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A Dose of Emmett

AH Emmett/ Bella, Edward/ Rosalie, Alice/ Jasper Instead of Edward, Bella falls for the lighthearted Emmett. I always thought Bella needed someone with less angst, so imagine Edward had fallen for Rose and she still changed Emmett because she cared for him in a more mothernly way. So this leave Emmett as a loner but he embraced what he is and his lifestyle but when Bella walks in things began to change.

Standard disclaimer not mine.

8. Family Meetings

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Chapter 7:Family meetings


When I woke up it took me a few seconds to remember where I was because I wasn’t in the arms of Emmett but in a huge, soft, warm, bed. I sat up and studied the room noticing how homely it felt, when I heard Emmett moving around, outside the door.

My face instantly lit up when I saw Emmett walk in with a chef’s hat, an apron that said “Kiss the Chef,” and a tray of what looked like food. I gave him a smile and burst out laughing.

“Morning, Bella, love, I made you breakfast, it may not look so great but Alice called to say you would like them,” he said, smiling, revealing his dimples.

“Emmett, thank you. I can’t believe you cooked!”

His smile grew wider, as he got closer, and brought the tray to my lap. It took all my self restraint not to get up and attack him; he was too good to be true. He sat down next to me and handed me the tray and waited eagerly for me to eat.

I looked at the tray and smiled, it looked a little burnt but smelled amazing. It was at that moment that I realized I hadn’t brushed my teeth, or washed my face. It wasn’t like it took me long to get ready but Emmett had just seen me at my worst.

“Umm Emmett, I need a human minute. Could you excuse me?’” I asked him, softly.

He laughed his glorious laugh and said, “Of course Bella, I should have known.”

He lifted the tray and I took care of business. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. My hair was a ball of mess; I tried to comb it out with my fingers, until I could shower and went back outside, to find that Emmet hadn’t moved since I left.

“Better?” he asked, with a wicked look on his face.

“Umm, yeah.” I said, taking my seat on the bed.

“I didn’t forget you were human, Alice packed some things for you. So you can shower after you eat, I don’t want your food to get cold,” he said, placing the tray in front of me.

Relief swept over me, man Alice was good.

“Oh okay, thanks,” I said, taking a bite of eggs.

They were delicious, even with the edges slightly burnt, and so were the bacon, toast, and orange juice. I was a little surprised at how well good they were considering a vampire made them.

“Wow, Alice was right the food is great,” I said, after I was done.

“I’m glad but you’re not just saying that right?” he said, with a look of eagerness a child would have.

“No, I’m not just saying that,” I responded, while I gave him a soft kiss.

“I should wear this apron all the time, if it means getting kissed by you,” he said, continuing the kiss.

“You don’t need an apron to get me to kiss you,” I said, intensifying the kiss. To be honest he didn’t need an apron or any type of clothes for that matter, but I didn’t want to say that out loud.

“Bella, as much as I love making out with you, we need to get going if you want to make it to school on time,” he said, gathering the tray.

“If I’m already going to miss first period, why not skip the rest of the day?” I asked, hoping he would cave.

“Bella, I would love to stay here forever, but how would Charlie feel if he found out you missed school to hang out with me? That’s not the kind of impression I want to make on him.”

Okay, so I probably hadn’t thought that through, I guess I had no choice but to go.

“Fine, I’ll go get dressed,” I said, throwing my arms in the air, dramatically.

He sped away with the tray and came back with a small luggage, almost instantly. I gave him a disapproving look and he smiled.

“There’s no use in wasting time, right?” He handed me the bag and left me alone, while I got ready.

I went into panic mode, when I saw what Alice had packed. Instead, of my usually loose fitting jeans and T-shirt, Alice had packed skinny jeans, black ballet flats, a purple silky top, that would most likely show some cleavage, and even some underwear that said, “Bite me” on the back. The irony of the underwear was not lost on me.

I was debating whether or not I should just wear what I had on, but it wasn’t exactly appropriate for school and I was beginning to feel icky in them.

