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The Wolf In ME

Bella is over at Jake's, (this is during New Moon, after Bella finds out Jake's secret) and talking to Billy, when something unexpected comes out. What's Billy's secret? And why is Bella growling at him?


1. Just Talking

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Billy and I were at his house talking. Just talking. We talked about random things, like what I was going to make for dinner and when the next baseball game was on.

Then we got to a subject I never thought he'd talk about.

"How's your mother?" he asked.

The question surprised me of course. Why was he asking about my mother? He hardly knew her!

"She's fine, I guess."

"Did she ever talk about me? At all?" He asked.

"Um... no, not that I remember. Why?"

"Oh, well. I can't believe she hasn't told you."

"Told me what?" I was geting suspicious.

He was silent. Then... "About the affair."

"...Wait, what? You and my... mother? When?"

"About a week before she found out she was pregnant with you." He answered reluctantly.

Wait... Does that mean that...? No. It can't be. But... could it? She said that she and Charlie were having a fight at the time. He slept on the couch every night.

"So... wouldn't that make you my....?"


I don't know what happened then. i think I exploded! And all I was thinking was, about time. Jake burst in at that second and saw me.

"You told her?" He asked. He knew?

"Mmmm hmmm," Billy grunted. Not helping!

Jake turned and looked at me. "Bella, you have to calm down. You're ripping the couch."

I looked down to see paws gripping the couch. Wait, paws?!

"Bella, it's ok. Breathe." I followed Jake's advice, and seemed to shrink down. "That's better." He was looking at me now. I rapped myself in a blanket that Billy had thrown me.

"Um... Jake? What just happened?" I asked meekly.

"You turned into a werewolf. Or, you showed your inner werewolf, any way." He answered, calmly. "Come on, I'll get you some clothes. We should go see Sam. I'll call him while you change."

Jake brought me to his room and gave me a t-shirt and sweatpants. He closed the door and I changed into the clothes. They drooped a bit but they didn't slip off. This also gave me a chance to notice that Jake wore a lot of gray. I'd have to fix that.

I caught my reflection in a mirror. I looked stronger almost, more powerful. I had a bit of muscle and- I don't know-a more sturdy air about me. And I liked it.

I met Jake outside, on the front porch, along with four other werewolves. Embry was staring at me like I'd grown wings, along with Jared. Paul was looking at the ground and Sam seemed to be staring into space. I coughed and no one looked up. I raised my eyebrows at Jared and Embry, which made them look away.

Then I thought of something. "Hey... Jake? What do I look like as a wolf?"

He grinned at me. "Beautiful. You're a little small, but you've got fur the color of your hair and black ears. You're kinda cute!"

I grinned back at him. "Is that so?" I giggled.

Sam cut into our little conversation, just then. "You're taking this quite lightly Bella. You do realize you're a werewolf, right?" He seemed concerned.

"Yeah, I know. But I just don't feel like being mad right now. Being a wolf is exhilerating!" Besides, I've upset myself enough for a life-time. I added to myself.

Paul scoffed and the others grinned.

"Glad you enjoy it, Bella!" Embry and Jared said in unison. That is creepy!

Sam interrupted again. "Bella I think we need to train you now. Just in case."

"Okay. Where to?"

"The woods!" They all said at once.

We walked to the edge of the woods. I then realized I had no idea how to morph. "Uhh... Sam? How... How do I...?"

"Well, just concentrate on being a wolf."

I concentrated and ripped apart. I could feel my fur dangling in my face. I was a wolf.

"Nice, Bella. You're a quick learner." Jake complimented.

I tried to talk but I growled instead. That was embarrassing...