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A Dose of Emmett

AH Emmett/ Bella, Edward/ Rosalie, Alice/ Jasper Instead of Edward, Bella falls for the lighthearted Emmett. I always thought Bella needed someone with less angst, so imagine Edward had fallen for Rose and she still changed Emmett because she cared for him in a more mothernly way. So this leave Emmett as a loner but he embraced what he is and his lifestyle but when Bella walks in things began to change.

Standard disclaimer not mine.

3. New Experiences

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Chapter 3: New Experiences


When I got to library, I was waiting in anticipation. My interaction with humans was very limited. Usually I had prior notice from Alice about a group project, so I was able to find an excuse to work alone. But since she was only able to see Bella on occasion, I was stuck working with her.

We started right away but I could tell her concentration was not focused on her work. Frankly, my concentration wasn't either. I kept stealing glances and watching her write down notes while biting her bottom lip.

As I was reading on kinetic energy, I began to think about how Bella would belong in our family. Carlisle only changed us because we were dying; he would never change us if we had more options. Would something happen to her in the future that would cause her to die? I kept racking my brain, thinking about the possibilities. There really was no other conclusion except that she would probably get hurt and have to be changed. This thought saddened me. It wasn't that I hated this life, but I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It was easy to embrace your faith when there was no other option, but what if I could prevent her from getting hurt… I would have to find out from Alice if that was at all possible.

I was a little distracted when Bella put her book down and spoke to me, "So, have you come up with any ideas for this?"

"Not really, I've kind of had other things on my mind," I said, shrugging. I didn't want to appear as a "know it all," so I decided to take her lead and help her develop the project.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," she said nervously before beginning her own interrogation. "So, Emmett, tell me more about you. It seems we only got a chance to cover my story earlier."

I tried to be as truthful in my answers as I could. We spent the rest of the time talking, she would ask and I would answer. I found myself wanting to please her and make her happy. Soon it was time to go. I found myself dreading this and quickly came to the conclusion that I should see her over the weekend since quickly came to the conclusion that I should make plans to see her over the weekend since we wouldn’t have school. I didn't mind putting off meeting up with Tanya since no official plans had been made.

When I got home, Jasper and Alice had disappeared. Carlisle was in his study with Esme talking softly and Edward was playing his piano. Rosalie was still upset that I had to spend time with Bella so it didn’t surprise me that she was waiting for me when I got home.

“It took this long to work on that stupid project?” she asked, as I entered the house.

“Not really, we kind of just started talking and lost track of time,” I said, heading for my room.

“You what?” she asked angrily.

“It was no big deal. She just asked a few questions and I answered. Standard stuff, nothing to worry about,” I replied.

Edward, a little help here.

“Be careful,” she warned, but before she could continue, Edward suggested they partake in other activities.

Thank God Edward was a mind reader because I wasn’t sure how any of us would be able to put up with Rosalie’s mood swings the way he did. He always anticipated Rosalie’s needs and was able to prevent and/or ease a situation that would upset her. I was glad they had each other, much like I was glad that my family had each found their mates.

After I was changed it was clear to me why Rosalie and Edward worked well together; they both hadn’t chosen or really wanted this life. I think it was that bond that really helped them connect. I think that differed greatly from the relationships of the rest of my family, it almost felt like they were each a package deal. It was impossible to picture one without the other.

I entered my room and began recounting my day. Bella was different and I couldn’t deny how beautiful she was and my mind began to wander. I imagined her as a vampire, attacking a huge bear with me, and then laughing afterwards at the bear’s struggle.

When Alice and Jasper got home, I went downstairs and Jasper and I began to play Grand Theft Auto. Rosalie and Edward were still in their bedroom, while Alice was looking through several magazines, probably anticipating her wardrobe choices for the next year.

The game didn’t really hold that much interest so we didn’t play for long. I retreated to my room and watched Dumb and Dumber. Soon it was time to get ready for school and I showered and got dressed.

Usually, Alice rode with Jasper, Edward, and Rose in the Volvo, so I took my time and went to school when I felt like it. So when I saw Alice waiting in the passenger seat I knew she was up to no good.

I entered the Jeep and looked at her strangely, waiting for her to say something.

“What? I was feeling adventurous today. The Jeep is a very fun car,” she said innocently.

“If you say so,” I said, turning the ignition on and heading for school.

As we were getting closer to school, I noticed Alice get a glazed look on her face, the one she always had when she had a vision.

Once it was gone, she said, “The project is a great conversational piece.”

She didn’t elaborate and I was more confused than ever.

We got to school she headed straight for Jasper, who was waiting outside the Volvo, with Edward and Rosalie inside.