I showered quickly and grudgingly put on the clothes Alice had packed. I was combing through my hair, when Emmet knocked on the door.

“Ready or not, here I come,” he said walking in, with his hands over his eyes.

“Emmett, what if I hadn’t been ready?” I screamed, in mock anger.

“I would have helped you get dressed,” he said, shrugging and moving closer to me.

I couldn’t hide the blush that crept up when he said that. We stared into each other’s eyes and his look mirrored my own, excitement, happiness, love, and lust. My heart began beating faster and braced myself for our kiss.

He leaned in to my face slowly, intensifying the feeling of longing, picking me up with his strong arms and kissed me. I felt his tongue dance with my own, igniting a passion I never knew existed. We kissed for a few more moments and before I knew it he broke the kiss, too early for my liking.

“Bella, that was… incredible. But we need to get going,” he said, still holding me.

I knew he was right, but every inch of my body was screaming no. I felt safe in his arms, like this is where I belonged.

“Okay” I said, pouting. I couldn’t believe I was becoming that girl. The one that falls so head over heels, that nothing mattered, that pouted when she couldn’t be with her love, that wanted to miss school to make out with her boyfriend, but I didn’t care. I was irrevocably and undeniably in love with Emmett McCarthy.

He looked at me with amusement and pointed to my legs. In that instant my face became tomato red, I Bella Swan had my legs wrapped around Emmett’s waist like in those trashy novels and didn’t want to let go.

“Right,” I said, climbing off.

He chuckled and led me to the living room.

“Emmett, what happened?” I asked, once I noticed that the kitchen was in ruins. There were pots and pans all over the place, ingredients still out and a small layer of smoke left.

“Oh right, the kitchen … don’t worry about it, someone will come and clean it later. We got to go,” he said, whisking me away to his jeep.

As soon as Emmett strapped me in to the complicated seatbelt, he wasted no time in heading for school. The speed in which he drove was nothing compared to last night. He swerved in out of the trees, never missing a beat, making the scenery fade away. I was starting to feel a little queasy so I closed my eyes and attempted to enjoy the smooth ride.

I finally opened my eyes to realize that we where in Forks again, heading to school. We arrived with a few minutes to spare when I realized we didn’t have our backpacks. In that moment Alice burst through the doors with bags in her hands.

“Here you go, Bella. You didn’t think I would actually forget?” she said as she handed me a foreign bag.

“Umm, thanks Alice, but this isn’t my bag.” I said, handing the bag back.

“Oh, I know, I threw that one out, this one will match this outfit better and most of your other ones,” she said, with a devilish look.

“Thanks Alice, but I really don’t like gifts.”

I appreciated the gesture but I really did like my old bag.

“I know but if you want to be apart of this family you’ll just have to get used to it,” she said, warmly.

“Alice,” Emmett began, but was met with a death glare from her.

“Bella, let me look at you! This outfit looks so amazing on you, don’t you think Em?” Alice said.

“Of course, she looks amazing in anything she wears,” he said meeting my gaze.

The bell finally rang and Emmett began to walk me to my next class. The looks of envy did not go unnoticed. I kept my head down in hopes of avoiding their glares, but could still feel them on me.

“Until we meet again, my Bella,” he said, lifting me up and giving me a soft kiss.

I watched him walk away in a daze. The feeling that I got when he said, My Bella, was incredible. It meant he too felt we belonged.

During class, I felt everyone’s eyes, except the teacher’s, on me. I felt like I was going to explode with everyone watching me, luckily the bell rang and my body stayed in tact.

During passing period, Jessica caught up with me and began asking me questions.

“So you and Emmett, how did that happen?” she asked, eagerly.

“I don’t know, it just did,” I said, trying to be as vague as possible.

“Okay, but you two showed up late together, and you’re wearing a new outfit, what gives?” she said, fishing for more information.

“Yeah, umm, we both stayed up late last night talking on the phone and overslept, when he called me this morning, we both realized we were going be late so he drove me to school.”

