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babysitting Bella Cullen Style

follow the experiences of bella when she has been babysat by the cullen family, expect laughs, drama and much more.

A/N: It’s 11:49 pm in the UK and I can’t sleep so I got an idea.

2. alice, makeover and singstar

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I'm here again at the Cullen's house, being babysat again, but this time it's even worse then last time when Tanya showed up. It's Alice; she wanted me to be her Barbie doll once again. OMG can't someone help me?! Even Rosalie who was sitting opposite me was no help. All she did was sit there and smile at me. But I could see she was trying so hard not to start laughing.

I have been left with Alice and Rose for two hours now and Edward said he was only going to be gone for the day, as he was running an errand. That errand got me thinking about what it could be, which was good, as it kept my mind off the torture I was receiving right at this very moment.

Alice was doing my hair, putting it into heated curlers and Rose was doing my nails. I made sure Alice didn't make me look like too much of a Barbie. She finished doing my make up after an hour of redoing and readjusting my hair style and then she told me she had a surprise.

I thought this could only end up bad for me and no one else.

"What is it?" I asked her with the little enthusiasm that I could muster up.

"Well, Rose, do you wanna tell her, or should I?" Alice screeched at Rosalie.

Rosalie just rolled her eyes and replied "no Alice you tell her"

And then she screamed it at me, "WE'RE GONNA SING!"

I couldn't think of anything to say. My mind went blank. And I had a dumbfounded look on my face as I saw myself in the reflection of Alice's mirror.

We're singing, that's all I could think, that's bad for two reasons. One, I can't sing and two, I don't like attention that I certainly will get.

"Alice why, why are we singing? I can't sing in the first place."

"You'll be surprised Bella. Emmett and Jazzy bring in the PS2 and the sing star mikes and games." Alice spoke. Emmett and Jasper were in Alice's room 2 seconds later.

"Who's gonna go first?" Alice screeched. No one responded "okay, I'll go first then" she spoke up again.

Alice selected the anthems sing star game, she put the disk in the Ps2 and when the menu came up she selected the solo section and choose to sing a song that was so her. She chose Crazy Chick, by Charlotte Church. It was hilarious watching her sing and even dance throughout the song.

While Alice was singing, Emmett was looking over the rest of the sing star collection and after a while, he disappeared out of the room, pulling Jasper with him.

Alice called out, "who's going next" and I heard Emmett say, "Me and Jasper are doing a duet." This was going to be hilarious.

"Put on village people from the original sing star disk." Emmett boomed from the other room.

Then Alice started laughing. God this was going to be funny I could tell. Two seconds later, Emmett and Jasper entered the room. Jasper's face was a picture. He was dressed up in a cowboy outfit with boots and a cowboy hat. Then there was Emmett, he looked hilarious, he was dressed up as a sailor with matching hat and full set uniform.

I couldn't help it, I burst into laughter, with Rose not far behind. All three of us girls couldn't stop laughing, that got Jasper laughing as well from our emotions.

After five minutes, Jasper sent a wave of calm through the room.

"Thanks Jasper, I didn't know how much more I could take" I said to Jasper still smirking.

"Emmett you sure do look se...."

"Rose don't say another word," I cut in, "I don't want to be nauseous from that next comment!" I blurted out

"Sorry bells." she replied back.

Jasper and Emmett started singing once everyone was quiet. It was hilarious; they were dancing along to the song and singing it in tune. The song soon came to an end and everyone was laughing again.

After 10 more minutes, Rosalie had done a song and a duet with Alice. I was trying to distract everyone as long as I could, so I didn't have to have a go. But that didn't last long.

"Bells you go!" Alice screeched. Great.

I had been looking over the songs for the last 10 minutes and I finally chose a song from the Disney sing it game. I chose the Vanessa Hudgen's Say Okay song. She was one of my favorite artists.

"Don't any of you laugh" I told everyone in the room.

"Bells, it's going to be great, I've seen it" Alice replied.

I turned on the song and started sing:

You are fine, you are sweet

But I'm still a bit naive, with my heart

When your close I don't breathe

I can't find the words to speak

I feel sparks

But I don't wanna be into you

If you're not looking for true love...oh..no

No I don't wanna start seeing you

If I can't be your only one

So tell me

When it's not alright

When it's not okay

Will you try to make me feel better?

Will you say alright, will you say okay?

Will you stick with me through whatever?

Or run away...

Say ok..

When you call I don't know

If I should pick up the phone every time

I'm not like all my friends

Who keep calling up the boys, I'm so shy

But I don't wanna be into you

If you don't treat me the right way

See I can only start seeing you

If you can make my heart feel save


When it's not alright

When it's not ok

Will you try to make me feel better?

Will you say alright, will you say ok?

Will you stick with me through whatever?

Or run away...

Say that's it gonna be alright

That's it gonna be ok, don't runaway, don't runaway

Let me know that it's gonna be you

Boy you've got some things to prove

Let me know that you'll keep me safe

I don't want you to run away so

Let me know that you'll call on time

Let me know if you'll help me shine

Will you wipe my tears away?

Will you hold me close and say alright


When it's not alright

When it's not ok

Will you try to make me feel better?

Will you say alright, will you say okay?

Will you stick with me through whatever?

Or run away...

"I'll always say okay." a velvet voice spoke from behind me putting their hands around my waste.

"When did you get back?" I asked him as I turned in his embrace to face him.

"Just before you started singing, you were wonderful" he spoke back as I looked into his eyes.

I was so glad he turned up. Then I kissed him passionately before he asked to sing a duet with me.

The rest of the evening ended with us all sing and even Esme and Carlisle when they got back...