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A Dose of Emmett

AH Emmett/ Bella, Edward/ Rosalie, Alice/ Jasper Instead of Edward, Bella falls for the lighthearted Emmett. I always thought Bella needed someone with less angst, so imagine Edward had fallen for Rose and she still changed Emmett because she cared for him in a more mothernly way. So this leave Emmett as a loner but he embraced what he is and his lifestyle but when Bella walks in things began to change.

Standard disclaimer not mine.

5. Revelations

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Chapter 5: Revelations


“Bella, about what happened back there… I don’t know what to say,” Jake began.

“What was that, Jake?” I asked loudly, obviously I was more upset than I realized.

“Shh, you’ll wake Charlie. Can you get out for a minute? We need to talk,” he said as he walked to my front door.

I tiptoed down the stairs, avoiding the ones that creaked, and went outside. I noticed Jacob out of the corner of my eye, leaning against my house.

“Okay, I’m here. What the hell was that earlier?” I said keeping my voice low.

“Bella, what do you think that was?” he said, shuffling his stance.

“I don’t know. I want to believe that it was just some wandering bear, but I’m pretty sure that beast was … you.”

He let out a sigh and began, “Bella, I can’t give you all the details, but there are things in this world that are beyond normal.”

“Okay?” I asked in confusion. What was he trying to tell me?

He paced for a few seconds before he finally spoke, “Look, Bella, I can’t tell you what you want to hear. Just know that you were never in any danger. I lost control, but that will never happen again, I promise. More importantly, I was serious about the Cullens. This has nothing to do with how I feel about you. It is the duty of myself and … others like me to protect everyone from the Cullens and those who are similar to them.”

“Jake, you’re not making any sense. Are you sure this isn’t about Emmett and how I feel about him?” I asked nervously. I knew his response, he was more than likely jealous, and once he admitted it I would have to deliver that dreadful “it’s not you it’s me” speech.

“No, Bella, that’s not the only reason I got so upset. Ugh!” he said as he began to pace again. He stopped pacing and finally spoke. “Okay, Bella, stay right here. I will be right back.”

After what felt like forever, Jacob came back. I was both relieved and upset he had taken so long because I was really getting tired. As he got closer to me he said, “I got the permission I needed to tell you what you need to know.”

“Just spit it out Jake, I’m really tired,” I said, angrily.

“Bella, when I meant that the Cullens were dangerous I was dead serious. If you don’t stay away from them, you could get seriously hurt or worse. What you saw earlier was a wolf. I am a wolf, and the pack and I, we only have one purpose and that is to kill bloodsucking leeches like the Cullens. The Cullens are vampires, and it is our job to protect humans, like you, from them. Do you get it now?”

I tried to make sense of what he had just said. Was he serious? I couldn’t think of a reason for Jake to lie to me like this, even if he did like me. Was I dreaming? Was this some type of joke? That must be it, I thought. I began to laugh at the situation. Jacob had probably used the wandering bear to scare me and play a joke on me.

“Why are you laughing?” he asked with a confused look on his face.

“Because, I get it now. This is a joke isn’t it?” I said, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Bella, this isn’t a joke,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Sure, Jake, why don’t you and the 'pack' run along now. You can all say you got the new girl,” I said, screaming the last part so his friends could hear.

“No Bella, this is serious. I can prove it too. Stand back.”

I backed away and he did the same. I almost missed it, before my eyes Jacob transformed into the same russet animal that was behind me earlier. I looked into the wolf’s eyes and saw the familiar ones of Jacob Black. Holy crow, he wasn’t kidding. My vision blurred, and the world began to spin before, I blacked out.

I woke up the next morning in my room with a major headache. How did I get here? What happened last night? I searched my room for any evidence of last night, but found it empty. I thought back to what started the whole thing and found it impossible, I must have been dreaming, it was the only plausible explanation.

I lazily dressed and got ready for school, all the while reminding myself it was a dream.

