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A Dose of Emmett

AH Emmett/ Bella, Edward/ Rosalie, Alice/ Jasper Instead of Edward, Bella falls for the lighthearted Emmett. I always thought Bella needed someone with less angst, so imagine Edward had fallen for Rose and she still changed Emmett because she cared for him in a more mothernly way. So this leave Emmett as a loner but he embraced what he is and his lifestyle but when Bella walks in things began to change.

Standard disclaimer not mine.

1. Who is that?

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When I decided to move here, I knew I was doing it for the right reasons, despite how much I hated it. But it was the story of my life; me doing things for others, that is. I was moving to Forks to live with my dad so that Renee could live her new life with Phil, who was a minor league baseball player.

I had always played the more dominant role in my relationship with my mother. She was eccentric and flaky, while I was the responsible one. Secretly, I hoped that by moving in with Charlie, I would be handing the torch over to Phil- who had graciously accepted it- and things would be different.

When I entered his house, any hope I had left was gone. The house wasn't necessarily unkempt, but it could use a woman's touch here and there. One of the things I did find comforting was that Charlie believed in take-out and eating at a local diner so I wouldn't have to cook every day.

I had arrived on Friday and spent all weekend getting to know Charlie, trying to figure out what worked for us. I quickly took control of the situation and cleaned the entire house, did laundry, went grocery shopping, and cooked for us. It seemed that I would have to resume my role, but not as dominant as it needed to be with Renee, something for which I was forever grateful. It wasn't that I resented my mom for being who she was; it was just nice not having to worry about someone all the time.

It was my first day at Forks High School and I already knew today was going to be a bad day. It wasn't bad enough that I moved to the wettest town in the Pacific Northwest. I had overslept and hurried out the door only to fall on my ass as soon as I stepped out of the house, forcing me to change and making me extremely late. Yup, today was going to suck, I thought, I just knew it.

I made my way over to the main office and got my schedule and school map that I needed to get through the rest of my day. My morning was uneventful; I made a few friends who invited me to sit with them at lunch.

Jessica Stanley, a bubbly blonde, was babbling on about who's who in the school as we made our way down the lunch line. When I paid for my lunch, my attention was focused on balancing my tray, books and backpack, while following Jessica to her lunch table. As I followed her, I scanned the room quickly and was caught off guard when I saw the most beautiful people I had ever seen. They all looked like they belonged on the cover of a magazine by the way their perfect features were accentuated by their designer clothes. Their clothes were simple and classic, but there was a feel of magic about them, similar to the feelings the Cullens conveyed.

I sat beside Jessica and she introduced me to everyone at her table. Everyone looked familiar, which probably meant that they were in my previous classes. After being bombarded with questions, the shine of the new girl must have worn off because they stopped their interrogation and began telling me all about Forks. I was pretending to listen to the conversation, but was really staring at the beautiful people across the cafeteria when Jessica interrupted me.

"Like what you see, Bella?" she asked, giving me a knowing look.

"Umm... yes," I said, meekly, because really, how could I not deny how beautiful they all were? There were two beautiful females: a pixie, with black hair, and a goddess with long blond curls. There were also three gorgeous men, a tall blonde guy, a bronze-haired boy, and a delicious bodybuilder with curls. I watched him laugh at something the bronze-haired one had said.

"Of course you would. Those are the Cullens and the Hales; the two blondes are twins, Rosalie and Jasper Hale. The small one, that's Alice Cullen and her brother Edward, is the one with the bed head. That big one is Emmett McCarty Cullen. Hot, right? Too bad they're all together. Edward and Rosalie are together, even though he's a year younger, and Alice and Jasper are together as well," she said, in a hushed voice.

"What about Emmett?" I asked, as casually as I could.

"Oh, he doesn't date anyone from this school, rumor is he only dates college girls," she said, disappointed.

"Oh," I said, and continued with my lunch. I tried to hide my disappointment, I knew I had no chance, but I couldn’t deny I was interested.

Up next was Physics. Back in Phoenix I was in an advanced placement program that allowed take harder classes as long as I tested out of the regular classes. To my relief, Forks High let me continue taking upperclassmen classes.

I made my way over to my classroom and asked the teacher where I could sit. He assigned me a seat next to Emmett, which made my heart go into overdrive. I was never into bodybuilders but there was something in the way he laughed today that showed a soft heart and an easy going attitude.

I was disappointed when he didn't show, but didn't think about it much because class had already started. Ten minutes before the class ended, Mr. Molina gave us handouts for a group project, the Egg Drop Project. I was assigned to be Emmett's partner; we had until the end of the month to hand it in. Even though it was the 15th of January, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to work on it just in case I had other projects for other classes. As the bell rang, Mr. Molina shouted that we had a group assignment and there should be no absences the next day.

Before I left, I asked Mr. Molina for Emmett's number so I could contact him about the project, he checked his computer, and gave it to me. I finished my day, went home, did my homework, cooked dinner, and called Emmett.

My stomach was full of butterflies as I dialed his number.

A female voice answered after the third ring, “Hello?”

“Hi, this is Bella Swan, May I please speak with Emmett?”

“Hold on,” said the female, curtly.

A few moments passed and Emmett was on the phone. “Hi Bella, sorry I wasn’t in class. I had a family emergency. Hey wait, how did you get my number?”