“And the clothes?” she said, inspecting my outfit.

“Alice gave them to me,” I answered.

Luckily, I didn’t have her in my next class so, we had to part ways and I walked away, as fast as possible. The rest of my classes until lunch where Jessica free so I didn’t have to worry about her asking me more questions.

At lunch I sat with Emmett, Alice and Jasper. The conversation was easy and uncomplicated. The only alarming topic of conversation was Alice’s determination on changing my wardrobe.

“Bella, you should really let me help you build your wardrobe. You already have the basics but now we need to add some style to it.”

“No thanks, Alice, I like my clothes just fine,” I said, taking a bite of my salad.

I heard her mumble something, I couldn’t hear, and noticed Emmet stiffen in reply, and Jasper chuckle.

I ignored their exchange for the sake of keeping the peace but still felt uneasy.

“Bella, would you like to hang out at our house after school today?”

“Sure Alice, I just need to let my dad know.”

My next class was with Emmett so we walked, hand in hand, and sat at out regular table. Unfortunately, for us we had to listen to the lecture and didn’t have a chance to talk the way I had grown accustomed to. Emmett must have felt it to because I felt his cold fingers intertwine with mine.

Our hands stayed interlocked, only breaking apart to put our things away. We walked to my next class and Emmett asked me to wait for him by the Jeep after school.

P.E. was long and painful, so I was happy when it was over. I made my way over to the Jeep to find Emmett already waiting with a single rose.

“Emmett, you have me already, you don’t need to impress me anymore,” I said, once I was in the car.

“Bella, I want to. Let me spoil you. You deserve it,” Emmet countered.

I laughed at his puppy-eyed look and couldn’t say no.

“Fine, just don’t go overboard!”

Emmett drove me to my house first so I could get changed, and leave a note for Charlie. Emmett didn’t hesitate to go inside and waited as I wrote Charlie a note and went upstairs to change.

As soon as I was in my normal clothes I felt like myself again. Emmett drove us to his house and we were there in minutes. Again, I was feeling nervous and uneasy because this time I wasn’t just some visitor, I was Emmett’s girlfriend and I knew their secret.

As soon as I walked in the nervousness went away and I wondered if Jasper had anything to do with that, but I shrugged it off, knowing that was impossible. I already knew the Cullens form our previous encounter but I hadn’t met Carlisle or Esme, so my nervousness really stemmed from meeting them.

What if they didn’t like me? What if they didn’t want Emmett to be with a human?

The thoughts only lingered for a few moments because Esme and Carlisle were welcoming.

“Bella, I’m so glad you’re here,” Esme said, giving me a hug.

“Me too, thanks Mrs. Cullen.”

“Call me Esme,” she said, sweetly.

“And call me Carlisle,” he said, giving me a handshake.

“I am so glad Emmett finally met you,” Esme said.

“Really? You’re not mad or anything?” I asked, nervously.

“Why would we be mad?” Esme asked confused. I noticed Carlisle whisper something and realization hit. “Oh that, it’s okay with us, your who Emmett wants and we want him to be happy.”

“Thanks,” I said, with a huge grin on my face.

Emmett proceeded to give me a tour of the house, leaving his room for last. His room was decorated in modern style, much like the rest of the house, and had a giant shelf that held various video games, movies, and CD’s.

We talked more about his life or non-life as he put it. As I heard him talk about his experience in Woodstock and the 80’s, I realized this is where I wanted to be, forever. I didn’t know how to approach him about this topic so, I decided to hold on to it, until it was the right moment.

We talked for what felt like hours, until I realized it had been three hours and I still needed to work on my assignments.

Emmett drove me home and walked me to my door, and gave me a kiss.

“Bella, do you want me to go and talk to Charlie?” he asked, softly.

But before I could answer Charlie opened the door and asked us to go inside.


My attempt at cooking didn’t go the way I had planned. It took several tries and frantic calls to Alice to make sure Bella wouldn’t get sick. It took six tries until Alice finally confirmed that it was a good batch.