My day consisted of mindless gossip from Jessica and avoiding Mike Newton. He already had tried to ask me out unsuccessfully, several times before. The only exciting part of my day was Emmett. I couldn’t ignore how attracted and intrigued I was by him. I thought back to what little I knew of Emmett. He was orphaned at a young age, was extremely close to his family, and has never really socialized with anyone except me. His lack of a social life was on his accord, because my interactions had showed me how much fun and sweet he was.

During lunch I couldn’t help but hear Jacob’s words, the Cullens are vampires. I noticed that they didn’t really eat, only picked at their food, but I really didn’t see a problem in that. They are probably so rich that they found school food disgusting; I knew I did.

There is a magical quality to them, but not frightening or overwhelming, more ethereal and natural. I couldn’t believe Jacob’s words that they are disgusting vampires. The Cullens are too beautiful for it, but a part of me, maybe in the back of my mind, considered it to be true.

My concentration is not at its highest level today, so it didn't surprise me when I bumped into a freshman on my way to Physics. I knew I hated Mondays for a reason but today was far worse than any other Monday I had experienced. We are working on a review for the upcoming test, but I am trying really hard not to think about how close I was sitting next to Emmett. Every time I am near him, I felt like my heart was beating so fast and loudly the whole room could hear. Nothing else mattered, when Emmett was nearby. I am trying to keep my emotions and thoughts in check hoping to get through the day

I studied him for a while and tried to piece together what Jacob had told me. I thought vampires could only go out at night and had fangs? Emmett was here at school and had no fangs. More importantly, if he drank blood why wasn’t he or any of his family draining everyone dry?

School is finally over and I couldn’t wait to leave. Mike had gotten a boob graze while playing basketball in gym, and I didn’t want to see him attempt anything else. I was also in a hurry to see Jake and find out if last night was real or not.

I stepped out of the building and my eyes immediately fell to the Cullens. The only vampire I could really picture would be Rosalie. She was too damn intimidating not to think she was evil. I was walking as fast as I could without falling when I heard a vile voice call out for me. I kept my eyes low and ignored Mike.

I began to cross the parking lot when I heard many people scream. Things happened so fast I thought it was a dream.

“Look out!” I heard a male voice say.

I looked up to see a white corolla, with Jessica Stanley in the driver’s seat, headed right for me. I tried to move out of the way, but instead found myself being dragged down by a cold and heavy rock. I looked up to find that Emmett had me pinned to the floor.

How did he get here so fast?

I was surrounded by a group of students asking me if I was okay. “I’m fine,” I said over and over again. The crowd began to wind down. Leaving me with Emmett, his family was waiting in the car for him

“Thanks for saving me,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it, Bella, I’m just glad I made it here in time to push you aside,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Yeah,” I responded, still unsure about what happened. I knew in that instant what he was and being near him both frightened and calmed me. There was no way he could have made it to me from his car to me so fast, if he was only human.

I am not sure why I didn’t tell him that I knew about him and his family, but it wasn’t the right time just yet.

“Bella, are you sure you’re okay? I could drive you home,” he offered.

“No, it’s okay, I’m actually not heading home, and I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you.”

“Where are you heading?”

“La Push,” I said shrugging.

“Um yeah, I think you're right,” he said before walking away. His eyes turned dark and angry and in that instant I knew, Emmett wasn't human.

“Bye,” I said walking to my car. He simply waved his hand in the air, not even turning back to look at me.

When I finally had a moment to recover from that awkward goodbye, I began to freak out. Jacob is a wolf, and Emmett is a vampire.

I arrive at Billy's and Jacob is waiting for me on the front steps of his house. I park in my usual spot and join him on the steps.

“I’m glad you’re here. How are you?” he asked as he crinkled his nose.

“Good… listen, Jake, about last night. I know I have to keep it a secret, but can you please explain this to me,” I said, getting down to business.

He took a deep sigh and said, “I’m glad you finally understand the gravity of the matter.”

He then told me about the treaty with the Cullens, his job as a wolf, and how important it was to stay away from them. I couldn’t stay for a long time, since I had to cook for Charlie, so I left as soon as he was done explaining. He asked me to keep his secret and warned me to stay away from the Cullens. Jacob has risked a lot in confiding in me and telling me about the wolves, luckily Sam had giving him permission to tell me what was necessary.

