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OriginsYes! It's another Doctor Who Crossover!It will also include my own character, Freyvarr. (to know more about her, you could read the first few chapters of my other story, ".She's Not In-between, Just Other.") All you really need to know about her is that she is a very beautiful and powerful vampire. This is set about 500 years after breaking dawnends. Time travelling, eh? Never know where you're gonna end up next... Oh yeah. And rated Teen, because Freyvarr is a dangerous catalyst for rating-worthy scenes...

Hope you enjoy! Please reveiw!

2. A Natural Ginger. Ish.

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The Doctor left through the door that he had entered through with Rose and came again to the ornate corridor. He took a deep breath as earlier. He could smell her through a door not far away that was slightly ajar. He also caught that scent of crisps again, this time stronger. He would bet his life that they were prawn cocktail. Entering through the half open door, he found himself to be in a smaller room. There was a holy hush about the place that seemed to appropriately accompany the Goddess. Sitting in the window sill of a huge stained glass window, she looked sadly out to the vast expanse of space, its stars merely hazy blurs of light across the coloured panes.

Though she did not look up when he placed himself next to her facing into the room, she seemed to acknowledge his presence with a forlorn sigh. “I have seen so many people that I love die,” she began, “I have outlived them all. My family, everyone. Today it is my 567th birthday and I have no-one that I truly love to share it with. Except them of course, but they haven't come. I thought they would be here. They did promise.”


“Some friends.”

“Male friends?”

She smiled. “Yes, some of them.”

Once again there was an awkward gap in the conversation when neither party could think of something relevant and appropriate to say.

“You look good for your age.”

Freyvarr turned towards him, smiling her sweet smile and melting his insides. As she turned, he caught the smell of her once more. He closed his eyes, taking in that intoxicating scent and letting its pure fragrance drown him in ecstasy. The silent thrill of that aroma was threatening to overwhelm him with its urges. Kiss her. Hold her. Feeling himself move closer towards her, he opened his eyes, unwilling to cause himself any further embarrassment. When he opened his eyes though, they instantly meet hers. She was gazing expectantly up at his face which, he noticed with a sudden alarm, was only inches from hers. Her long slender fingers found his hand and touched it lightly, the fingertips brushing along the length of his own fingers and still she looked up at him with that expression, as if searching for some unknown answer deep within his soul.

“Are we interrupting?” called a voice from across the room.

The Goddess broke from the eye contact to look at the owner of the voice. She seemed suddenly so happy when she saw the group of people that had gathered at the other end of the room. With the two eldest, she shared modest smiles, but she hugged each of the younger females individually. When she caught the eye of a large male, they both grinned and collided in an almighty hug, the man who had owned the voice placing his hands on her waist and spinning her effortlessly in mid air. The Doctor took an immediate dislike to him. He was evidently strong - he had, after all, lifted her full weight easily - and relatively good looking. Not as good looking though, as the next copper haired male to enthusiastically greet her. This grated on the Doctor's nerves even more. A natural ginger. Well. Ginger-ish, but the Doctor had always wanted to be ginger. This was not fair. The last male that the Goddess greeted was a blonde with a bizarre expression on his face. His eyes were wide and predominantly focused on the Doctor, becoming wider every second. As least this seemed to stop him from touching the Goddess quite as freely as the others had. Soon, the beginnings of conversation began to drift over from where the Goddess was talking with this odd collection of beautiful, golden eyed people.

“I thought you wouldn't come,” she started, “Why are you so late? Anyone would think that you do it just to annoy me.”

“As if we could do that to you," chirped a small black haired girl, "Happy Birthday, by the way. You look stunning, as ever. I see we have a guest though, did you know he would be here?”

“No, not at all. He’s travelling with Rose, she is here too."

At this point, the Goddess began to lead them all back towards the place where the Doctor was still sitting.

"Doctor, you must meet my friends. Oh, did I say that my name is Freyvarr? Anyway. This is Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Bella, Renesmee, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice."

“How do you like her, Doctor?" said little Alice, "She is a goddess, isn't she?”

The Doctor’s immediate reaction to this question would be to answer it in such a way that it would embarrass him for life and probably make him detestable to the beautiful Goddess Freyvarr. His second reaction was to ponder why the question had been asked. Did they know something he didn't? Or was the little female just keen to show off her friend? He satisfied himself with a more appropriate, though less truthful answer.

“The thought had not occurred to me.”

The copper haired Edward scoffed at this remark.

“Do you not think her beautiful though?” pressed Alice.

“I...I suppose that I hadn’t given the subject much thought. She is very pretty.”

Again, though, that gingerish boy seemed amused. Could he not contain himself? Why did he find the sudden need to smirk?

“Only pretty?” said Alice turning towards Freyvarr, “He calls you only pretty. This is scandalous! Consider your answer, Doctor. If you look again and think a little more, can you still call her only pretty?”

The Doctor was sure that he was being mocked. He didn’t like being mocked. He could endure being mocked by Rose. He would fall on his knees in delight if he was mocked by Freyvarr, but to be mocked by these unknown strangers with their overly intimate greetings, knowing smirks and ginger hair was an incredible humiliation.

“I am surprised that you do not recognise her. I suppose that she has aged a little. Or… no…perhaps you have not met her yet. Oh dear. We haven't ruined any timelines have we Freyvarr?”

Freyvarr shook her head and at this point Rose entered the room. “Hey, Doctor.” Then seeing the group of beautiful people assembled there she turned to the Doctor and mouthed “wow” and as much as he hated himself for it, the Doctor could only agree.