I heard Bella stirring and hurried to get the tray together. I was hesitant in letting her eat my cooking and saw some hesitation on her part, but when I realized she just needed a few minutes to get ready I laughed. I had forgotten that my human girlfriend had other needs besides food.

We were cutting it short so I had to go in and hurry her along. I already knew she was dressed but, I thought I’d tease her a little so I could see her smile.

When Bella kissed me, and wrapped her legs around me I almost gave in to my instincts, so I had to push her away. I didn’t want anything, especially me, to hurt her. She of course hadn’t realized she had jumped me and pouted when I reminded her of school.

I wanted nothing more to spend all day with her in the cabin but we needed to go to school. Alice had warned me Charlie would have a fit if he found out.

On our way to school, I couldn’t help but smile when Bella closed her eyes, because of my speed. If only she could understand how heightened our senses were, maybe she wouldn’t be so afraid.

School was boring without Bella by my side; I kept tabs on her through her conversations with others, but found it difficult since she was hardly speaking. Lunch went smoothly and I almost broke the table when Alice let it slip that she had ordered a bunch of clothes for Bella already. Jasper calmed me down and laughed at Bella’s lack of knowledge.

Physics was amazing; feeling Bella’s warm fingers with my own was heaven. After I dropped her off at her class, I skipped Spanish and went to buy a dozen roses, but Alice called and suggested I only get one.

When Bella protested, I thanked Alice greatly. She and Jasper were really coming through for me. I considered sending them on vacation somewhere for all their help.

I waited for Bella to get ready and looked at the pictures Charlie had on display. I studied each frame watching Bella grow into the beautiful woman she was now.

I knew Bella felt uneasy, it was written all over her face, but I noticed her relax once we were at Casa Cullen. Esme and Carlisle were so welcoming and warm; I knew Bella wouldn’t worry about the situation for too long. I took her on a quick tour that ended with my room, where we laid down on my bed and talked.

When we both realized how late it was getting I drove her home and was too distracted to notice Charlie heading for the door, so I was genuinely surprised when he got us.

“Get in,” he said, sternly.

“Hey, Dad,” Bella said, attempting to lighten the mood.

“Bella, would you care to explain?” Charlie said, as his face got hotter.

Bella’s body was frozen in place, probably from the awkwardness of the situation so I stepped in.

“Allow me. Bella and I just started dating. I fully intend on respecting and loving your daughter they way she deserves. We were making plans to tell you sometime this week, when you stepped outside and found us,” I said, confidently. I wanted Charlie’s approval in all this, he was Bella’s father.

“I don’t know if I like this Bells,” Charlie said, ignoring me completely.

“Ch-Dad, Emmett and I are just dating, nothing too serious. He’s a good guy, give him a chance,” Bella said.

I was a little confused about her response. Bella and I were soul mates and we both knew it, I couldn’t understand why she told him we were just dating.

“Fine,” Charlie barked. “Bella, could you give us a minute?”

Bella looked nervous so I had to reassure her everything would be okay.

Once Bella was upstairs, Charlie began his interrogation.

“Let’s cut to the chase. I don’t like you but Bella does, for some odd reason. Your history with women is well known, so if you break my baby’s heart, I will not hesitate to come after you.”

I played along; I had no intention of ever hurting Bella and Charlie could never really hurt me so, I pretended to be intimidated.

“I understand Chief Swan. You really shouldn’t believe all those rumors. My feelings for Bella are real and sincere.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you. I wonder how you’re going to behave when you go off to college,” Charlie said more to himself than to me.

“I haven’t decided where I want to go just yet. But I do know Bella will play a great factor in the decision process.”

“I’m sure she will. Goodbye,” he said, opening the door.

I was a little peeved I couldn’t say goodbye to Bella so, I decided to wait until Charlie went to bed.

