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shadows of the night

follow the lives of bella,edward,the rest of the cullen family in this fun pack adventure about true love. so edward and the cullens had to go away for a year. but bellas pregnent and hasn't told edward

this story i one of my favorites on my other sites please review and tell me what you think all comments welcome ...

1. were home

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Edward POV

It's been a year and we're finally back. I hated leaving Bella, my Bella, but I knew she understood why and that I would be back as soon as we were able to.

Myself, along with my brothers, Jasper and Emmett, were on our way into the school parking lot. As we parked, I could hear most of the students' thoughts. I looked for one person in particular, Angela. One of Bella's best friends to try and see Bella in her thoughts. But, there was nothing.

I checked in the seats where we both usually sat, she wasn't there. I then heard Mike's thoughts, which I wish I didn't because his mind was so filthy, but then I heard him mention Bella's name in a conversation.

Mike's Conversation

"Ang, have you heard anything from Bella since the Cullen's left? Cause I heard she wasn't dealing with it too well."

"Mike, I don't know where she is. I heard Charlie say that he thinks she's off with the Cullen's. But, she was acting a bit weird, because she disappeared 3 months after they went away and all she kept doing was rushing off to the bathroom and throwing up."

"Ang, you don't think...? Nah, never mind. I think she was in some kind of trouble, but she wouldn't say anything.

'What is he going on about?' I thought to myself. Where's Bella and why does Mike think that she is with me? And that she might be in trouble? I need to find her.

Bella's POV

Oh my god. I don't know what to do with my life, I mean, I'm carrying a child for crying out loud! How could I be so stupid... Wait a minute why am I blaming this all on me? It takes two. But, this is my fault. I said I wanted to let him take my essences and now look what happens, I get pregnant as he has to go away for a year to help Alice out. I might as well write in my day by day diary about what's been happening to me, my body, and the baby, as this isn't a human pregnancy.

Dear Diary,

Ok, now I feel stupid. I wanna go home. I know that its only an hour drive. I'm staying in Port Angeles. For Christ sake, I thought that Alice would have seen something about me by now. But, she is probably still trying to sort all that out still. The baby started kicking today. He or she made me scream it kicked so hard. I really wish this was over and done with already and that Edward was here. As a normal pregnancy takes 9 months, but it's been nearly a year and I only have a small bump.

The thing is, I could be at Jake's right now, I had already told him my situation, but I couldn't bare it so I left him standing there as I cut of the phone without telling him where I was. God knows what he thought or what he's gonna do. He loves me more than a friend and I don't wanna put him through any more pain that I already have done in the past 3 years. I'm sorry Jacob and I wish I could say that to him instead of ignoring his calls all the time... Anyway that was last week and today was weirder. A guy stopped in front of me today and, I'm surprised I survived. It was a freaking vampire! But, what he said next freaked me out the worst. "The child is special and will be ours for the taking." Well, what do you think I did next? Nothing! Because I couldn't move my legs! He was forcing me to stay there. It was a gift, which I finally figured out when I couldn't move. Then he said, "We'll be back," and he disappeared.

Edward, I really miss you and I wish you were here with me to help me with this child of ours. I love you so much and I'm really scared. Please come back. I keep wishing, but it just won't come true...

Bella xx

I miss you all.