The bell rang and we all followed the humans inside. My first two classes didn’t hold my attention much, so I began to eavesdrop on some of the humans’ conversations. I listened as one girl admitted to her friend that she had crush on a teacher, I tried very hard not to burst out laughing when I heard that. I moved and a group of guys were talking about an upcoming party and how wasted they were going to be. That held little interest. I kept searching for something remotely interesting when I heard a few guys talking about Bella. That definitely had my attention, I thought and listened to their conversation intently.

“Hey Tyler, Mike is going to ask Bella out during lunch,” one of them said.

Tyler burst out laughing, which garnered him a detention from the English teacher.

As soon as things settled Tyler responded to the previous statement. “Bella will not be going out with you because she will be going out with me.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see. During lunch, we will both ask her and see who she decides,” Mike said confidently.

Finally, Alice’s comment made sense, because in that instant I decided to ask Bella to sit with me, in order to avoid those knuckle heads.

I sat at an empty table and waited for Bella to get out of class. As soon as she entered the cafeteria I signaled her over, and she nodded in acknowledgement. She grabbed her lunch and sat at my table.

“Hey,” she said awkwardly.

“Hey, I thought we could use this time to talk about our project. I hope you don’t mind,” I said.

I watched her face change from excitement to disappointment. What was that about? I wondered.

“That seems practical,” she responded.

“I was doing some research last night and I have a couple ideas,” I lied. I had done this project several times and already knew what would be the best way to approach the project.

“Oh? Like what?” she said, taking a bite of her salad.

I pulled out a sheet and began drawing a few models. We talked briefly about the project but we quickly forgot it, once I noticed the death glares coming from Mike and Tyler.

“I think your friends are jealous that you’re sitting with me,” I said.

She looked at the table where they were sitting and they waved her over but she shook her head, signaling “no.”

“You can go if you like,” I lied.

“No thanks, I’d rather talk to you,” she said, blushing.

“Okay,” I responded, not sure how to steer the conversation.

She sensed the awkwardness as well and asked me some more about the designs I had drawn up. The bell rang and we walked to Physics together and I tried to ease the situation by keeping her talking about the project. I didn’t really know how to act or what to say around her. Usually I didn’t have to filter what I said because there weren’t any secrets in my family, at least none that could be kept for long.

During Physics we didn’t have a chance to talk much, as Mr. Molina lectured the entire class. Once class was over, I asked Bella if we could sit together at lunch tomorrow to talk more about the project and she agreed, a beautiful smile across her face.

When school was over I braced myself for Rosalie’s wrath but it never came, and I thanked Edward through my thoughts. I knew only he could handle Rosalie’s bitchiness and ease her worries throughout the day.

She did, however, make a request that bothered me greatly, mostly because I knew it was impossible for me to accomplish.

“I noticed you sat with Bella at lunch today,” she said, looking through a catalog.

“It was for the project,” I stated flatly.

“Yeah, Edward explained it, don’t worry about it. The sooner you get it over with, the sooner you can stop interacting with her. I think it’s best for all of us if you limited your interactions with that girl as much as possible,” she said, joining Edward in his music room.

The next day, Bella sat with me again. This time we focused on talking more about her since we established that Saturday we would work on the project at my place.

Bella was definitely unique and wise beyond her years. Instead of concerning herself with the tedious social scene, she focused on school, her future, and her family. She was responsible and more put together than most adults. I wondered how much fun she really ever had. When we talked about our hobbies, she only talked about reading and cooking. She didn't enjoy the social scene, which was understandable, but she didn't give herself opportunities to try new things.

I found myself wanting to bring her out of her shell a little. I wanted her to experience everything life had to offer. If Alice's vision was true, I didn't want her regretting her life.

In an effort to help her experience life, I didn't ask her to sit with me on Friday, hoping she would have a chance to bond more with her fellow humans. I also knew that eventually the two knuckle heads would ask her out, and I didn’t want to avoid the inevitable. So I sat with Alice and Jasper at our usual table, Edward and Rosalie still hadn't arrived.

We listened to Bella, who was talking to Jessica about me. I couldn't help but smile; Bella had just admitted to having a little crush on me. She hoped I would see her as more than another girl in high school. I grinned at the possibilities, still hearing Bella talk about how nice it was to dream about me. I was still in a goofy haze when Alice had a vision.

"She didn't!" screamed Alice.

"What happened?" I asked nervously.

"Emmett, I'm sorry, it was a last minute decision. I guess Rosalie heard Bella too and she called Tanya. She will be coming sometime tomorrow. I can't see after that because Bella comes over," she said in a panic.

"Alice, don't worry, Tanya won't do anything to compromise what we are. Besides, it's not like we're mates or anything." I said nonchalantly.

"Emmett, don't be naïve!" screamed Jasper, just loud enough so that only we could hear.