I could hear Bella pacing in her room, and jump when Charlie called for her. They argued for a few minutes about me. He kept bringing up Jacob and how she should date him, instead of me. My body stiffened at the thought of Bella with a wolf. Until Charlie finally caved and said it was okay. He set up a few rules that included a curfew on school nights and me not being in the house, when he wasn’t there.

As soon as Charlie began snoring, a sign that he was out for good, I jumped on the tree and knocked on Bella’s door.

“Emmett!” she whisper screamed.

She opened her window and let me in. We kissed for only a few seconds, because I needed to ask Bella about what she had said earlier.

“Bella, you do know I love you right?”

“Of course, I love you too. What makes you think I wouldn’t?” Bella asked, confusion written all over her face.

“When we were explaining to Charlie you said we were just dating, like it was nothing. And then when you two were talking about me, he kept bringing up Jacob Black.”

“Emmett, don’t ever doubt that I love you. It’s me who wonders why you would ever want me. Charlie thought that there was something between Jacob and I, because we had been hanging out,” Bella said, cupping my face.

I couldn’t help it, I needed to ask. “Was there something?”

“No, I mean he likes me but he knows I only have eyes for you. Jacob is just a good friend, we’ve only started hanging out a few months ago,” Bella reassured me.

“Okay, I should go, you need your rest and I need to take care of a few things at home,” I said, giving her a small pack.

“Are you mad?” Bella asked, her voice breaking.

“No, I’m not but I really need to go home, and you should sleep,’ I responded, this time giving her a real kiss.

“Okay, bye,” she said, waving her hand softly.

“Sleep well,” I said, jumping to the floor.

I went back home to talk to Carlisle about the broken treaty and to work on another surprise for Bella. I was side tracked when Jasper revealed some interesting news.

“Hey lover boy, I felt Bella’s feelings today.”

“What? How?” I asked stunned.

“I’m not sure, but her feelings were easier to read the longer she was here, especially her feelings about you,” Jasper said, giving me a knowing look.

“But I thought she was able to block you? And what kind of feelings did she have?” I asked, excitement radiating off of me.

“When you guys were pulling up I felt her but wasn’t sure, and then I attempted to manipulate her feelings once she was inside, and she was calm. When you two were upstairs, I could feel the love radiating off of both of you. They really are intense,” Jasper responded.

“Oh, what does Carlisle think?” I asked, attempting to change the subject. Our feelings should be private, at least Bella’s should.

“He has a few theories but he doesn’t want to discuss them just yet,” Jasper said, heading to the room he shared with Alice.

“Thanks, dude,” I said, heading to Carlisle’s study.

“Hello son, I take it Jasper updated you on Bella’s shield?” Carlisle asked.

“Yeah, you think it’s a shield?” I asked, confused.

“Yes I do. Bella is able to block everyone out on occasion, I’m not sure how she controls it but she is able to do it,” Carlisle responded.

“Wow, who knew my Bella was this powerful?” I said, smirking.

“Indeed, who knew,” Carlisle chuckled.

“So you’re really not mad that Bella found out?” I asked, nervously.

“No, I’m glad she did. I am curious as to how she found out. Alice said she only saw what happened after she found out, not how,” Carlisle asked, curiously.

“That’s actually why I came up here. You see Jacob Black transformed and told Bella everything. They broke the treaty.”

Carlisle was silent for a few minutes before he finally spoke. “We will meet with them and remind them of the specifications of the treaty. I don’t want to start a fight, especially since it worked out to your benefit,” he said, amused.

“Okay,” I said, getting up and walking away.

Afterwards, I had Alice and Esme think of a way to surprise Bella, without overwhelming her.

It only took a few minutes for us to come up with a plan and set it in motion.

Finally, I had a few moments to myself, and I enjoyed them in room, which was embedded with Bella’s scent.

In my decades of existence, I never realized how meek my existence was, Bella inspired me to be something more than a vampire. I wanted to love her and show her that I wasn’t a monster, and that I was capable of loving her.

