella, be sure to approach her calmly. Tell her you know what she’s going through, and offer to help her. She is probably scared. Only take her by force if you have to. Let’s get going. Esme?" She walked over to Carlisle, and they exited the room hand in hand. The rest of us followed them out for a short hunting trip.

* * *

After draining a small doe, I turned to go back home and prepare my baggage. I had, unfortunately, fed relatively recently, so I hoped I would be able to be to go a few more weeks without blood. Alice stopped me.

"You can't leave yet. I know you just fed, but the taste of human blood will only make you crave it more. Trust me. You will have a very painful flight if you don't feed now. Besides, you need something to counter-act the burgundy in your eyes. Another few deer ought to help," Alice advised. "There's a small herd up ahead," she called out over her shoulder as she glided off before me. Dejectedly, I followed her, figuring that it was probably best to follower her advice.

Fifteen minutes and three deer later, I met up with Alice and Jasper in the clearing outside of the house. "Pack light, long sleeved clothes; it's warmer in New York. Don't forget sunglasses and such because there is a chance that we will need to be outside on a partly-sunny day," Alice predicted.

Shortly thereafter, the family met in the garage and piled into two vehicles. Esme and Emmett took the Mercedes with the darkest-tinted windows to drive to Phoenix. Carlisle and Rose, as well as Jasper, Alice, and I took my Volvo to the airport in Seattle where we would fly together to New York.

"Let me drive," Jasper offered, noticing my dark moods.

"I'm fine," I growled, pushing past him into the driver's seat. Fast driving got us to the airport in Seattle in less than an hour. After dropping the car in the long term parking lot, Alice, Jasper, and I walked Rose and Carlisle to their gate.

"We'll call you if I have any visions or if we find her," Alice assured Carlisle.

"I'm sure we'll find her, Edward. Don't destroy yourself over this. We'll see you in a week, but I'm sure that I'll hear from you sooner than that," Carlisle said softly, and with that, he and Rose boarded their flight. Our flight didn't leave for another few hours, so we found the waiting area near the gate for our flight. We sat there, and I tried to drown out the thoughts. A while later, however, Alice broke the silence and ‘spoke’ to me.

We haven't moved in three hours. The people next to us are starting to get suspicious, I think. Besides, your brown contacts are wearing thin, Alice warned me.I'm going to walk around for a while, maybe that will help me see something. I nodded. I rose to my feet and turned to walk towards the restrooms.

Edward? Do you mind if I come with you? Jasper asked. I looked back at him and gestured for him to follow me. He caught up to me quickly. I just thought that you might want my help, since you're feeling upset.

"Yes, thank you." We walked silently at a human pace for a while.

"What does Carlisle plan to do if—when, we find her?" Jasper asked aloud, keeping up our appearances as normal humans. "Will she stay with us, or will we take her to the Volturi? Or perhaps Tanya's clan?" he mused.

"I can't be certain—he isn't even sure yet—but I think he plans on having her stay with us, letting us take care of her. She is my responsibility."

"But what about the--," bloodlust? he finished in his thoughts.

"We can handle that. We did with Esme and Rose, and then again with Emmett. It'll be hard, but we live in the mountains, so food shouldn't be an issue. If push comes to shove and she absolutely must have human blood, I'm sure Carlisle could obtain some from the hospital," I whispered in tones too low for human ears. Jasper and I walked into the bathroom and then into the largest stall that was open. I couldn’t take the contacts out at the bathroom counters because the bright red eyes would startle someone.

"Here, Alice gave me a new box of stronger ones," Jasper said, handing me a box of deep brown contacts. "Do you need a mirror?" He asked as he passed me a contact mirror that I had seen Alice carrying before. I blinked out the old, disintegrating, contacts and inserted the new ones, fighting off the instinct to take the foreign objects out of my eyes.

"Why are there two guys in one stall?" a startled voice whispered quietly, but both Jasper and I could hear it.

"Shit," Jasper breathed. We'd both forgotten that it wasn't normal for two human men to be in the same bathroom stall. I heard the door to the bathroom open a crack and then a small item flew over our door. Reflexively, I reached out and caught a tide-to-go pen. Where did that come from? Jasper asked me in his thoughts. He didn’t have to wonder long.

"Boys? Edward? Did you and Jasper get that stain out of your shirt?" Alice called to us, loud enough for the people in the bathroom to hear. "Honestly, it shouldn't take two of you to get a coffee stain out of your shirt. You should have just let me do it. Hurry up, we'll miss our plane!" Realizing that Alice was helping us get out of the awkward situation, we rushed out of the stall at a normal human pace.

"Thanks, Alice," I whispered. "The last thing I needed was a crowded room of men thinking that we were trying to do something inappropriate there." She smiled briefly, but then became serious.

"I exchanged our tickets for a flight that has a layover in Texas, but leaves now. We really do need to hurry."

"This is the last call for passengers boarding flight 3598. Will Edward and Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale please report to Gate H for this flight? The plane departs soon," a voice on the loudspeaker system reported. We could have made it to the gate in less than a half-second, but by traveling at a human pace, we arrived just in time to board.

As we settled into our seats, Alice gasped. She was having a vision. "She's in danger. I’m not attuned to her, so I only get bits and pieces. It’s bad, though, because the vision was crystal clear."

"Is there anything we can do?" I asked worriedly, concerned that my actions would lead to her death after all.

"I-I don't know. I just lost any sight of her at all. Right now, she has no future."