"Tanya has always had a thing for you. The only reason she has gone along with your little sexcapades is because she likes you."

"Don't be ridiculous, she was the one who suggested it," I said, again trying to brush it off.

"Emmett, I'm the empath, not you! So I would know," he said angrily.

Just then, Rosalie and a pained Edward joined us, "I'm sure you know that I invited Tanya to visit this weekend. Hopefully that little human will see her and will set her sights on someone more suitable."

"Sorry guys, I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen," said Edward, with a sheepish grin. Rosalie was shooting him daggers but didn't say a word.

"Don't sweat it, dude," I said, trying to smooth things out.

This weekend was going to be a long one.


After my meeting at the library with Emmett, I couldn't help but feel a little giddy. When he asked me to sit with him during lunch the next two days, I was ecstatic. But when he didn't ask me on Friday, I was a little hurt. I understood he needed to spend time with his family, but I couldn't help but be a little disappointed.

I had asked Jessica if I could sit with her and her group and she was more than happy to let me. I couldn't understand why until she began asking me about Emmett.

"So Bella, you and Emmett, huh? All the girls here are totally jealous," she said with a fake giggle.

"We're not together or anything; we're just friends," I said sadly.

"But you like him, right?" she said as she paid for her lunch.

"Well, yeah. Who wouldn't? I mean I know he only dates college girls, but a girl can dream, right?" I said cautiously.

"Of course, with that cutie walking around-who doesn't dream? He is so gorgeous; I wonder how much time he spends at the gym? I bet he looks delicious all sweaty," she said with a stupid look on her face.

"There's more to him than his looks," I said defensively. "He's really smart, funny and all around a good guy."

"Yeah, I'm sure,” she said, rolling her eyes, before sitting down and stuffing her face.

During Physics, I didn't get a chance to talk to Emmet until class was over because Mr. Molina was giving a lecture. He asked if I minded working on the project at my house instead of his, because he had a relative staying over and didn't want her to interfere. The rest of my day was uneventful, except for my hundred falls while playing volleyball.

After I got home, I got a call from Charlie, asking me if I could cook for four today since his friend Billy and his son Jacob were coming over. He apologized for such a last minute notice but he had run into Billy earlier and invited him. I assured him it was okay and decided to cook some lasagna. I drove to the supermarket, got the ingredients, and went home to start cooking. The lasagna was just beginning to cool when Charlie came home.

"Thanks, Bella, I'm sorry for the last minute invite. I hope it wasn't too much trouble," he said taking a whiff of the kitchen.

"Don't sweat it, Dad. I'm glad I could be of service, besides, I'm glad I get to see Billy again, it's been far too long."

Just then, we heard a knock. Charlie went to go answer it while I checked on the bread.

Billy looked pretty much the same except for his worry lines. Jacob was truly a sight; he wasn't the small kid I remembered from my childhood. He was tall, muscular, and manly. I couldn't believe how big he was.

"Hey Bella," said Billy. "Nice to see you again." He gave me a strong handshake and introduced Jacob, "This here is Jake. You remember him, don't you?"

"Hey Bella," he said shaking my hand. "Remember we used to fish together?"

"Right, I remember. How are you?"

"Good," he said nervously.

I served dinner and Charlie and Billy talked about fishing and sports, alienating Jacob and I. Slowly, we got over the awkwardness and we began to get to know each other.

He was only a year younger than me and had two older sisters, who I faintly remembered from my visits as a kid. We talked briefly about school but the conversation didn’t really go anywhere.

I tried to lighten the mood by getting him to talk about his hobbies but that didn’t go over so well.

“What kind of music do you listen to?” I asked, hoping this would spark the conversation.

“I really don’t listen to music, or watch much TV, with the exception of sports. Most of the time I hang out with my friends, Sam, Paul, Jared, and Quil.”

“Oh, well that’s cool,” I responded.

“Yeah, they are a little bit older than I am, but they treat me as their equal. Sam is kind of like our leader and we all just hang out at the rez,” he finished.

“Sounds cool,” I chirped.

The conversation was dead again. He attempted to lighten the mood by suggesting a few tourist spots but it really didn’t appeal to me.

He sensed it and asked me if I wanted to join him, “Port Angeles is bigger than Forks and would probably be more entertaining, or you could always come to La Push and hang out with me and the guys. You would definitely like them,” he said enthusiastically.

“Sure,” I responded. It wasn’t like I had much of a social life, and despite the awkwardness between us, I liked Jacob. He seemed like a nice guy and like he really enjoyed his life.

“How about this weekend?” he said, excitedly.

“Well, I can’t tomorrow, I have a project to work on and Sunday I have some things I need to get done. Maybe next weekend?" I said.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.”