When I picked Bella up, I saw the blush in her face, when I opened the door for her, and helped her out of the Jeep. The human boys muttered a bunch of profanities when I walked hand in hand with Bella, while the girls muttered feelings of jealousy and hatred.

I was glad Bella wasn’t a vampire, so she wouldn’t have to hear all that garbage. My mind wandered to Rosalie, I knew she would be upset about the situation but it didn’t matter to me, I loved Bella too much for her to complicate my life. I was glad she wasn’t here this week, because it meant giving me and Bella some time to enjoy the experience.

During lunch, I had to go with Esme to make sure everything was set, so Alice helped distract Bella.

I knew Bella had been curious but said nothing when I left, she shrugged it off and kissed me farewell.

Esme and I drove to the jewelers to make sure the engraving was just right. I wanted to this personally so Bella would be assured that I loved her.

When I returned, school was almost over, so I decided to wait for Bella outside the gym. I heard her talking to Mike.

“Bella, I thought you and McCarthy didn’t like each other?” Mike asked, as he helped her with her swing, stupid tennis.

“It was just a misunderstanding,” Bella said, clearly uncomfortable.

“What kind of misunderstanding?” Mike insisted.

“Mike, you’re a good guy but I would really appreciate it if you didn’t ask about my relationship with Emmett,” Bella said, walking away. I was so glad that class was over, Bella would definitely need my gift after such a crappy afternoon.

Mike was ready before Bella, so I decided to have a word with him.

“Mike, how was your class?” I asked, with a menacing look.

Mike, was like many other humans; naturally averted from me, had tensed when he heard me speak.

“Umm, good, I guess,” he said, walking away quickly.

I kept up with him quickly and asked, “Bella, is in your class right?”

“Yeah, she is,” Mike responded, averting his gaze from mine.

“Look, I know you have a thing for her. I suggest you back off, she’s my girlfriend now and I don’t want your slimy hands near her. Got it?” I said, with my most menacing glare.

“Yeah,” Mike said, running away.

I doubled back and met up with Bella.

“Good afternoon Bella, miss me?” I said, giving her a soft kiss.

“Of course, I did. Now are you going to tell me why you left me so alone?” Bella said, with her hands on her hips.

“I will, but not just yet, How would you feel about a picnic outside your house, technically I can’t be inside, so you shouldn’t worry. I’ll be gone before he comes back anyway.”

“Okay,” Bella said, hesitantly.

When we got to her house I went out back and set up the picnic, while she unpacked her books and began to prepare dinner for her and Charlie.

It only took me a few minutes to set up so I went inside and had Bella sit with me on the blanket. Fortunately, their were clouds overhead and no rain, so we could enjoy our picnic in peace.

I had gotten a few snacks for Bella, knowing she would be eating dinner later and some sparkling cider so we could have a toast. The idea wasn’t as original as I had hoped but I hoped Bella would love it.

“So what’s with all of this? Where did you go?” Bella said, taking a sip from her glass.

“No reason, I just wanted to have a picnic with the woman I love,” I said, shrugging.

She smiled, and said, “So, where did you go?”

“To get you something,” I said, taking the box out of my pocket.

“Emmett, I said no extravagant gifts,” Bella said, scolding me.

“I know, but this is important to me. Please accept it?” I said, warmly.

She but her bottom lip and finally said, “Fine, but no more gifts!”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I said handing her the box.

The gold necklace was a delicate locked heart, with a key. She studied it and said,

“Emmett, it’s amazing. Thank you.”

“Bella, this heart represents my cold, dead heart. You are now it’s keeper,” I said, giving her a soft kiss.

Bella let out a few tears of joy and kissed me some more, until it was time for me to leave.

I returned after Charlie and Bella had eaten, hanging out in the living room or in the kitchen.

And so it went the rest of the week. Charlie was beginning to warm up to me, indulging me in a few bets, and even talked sports with me.

Things were going smoothly.

Bella and I were enjoying our “date” at my house, when Alice got a vision. Rosalie and Edward were going to be here in the morning, and she was not going to take the news well.