I drove home and began dinner immediately. As I cooked the chicken, I started to think about the treaty with the Cullens. They didn’t drink human blood, so it probably meant that they were good vampires. I was a little relieved, but I knew I wanted to talk to Emmett, to get his side of this whole thing.

One thing I was sure about after what Jacob had revealed, none of it mattered. My perception of Emmett still hadn't changed.


Monday is just like every other day. Edward and Alice are giving each other their knowing looks all day and wondered if I was the only one annoyed by them.

Of course Edward answered that for me. “No, they know if it’s anything important we would share.”

I am a little giddy to know that I would be seeing Bella today. Every Monday she would come with a faint smell of wet dog, and a surge of jealousy and worry would overwhelm me. I knew how dangerous wolves could be for humans.

I kept tabs on Bella and noticed how uneasy she was throughout the day. At lunchtime she attempted to appear casual but I could sense how tense she was, especially when she looked our way.

In Physics I noticed Bella was not her usual chipper self. Despite the distance she had put between us, I knew Bella. I didn’t have the ability to read minds, but I could still hear her voice whenever she spoke and found it comforting. She would always animate whenever she talked to certain people and feign interest in Jessica’s daily gossip. She was naturally quiet, but today is different, like something is bothering her.

I was a little worried at what could cause Bella such stress and was watching her intently as she got out of gym. She had her eyes low and was quickly walking away from Mike. Edward then explained to me that Mike “accidentally” touched her breasts and had deluded himself into thinking she was interested in him.

I was going over ways to break Mike into millions of tiny little pieces but was stopped by Alice’s voice. “Emmett-run!”

“What?” I asked in confusion. In that second I noticed an oblivious Jessica, speeding through the parking lot, searching through the contents of her purse. Bella wasn't paying attention either, she was looking down and didn't see Jessica heading towards her.

I ran over to her and pushed her out of the way before Jessica could do any damage. I could hear the worry in the student body when they saw Bella on the floor with her eyes closed.

Jessica slowed down briefly to apologize and left when she saw Bella open her eyes. A crowd gathered around us and I saw her grimace as I helped her get up. After assuring the crowd that she was okay, they left, leaving us alone.

I could still hear everyone talking about the incident on their way to their cars. A few had even voiced at my speedy save and wondered what really happened. I heard Rosalie mutter, “Oh great, we’re definitely going to have to move now. There is no way no one saw that.”

Edward then held Rosalie tighter and whispered, “Actually, Rose, everyone is more concerned about Bella than Emmett so we have nothing to worry about.”

I grinned at this and offered Bella a ride home.

When she said she was going to La Push I almost lost it. Why did she need to go there for? She belongs in Forks and nowhere near those mongrels.

“Great and she hangs out with dogs too. What’s wrong with this girl?” Rose said to no one in particular.

While everyone else drove home I decided to go to Edward's meadow, in hope of some peace and quiet. He had recommended it to me whenever I needed some time alone.

I plopped myself on the grass and recounted today's events. I worried for Bella and her safety. Not just because she hung out with wolves, but also because she was still just a fragile human. There were so many dangers in this world, and I wasn't sure I would be able to protect her from every single one. My feelings for Bella had only intensified in the short time I had gotten to know her and I knew they would only grow with each day that passed. I hoped that in the weeks ahead Bella and I could finally be together and the date of her transformation could be set as soon as possible.

Alice's scent broke me from my reverie. I waited for her to arrive and heard her slow down as she got closer.

“Hey, Emmett,” she said with a huge grin on her face, “I think we should talk.”

“Hey there, munchkin, what’s up?”

She stuck out her tongue at me and took a seat next to me. “Okay, so from my visions and the way you’ve been acting, I know that you’ve fallen for her,” she said. Of course Alice knew before me how important Bella was. “I just wanted you to know that she feels the same way, and although there will be some obstacles ahead for the two of you, I think you'll make it. But there is another possibility to her becoming a vampire. I think it's important for you to know this.”

“What’s that?” I asked nervously.

