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babysitting Bella Cullen Style

follow the experiences of bella when she has been babysat by the cullen family, expect laughs, drama and much more.

A/N: It’s 11:49 pm in the UK and I can’t sleep so I got an idea.

1. emmett, cold water and suprise guest

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Chapter 1 : Emmett cold water and surprise guest


Ok it Thursday night and I’m completely and utterly bored stiff at the Cullen house. I know I should try and get some sleep but I can’t my mind keeps drifting of to what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Cause I know something will it’s Emmett.

The whole Cullen family have gone hunting apart form Emmett who has been left babysitting me and Carlisle who is at the hospital. There’s only one problem, I love Emmett an all, he’s like my big brother, but he can act like a 5 year old and well he can get very embarrassing.

Alice promised me before she left that he didn’t have anything planned, but I think we both knew he would come up with something sooner or later. Also Edward promised me that he would do something when he got back if Emmett had done anything.

After thinking about everything that had happened earlier, it made me get quiet tired and I eventually fell asleep, but it wasn’t long before I woke up screaming.

“EMMMMETTTTT” I screamed at him while he was rolling over the floor in a fit of laughter.

I was covered in head to toe in cold freezing water. The amount of water he had thrown over me could have filled at least 5 baths.

I looked over to Edward’s clock on the bedside table it was 4 in the morning. I can’t believe he woke me up. God he’s dead when Edward gets back.

“Emmett” I said in a calm voice and then it came out “GET OUT OF EDWARDS ROOM NOW” I screamed at him.

“ewghhhhhh, someone’s touchy this morning, aren’t we”

“Emmett it’s 4 in the morning and I’m freezing cold no wonder I’m touchy” I said while glaring at him.

“Go clean yourself up and you can sleep in mine and rose’s room, cause you can‘t sleep in a wet bed” Emmett replied back trying to sniffle a laugh.

“You know what Emmett I’m gonna have a shower and go down stairs, I don’t trust you as far as Edward can throw you, well that was if he was here” I said while muttering the very last part.

“NO Bella you need to sleep, Eddie will kill me if you look dead when he gets back”

Emmett looked terrified. And that’s something you don’t see everyday him being a burly looking ‘so call 18 year old’ human, but god knows how old vampire.

I couldn’t help but laugh at him. His face was a picture. I replied after I calmed down ,as normal as I could without laughing again. “I know and I’m counting on it” I said with a smirk forming again making me start laughing my head of once again.

“Oh nuts” Emmett mumbled as I started to get up from the bed and walk into Edwards ensuit bathroom.

I quickly took a shower and changed into some clothes that I had left in here for an emergency Emmett situation. which was so now I though to myself. After changing I came out of Edwards room and went down and sat on the sofa in the living room.

At the corner of my eye I could see Emmett on the phone. But I was unable to here him until he came back over to me and sat down next to me.

“What have you down now Emmett” I said looking at him square in the face.

“That was Tanya on the phone she will be over in 2 minutes” he explained.

“What, why, didn’t you tell her that it was only you and me here” I asked him.

“Well, that’s what made her change her mind I think, it just being us to, no Edward around”

“oh goody” I muttered. Can this night get any worse. I though to myself as a gust of wind rushed through the living room.

Standing in front of me was a smug looking Tanya, who looked like she should have been at a magazine shoot in what she was wearing.

“Tanya, just go home, neither myself or Bella want you here” Emmett spoke from behind me.

Wait why is he behind me, shouldn’t he be standing in front of me cause knowing Tanya she would jump me if she could. Which I hoped she would try.

“I just came to have some fun, I was bored, I didn’t realise that everyone else was out” Tanya spoke with a glare aimed at me.

“Well that’s what a phone is for, Tanya” I glared back but she ignored me.

Emmett and Tanya kept talking for an hour before their realised I was still standing their.

“You two keep talking and I’m gonna sleep here on the couch for a couple of hours since someone soaked the bed I was sleeping in” I glared at Emmett who mouthed a sorry at me.

A couple of hours later I woke up to the smell of pancakes. God they smelled good. This must be Emmett’s way of saying sorry. So I got up and walked into the kitchen. To find Emmett cooking and Tanya sitting at the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Two seconds later a plate full of waffles were in front of me. Emmett said “tuck in” so I did while ignoring the glares form Tanya who was quietly talking to Emmett who was sitting opposite her.

After eating breakfast I went upstairs into Edwards room to get some fresh clothes and have a shower. Half an hour later I was dressed and ready. I went back down stairs to find Emmett and Tanya laughing their heads of while staring at me.

I though I had something on my face and that’s when I looked down. My clothes had holes in them showing my bra and my underwear. “ EMMETT” I screamed. “It wasn’t my idea” he told me while still booming with laughter. I glared at Tanya, ran back up stairs and locked Edwards door.

I knew I weren’t gonna come out of here until Edward came home which was still a day. So I curled up into Edward’s bed. 5 minutes later.

“Bella let me in” Emmett boomed form the other side of the door.

“No Emmett, go away” I screamed back at him.

3 seconds later there was a knock at the door. “Emmett I said go away”.

“Bells let me in” my angels velvet voice spoke from the other side.

“Edward” I quickly ran for the door and opened it and fell into Edwards arms as I tripped over my own two feet yet again.

“I’m sorry love, if I knew he would be this much of an idiot, I would have left you with Carlisle or I would have stayed, while the rest of the brainier part of my family hunted.”

“It’s not your fault, Tanya turned up” I replied while snuggling into his embrace.

He kissed me softly and then spoke “ They will both get punished for this, you can bet on it” and I couldn’t help but laugh.