The conversation flowed a little better and soon it was time for them to go. On his way out, Jacob reminded me about my trip to La Push the following weekend and I promised him I wouldn’t forget.

I was washing the dishes when Charlie walked in to help me dry them off.

He grunted to get my attention, "That Jacob sure is a great kid. You should go to visit him this weekend. You hardly go out."

"Dad, I've only been here a week, besides I have to work on my project with Emmett, remember?"

"Oh right, can't you just reschedule? I thought the project wasn't due until the end of the month?" he asked grudgingly.

"No, I can't just reschedule, we do have other classes to worry about,” I said in a huff.

"Bella, I hope you're not falling for this kid. I already told you he's bad news; you should go out with someone like Jacob, someone responsible and nice like you."

I rolled my eyes at him and said, "Dad, seriously? Jacob is younger than I am. And I already told you I'm not falling for him." I hated lying but I just didn't want to deal with another lecture about how dating can wait until I finish school.

I woke up early the next day in excitement. I cleaned the house and got everything ready for his arrival.

I wasn't sure if he would be hungry, so I prepared a few snacks, just in case. It was a little after one when I heard a soft knock on my door.

Emmett looked amazing. He was wearing a black leather jacket, with a simple blue shirt underneath and jeans.

“Hey Bella,” he said uncomfortably.

“Hey Emmett, come on in,” I said, moving out of the way. He walked in and sniffed through his nose a few times, repulsion written all over his face.

He tried to be pleasant, but I knew he wasn't happy. I wondered what could be so off putting about my house that he reacted that way.

I offered him some snacks and tried to make him feel comfortable but the look on his face didn't change. We picked out the designs that we would be doing the prototypes for within the first fifteen minutes.

“ I… um… forgot the supplies in the car let me go grab them,” he said.

“Okay,” I responded.

He came back in a few minutes, his hands empty. “I must have forgotten them at home, sorry,” he apologized.

“I think we can manage, I’m sure we can find something here,” I said, getting up.

“No, that’s okay. I said I was going to bring the supplies. Let’s just go to my place and finish up there,” he said.

“What about your house guest?” I asked.

“Right, well she wasn’t there when I left so we don’t have to worry.”

“Okay, if you think that’s for the best.”

“I do.”

“I’ll meet you outside,” I said.

Emmett let himself out and I went upstairs to grab my wallet and keys. I went outside and he was already ready to go. I fumbled with the ignition and finally got it to start. I didn't mind going but I was a little nervous.

As I followed him, I realized I had no idea where he lived, and felt a little uneasy not knowing. I followed him through the forest for a few miles, until I saw a beautiful house that looked like it belonged in Beverly Hills.

The house looked like it didn’t belong in the middle of the forest, with its metallic architecture, giant glass windows, and white paint. But it somehow fit, almost like it was a secret hideaway made especially for them.

He helped me out of my truck and ushered me in. The inside accentuated the outside perfectly. The furniture played with the metallic architecture of the outside while incorporating darker colors. All of the windows were open and the Cullens were all sitting down in various poses like models selling the furniture. I was caught off guard at all the beauty and wasn’t prepared to handle what happened next.

A beautiful blonde walked up to Emmett and gave him a hug and kiss before saying, "Emmett, sweetie, I'm glad you finished early, now we can enjoy our time together."

She looked like she belonged with them. Her strawberry blonde hair flowed down her back. Her features were delicate and soft, but there was a hardness to her. She was not only beautiful like the rest of the Cullens but was also dressed in designer clothes, similar to the Cullens. I knew then I could never belong with Emmett.

She attempted to usher him to the couch, but froze when she saw me, "Oh hello, you must be his partner in that project thing. Sorry I didn't see you there; I guess I was a little too excited to see my Emmett here."

"Bella, this is Tanya, the houseguest I told you about and you already know my family. That's Rosalie, Edward, Alice, and Jasper," he said through gritted teeth.

"Hi," Tanya said looking at her nails.

"Hey," I said flatly. Everyone else responded with a "hi" as well.

She then gave him a little hug before leaving the room, "See you later."

Everyone followed her out and I was left with only Emmett.

So that was his houseguest, huh? I guess Charlie was right. Stupid me to think he could ever be interested in me when he has her. I guess I was only meant to be with nice, responsible guys like Jacob.

The rest of the time was spent to work on the project, bringing our designs to life. We barely said anything to each other, only talking about the project. When it was time to go, I waved goodbye and ran to my truck.

As soon as I got home, I broke down. Of course he would be with someone like that.

I was feeling extremely stupid at this point and felt like I had my heart ripped out. I didn't understand how I could feel so much for this one guy after only knowing him for a week, but I couldn't deny there was something there. I thought he may have felt it too but I guess I was wrong. At least I found out before I really had fallen for him.