“She might not make it through the transformation. I see her being bitten, but I don’t see her surviving the transformation,” she said, waiting for a response.

“Why doesn’t she survive?” I asked defensively.

“Well,” she hesitated, “I’m not sure. I mean she ends up being bitten but something or someone stops the transformation.”

“The wolves?”

“Could be, I’m not sure if it’s her shield or them who block the outcome.”

“Oh,” was all I could say. She may not make it? Suddenly I wasn’t sure if changing her would be her best option. In that instant I vowed to protect her and make sure she would be able to undergo the transformation. It was selfish of me, but I knew now that I wanted her to be a part of my forever.

Suddenly, the not so quiet place to think was invaded by my entire family.

“Sorry, Emmett, it was a last minute decision. I didn't see it,” Alice said, standing up.

“Don't worry about it,” I reassured. “What’s going on?”

“She knows about the change,” said Edward. This is not going to be good is it? Edward nodded and I let out a defeated sigh.

I was about to explain to Rosalie that it wasn’t a big deal, but she didn’t let me finish and spoke first. “Emmett, you should not be spending time with that girl, our presence here is probably the only reason she gets changed. We should leave before we get too involved. Especially after today.”

No one responded.

“Rosalie, you know Carlisle only changes people if they have no other option, obviously she is worth it if we’re willing to break the treaty with the Quileutes.”

“Oh my God, I hadn’t even thought about that! Are we really going to risk a fight with those dogs? Can someone please explain to me why you're all hell bent on letting this girl become one of us? Alice, what did you really see?”

Edward and Alice had one of their silent conversation, they looked at everyone else, giving them a nod before speaking.

“She’s worth it because she and Emmett belong together. She is his soul mate,” Alice said matter-of-factly.

“What?!” Rosalie screamed. While Rosalie began to ramble and scream, I was stunned speechless. I could not believe the words that came out of her mouth. My soul mate? Edward gave me a nod before addressing Rosalie’s tirade.

I don’t know how much time had gone by before I had fully processed what Alice had said. I was thinking of ways that she could be wrong but deep down I knew she wasn’t. I was captivated by her charm and beauty. I know my feeling for her are real, but I never thought we could be because she was human and I was a vampire. Whenever I did think of us together, I pictured her already changed. I couldn’t even begin to describe how great it felt to know that Bella and I belonged together. Somehow, Alice’s reassurance made me want to do whatever was necessary to win Bella’s heart. A smile must have crept up because Rosalie smacked me over the head to get my attention.

“You think this is okay, Emmett? You do realize that the only reason she is changed is for you? Would you really damn her to our existence? Risk our lives to battle with those mutts? What about the power she may bring with her? She’s already able to block out vampire powers as a human, what about when she is a vampire? You don’t think the Volturi would ignore such a gift? Aro would do anything to acquire gifted vampires-you know that don’t you? Has anyone thought about the consequences this girl will bring for us?”

“My vision is of all us happy as vampires, so things will work out… eventually,” Alice chirped, hugging Jasper.

Esme chimed in as well. “Don’t you want Emmett do be happy? He deserves to have a chance at love and if Bella offers him that, isn’t our job as his family to support him?”

“Rosalie,” said Carlisle, “I’m sure we will be able to find a solution to everything in due time. Right now we should just think about what Emmett wants. Esme is right, it is our job to support him in his decision.”

“Love, I think they all make a valid point and you should really reconsider,” Edward said, rubbing circles on her back.

“Is this how you feel too, Jasper?” Rosalie accused. He nodded and continued to hug Alice.

“Fine, do whatever you want. Damn us all!”

“Rose, please stop overreacting,” I countered.

“Emmett, ever since I found you in the forest, mauled by that bear, I felt a kinship with you. I think of you more of a son than a brother. When I saw you dying I wanted more than anything to protect you and I still do. This human girl can be dangerous for our existence. Don’t you see the threat?”

“I understand, Rosalie, but I can’t help feel what I feel,” I said flatly.

“I can’t support you with this decision,” she said, before running off.

“She’ll be okay, just give her some time,” said Edward before running after her.