His question startled me, I didn’t think I would be interrupting something important, but apparently I was wrong. I recovered and began, “Well, I called to say that we were assigned to work on the Egg Drop Project together. I asked Mr. Molina for your number so we could get started.”

“The project can wait one day right? I’ll see you tomorrow,” he responded, brushing me off.

“Oh, okay,” I said, disappointed.

I finished the homework that remained and went to bed.


We were all in awe at what had just transpired. We were all sitting at lunch when Alice gave out a screech, only low enough for us to hear.

"That new girl is seriously frustrating; I didn't even know she had moved until the rumors starting buzzing around town! How is that possible? I've never been able to not see anyone," she said in a huff.

I looked up from my food to respond, "Alice, maybe you should ask Eddie-boy if he can read her mind, especially now since it seems Jessica is about to spill the dirt she has on us."

"Emmett please do not call me Eddie-boy, my name is Edward.” I had to laugh at his words; it wasn't the first time he had gotten upset over this. "Besides," he said, "I can't read her mind," he said through gritted teeth.

"What?!" We all said in unison. This was unbelievable. Who was this girl?

"That's what I would like to know," said Edward.

We were all staring at her when Rose turned to Jasper and asked, "Jasper, can you get any feel for her emotions?"

Jasper concentrated for a bit, looked to Alice and Edward, and finally told us he couldn't read her emotions or manipulate them.

No one could believe that this human girl was able to block all three of their powers. We decided to skip the rest of the day to go talk to Carlisle and Esme and see what we could do.

Alice called Carlisle and told him to meet us at home. We drove home and Carlisle was already waiting for us.

"What's going on? Alice said something about not being able to see the new girl?" asked Carlisle, as we entered the room.

"None of our powers work on her, Carlisle. It's like she is blocking us. I don't know how to explain it, but it almost feels like a wall is stopping me from penetrating her mind," Edward explained.

"I see. What do we know about her? When did she get here?" he asked in a rush.

Alice informed him of everything we had gathered from the conversations of the other students.

"She's Charlie's daughter, I don't think we have too much to worry about," said Carlisle.

"Nothing to worry about!" screamed Rose, "The little human can block out vampire powers and you think it's not that serious? We need to get rid of her."

"I think Rosalie is right," said Jasper, hugging Alice tighter as a vision came to her, "I won't have anyone threaten our safety. Maybe she’s here for reasons unknown."

"Rose, babe," said Edward, trying to sooth his mate. "We can't kill her just because she has a power she probably isn't aware of."

She wanted to kill her? What's wrong with her? It's not her fault she's human. Edward gave me a silent nod and continued to reason with her. Everyone was arguing while Alice finished her vision.

"Alice, what was your vision about?" I asked curiously.

"I saw her, she's going to be your partner in the Egg Drop Project, Emmett," she said, surprised.

"To hell she is. I don't want her near any of my family," said Rosalie. She was always so overprotective of me.

Carlisle asked the question we were all wondering, "How is that possible? I thought you said you couldn't see her?"

The phone rang at that moment and Rosalie answered. We were slightly confused, hardly anyone ever called us.

“Hello?” Rosalie responded.

“Hi, this is Bella Swan, May I please speak with Emmett?”

We all heard Bella ask.

“Hold on,” Rosalie responded, annoyed that the interruption came from Bella, of all people.

I took the phone and hoped the conversation would end quickly for my sake. I cursed the timing and wondered how and why Bella would be calling. “Hi Bella, sorry I wasn’t in class. I had a family emergency. Hey wait, how did you get my number?”

“Well, I called to say that we were assigned to work on the Egg Drop Project together. I asked Mr. Molina for your number so we could get started,” she spoke, after pausing for a second too long.

“The project can wait one day right? I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said, hoping to end the conversation.

“Oh, okay,” she said, as I hung up.

Rosalie began as soon as the phone hit the receiver. “No, I am not allowing this to happen. This girl, I just know she’s dangerous. I don’t need Alice to know that.”

"I don't know about that but I definitely saw them working on their project," she said, nonchalantly.

“Hold on, we still haven’t figured out why Alice can see her now,” Carlisle said, calmly.

“Correction: only sometimes,” Alice chirped.

"Well, if Alice can see her sometimes, she probably isn't that big of a threat. I think we will just have to wait and see," said Carlisle, in his authoritative voice.

Rosalie and Jasper huffed but didn't argue. The rest of the evening was spent going about our business. We cooled off and discussed the project more.

The gang was unsure about me having to participate in this project with her, but Edward and Alice assured us that nothing would go wrong.

“Alice, wouldn’t it be better just to have Emmett change partners?” Esme asked.

“No, all groups are permanent. Mr. Molina won’t budge…,” Alice said, looking into the future for assurance.

“Yeah, and no harm will come from being partnered together. Alice sees an ‘A’ in your future,” Edward said, reassuringly.

Everyone agreed except Rosalie. It took some begging but Edward finally convinced her.

“Rosalie, Emmett and Bella will be fine. Don’t worry. WE all know by now never bet against Alice,” Edward said, hugging Rosalie.

“Fine, but when things go to shit, you all will be regretting this decision,” Rosalie said.

A part of me understood why Rosalie was so threatened by this girl. She was just another girl, who just so happen to be able to block vampire powers, but the fact remained she was still just a human. I hoped that for all our sakes she was wrong, the last thing we needed was trouble.